Writing With Movement

I’ve  not heard of this gentleman, Christopher Poindexter, but his words remind me so much of being on the ice, or in a ballroom.

To dance or figure skate is – to me – like transcending spoken language, and speaking with the fluency (and vocabulary) of all the ages. It is as though I have the freedom to fly, though I haven’t (visible) wings with which to do so. And yet…it feels nigh impossible to share that “feeling” with those who haven’t felt it too.

As an Empath, I often question whether verbal language contains enough “words’ to capture emotion – for me, it falls short at times. Frequently, even…

One cannot capture the true and undiluted essence of flying with a pen (though if anyone would desire the ability to articulate such feelings accurately, I. . .and possibly Mr. Poindexter. . .would.)

I suppose that means we just have to be willing to fly, lest we not know the feeling of a movement that can – truly – set us free.


Halloween Humor – Barking On A Broom

Given the frequent canine-generated noise violations emanating from my neighbors’ apartment. . .this isn’t exactly “funny.”


The garage door opens – “BARK! BARK! BARK!”

The elevator door opens – “BARK! BaRk! BARK!”

A resident opens a door on the floor below – bArK! BARK! BaRk!

A rouge breeze touches the outside of the-apartment-that-shall-not-be-numbered…



So if I was out on MY broom…and one of the ladies had this going on?  They’re *might* be a flying-off-the-handle incident…and I wouldn’t have recalled what happened. 

(Just kidding.  Harm to none!)


More fun for Halloween...