Hollywood Ladies Baring All For Pirelli

Word of a new Pirelli project came my way recently, and I love that for it, these “elite” ladies are being photographed au natural.  Yes, part of me knows that they probably had facials, and undoubtedly have their own selection of skincare and preventative aging measures (in general, but also in preparation!) BUT. . . I still appreciate that they are being photographed withOUT the layers of makeup they usually are seen wearing.  Refreshing.

Why would I bother mentioning it, especially given that I don’t follow celebrity media?  Because a lot of ladies look up to the “stars.”  Young ones, in particular… The faces in the spotlight matter – right or wrong (whatever your opinion) – to many.  So it’s great to see them taking it all off to encourage people to love the skin they are in – no one should have to hide, and it is OKAY to be bare-faced.



Per photographer Peter Lindbergh and New Beauty:

“I wanted to use the 2017 calendar to convey a different kind of beauty,” said Lindbergh at a press launch in Paris. “Since it’s based on consumption, the present system offers a single kind of beauty, which is essentially one of youth and perfection, since its objective is to get people to consume. But this idea of beauty has nothing to do with the real world or with women. Through the Pirelli Calendar I’ve tried to convey a different message, which is that beauty is far more than what advertising offers us today. My aim was therefore to portray women in a different way: and I did this by calling in actresses who’ve played an important role in my life, getting as close as possible to them to take my photos.”

While I wish this kind of encouragement was more prevalent, I am thankful for any of it at all – it’s important, in a world of false pretense and facades (grazie, social media!) that people realize a pretty face often has a lot more going on to make it APPEAR that way.  Let’s remember that we are human beings – we have dynamic wrinkles because we are alive and laughing!  Our skin sometimes has little spots because we see the sun from time to time.  We aren’t plastic, and flawless…and there’s nothing wrong with that.  We don’t have to live up to “perfect” (someone else’s term and standard, probably!) all the time…or even, how about this…? EVER.

Thank you, Pirelli, for the calendar…and for supporting “us” as we are.

Pirelli Instagram photo

Pirelli Instagram photo

Autumn / Winter 2016 – Dior Skyline

Another as-always-thourough post from ChicProfile on the newest from Dior (lost of photos!)  

As a tip…The backstage scene during runway shows are guaranteed to reveal some newness so I generally will check out those photos specifically when reviewing catwalk coverage.

I love Dior generally, and have always appreciated the quality of their products (cosmetic and otherwise.)  There is something to be said for flawlessness… 

Ageism in Fashion

I was really excited to see this post because…Ohhhh, how true this is!  

I grew up during the reign of ladies like Christy Burlington, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Amber Valetta, Naomi Campbell, Paulina Porizkova, and Shalom Harlow – most of whom are in their mid to later 40s now.  At the time..they were all young and spritely, nary a wrinkle to be found (naturally no editor would have entertained THAT idea!)



These days, those Fashion icons still look stunning…but they are no longer gracing covers, and haven’t for a long time.  Those who are anything older than teens, for crying out loud, seem to be airbrushed to oblivion – scarcely a realistic picture for the younger generations.  (I say younger because sometimes it isn’t as obvious to them just how much goes INTO creating a flawless image – no, your favorite celebrity did NOT show up to the shoot that way.  Once you have had any stretch of time in Fashion, you know just how MUCH is poured into the final images presented in your glossy.  *It’s A LOT.)



As the above article mentions, “It isn’t uncommon for models in their 20s to serve as spokeswomen for anti-aging creams…”  Having taken Marketing as one of my college double majors, I fully recognize the angle cosmetic companies are aiming to take in order to make their products enticing.  But at the end of the day, no topical will have the more dramatic effect a filler or other injectable might.  They might help, absolutely, but the immense fine-tuning that’s often presented (once again, thank you, airbrush) is not likely the outcome of dutiful application twice daily.  

Kristen McMenamy Photographed by David Sims, Vogue, 2010, vogue.com

Kristen McMenamy
Photographed by David Sims, Vogue, 2010, vogue.com

So in my own my…a 20 year-old posing for a wrinkle serum?  Doesn’t make sense.  Should we start our skincare early?  YES!  But is it entirely fair to have these ultra-smooth faces sell us our anti-aging products?  Not so sure…  We are certainly intelligent enough to make educated, adult decisions, but how about being presented with something a bit more REAL?

I’m happy to see that the conversation includes Runway as much as it does other aspects of Fashion as a whole.  Back in the day, touting youthfulness was the thing – I get it.  But it IS 2016.  I feel like society should have – yes, I said “should have” – matured beyond these parameters.  I don’t really proselytize – I don’t feel pushing my opinions onto others is the right thing to do.  I’m not shouting from rooftops that this is “an outrage!”  

But. . .what I AM saying is…it is important to represent the wider array of beauty that exists in the World.  It’s helpful, particularly in a time overrun by social media, enhancement apps (that double as Adobe!), and the “flawless,” Insta-presentation of our “best selves” at all times…that we SEE, and learn to APPRECIATE, aging.  If…let me say…for no other reason than we aren’t broadsided one morning looking in the mirror in our 30’s thinking “wait!  What are these!? This doesn’t happen!  All those ads for these products…those ladies are so young and fresh and line-free!”

I’d kind of like to know I’m not alone, and have beautiful ladies decades other than myself to look up to.  Comparing our older selves to teens – even if subconsciously as we pass the magazine stand – simply isn’t healthy.  Hallelujah that some aren’t afraid to out the topic!

Stila Perfectly Poreless

Stila has just introduced a Perfectly Poreless Putty just in time for summer!  The product features a “unique moldable texture” which helps to give the skin an airbrushed perfection…  The former calls to mind the “bouncy” touch of many Asian products on the market.  The latter claim reminds me of the plethora of other “perfectors” out there…  But why not another one!?

The nice thing is that this has a variety of shades, much like a foundation would.  Some “putties” are only offered in translucent, so I like that this “beyond foundation” compact does have some color to it…and not in only one tone.

There are rather a few hard-to-pronounce names in the ingredient list (it isn’t quite as long as it appears, fortunately – multiple shades are listed), but at least the ingredients ARE listed (drives me BONKERS when they aren’t!)  So, thank you, Stila, for that.  I steer clear of Lauroyl Lysine myself because it can clog pores, at least for me!  


Bye Bye…Pressed

It Cosmetics has quite the following, with certain products taking center stage.  Bye Bye Pores Loose Powder is definitely right up there with It‘s concealers as a best seller…but now…hallelujah…there’s a PRESSED version!  

The introduction, such that it is, is a wee bit long – Bye Bye Pores Pressed “It Makes Your Pores Disappear” Airbrush Silk Pressed Anti-Aging Finishing Powder – but I guess It (as in, the Company) wants to fit it all in there!  Ageless, poreless, flawless…you know, all of that.

It Cosmetics photo

It Cosmetics photo

There are so many products to choose from these days, but if you love the loose version, it is worth giving this one a try.  I personally love ANYthing that I can throw in my bag and not worry about, or that I can travel with – compacts make Life a WHOLE lot easier in that way.

It Cosmetics photo

It Cosmetics photo

The Ulta near me doesn’t tend to have new products out that quickly, so generally I see them online well before.  I would much rather try something in person, so as to see the texture, pigmentation, and finish for myself… But this is an example of something I might snag just because I know the loose works already. Loose powder is a whole lot of fun, and kind of glam…but with all the running around I do, I really appreciate when a Company presses a few! 😉

Too Faced Born This Way

Too Faced’s Born This Way has officially launched!  (I realized I saved this as a draft – OOPS!)

The purported effects are pretty stunning if they hold true – but then so many formulations these days (for lips, face, body…!) are design to specifically “blur” the areas we are least fond of.  

I’m curious to see more reviews – I kind of stick to a tinted moisturizer or BB, but that doesn’t seem to have any bearing on my curiosity.  *LOL*  


Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Perfector

There’s no sense in going on about YSL’s Touche Éclat cult status… It’s kind of like the “understood” you in a spoken command – everyone just knows what it is!  Well, the Company has created a number of products to follow in those footsteps over the years, the most recent being the Touche Éclat Blur Perfector

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 8.12.34 PM

The product aims to combine a “light” effect with a “blur” – as in, a perfect-looking, flawless complexion in a single compact.  It can be used all over, or as a touch up as needed to minimize pores, and smooth skin.  

I have a sneaky suspicion this is going to sell out…or at least be bought up in spades (though to be honest, reviews look mixed.  Not to say bad reviews always prevents a purchase – we all know that just isn’t the case!), but word of mouth does hold a lot of sway, and can help us product hoarders save some money.  At least speaking for myself!