A “Happy” Filter

There’s something about this “Bokehful” filter that imbues “happiness”… I mean, it’s like jumping in a pool of happy, bright-light bubbles…  (Which pretty much sums up how I feel about life!)

I was wearing my volunteer hoodie in this picture and that’s yet another aspect of living that feels so incredibly joyous and “right.” Sometimes we find passions later in the journey. . .

On the tougher days it’s especially important to find our “happy” filters – whatever they may be – because life isn’t  always so peachy (and neither are we. I’m sure not all the time!)

Maybe it’s a cup of coffee, a love note, or a listening to the laugh of someone we love. Maybe it’s a call to an old friend, listening to your favorite song, or curling up in the arms of your best friend. Whatever those “happy” things are, keep them on tap for the rainy days.

If you find yourself in short supply? Take a quick picture and slap on a slew of glowing bubbles. If nothing else, it’s worth a smile to see yourself surrounded in so colorful an effervescence. It lifts the mood just looking at it! (“What if I’m frowning,” you say? All the better! The juxtaposition of a frown face with all that bubbling brilliance ups the humor quotient –  laughing at the gloom is half the battle. DON’T underestimate simple tricks and tools!)

A bad-day band-aid? Maybe. But when you smile your brain actually begins to produce more of our “happiness” chemicals (hint: dopamine and serotonin?) so seriously…what’s the harm in that?

Um… N A D A !

New Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula’s new products always seem to roll out to stores like Harmon…which I no longer have nearby (rats!)  But I have seen a ton of photos of new items, many of which are indeed on their site (making snooping…and purchasing!…much easier! 😉 ) 

It’s no surprise that more and more cushion foundation compacts are emerging in the mass market scene – happy about that, frankly, as they tend to be wildly more affordable than premiere brands.  Depending on the amount of product (some cushions rack up complaints for being too pricey for the quantity they get), lower cost is a great thing! The L’Oreal Lumi has also been spotted, which is exciting. What I always look for is non-comedogenic, though (just say no to breakouts.)…and then I double-check the ingredients (which sometimes do have offenders within them!)  Limited shades on this cushion, by the way – Light and Light/Medium.  I would like to see more, as that clearly doesn’t offer a whole bunch of ladies any options!

I of course always love “blurring” tools – sometimes you wake up and “rested” is nowhere to be seen – Thank you, multi-tasking concealers!

I also notice a number of products following suit of companies like Too Faced with Instagram-inspired “filter” powders and products – you know, to give you the look of a filter but BEFORE you take the photo?  Meant to be untraceable, creating a soft-focus, I-have-perfect-skin-without-products look.  

A few other items listed I wrote about here.

Have you seen any of these in stores?  Looking forward to checking them out and hearing reviews.

Before and After

I love Before & Afters!  It is so important for people to know that the bulk of images we seen in magazines, ads, even on-screen have been retouched.  

And it isn’t only in an age of Insta-filters and photoshoping apps – when I was a kid, photos were being retouched.  So much so that the supermodels in magazines seemed like an alien race, void of marks, clogged pores, greasy hair…

But because technology has enabled the average person (without a stitch of technology in his or her background!) to adjust with total abandon (not to mention ~gasp!~ for FREE!) …it is far more commonplace to see an altered photo than a real one.  

In a largely-virtual social landscape, we are presented with perfection at every turn.  

Seeming perfection, that is…

I love when I see women bare it all.  No, not in the full body sense… I’m talking the visage (vee-z-ah-juh in French.)  Traditionally boasting perfect porcelain or choco skin, smoothly lined lips, batting lashes, glowing cheeks and nary a wrinkle nor blemish to be seen…those faces. 

To see a woman without her “war paint” (an affectionate term from my Ballroom days!) is a lovely reminder for ALL of us.  It isn’t that the image represents something less than perfect, so much as it says that imperfection IS perfect.  

Imperfection is beauty.  

Imperfections always exist…and that’s okay!

You don’t have to hide…

And you ALSO don’t have to worry that you aren’t as “seamless” as what you see…because that isn’t always the reality.

We are still amazing underneath! Our natural lines and curves and colors are BEAUTIFUL.

Bravo to Makeup Artist @kristytheodoremua and ALL participating ladies for her awesome posts.  Way to inspire and bring us all down to Earth. ❤


Smashbox Photo Filter

Smashbox has come out with a whole bunch of new products recently.  I don’t own the Photo Filter Powder Foundation but, in light of my recent Deciem post, this totally goes along with the whole companies-capitalizing-on-the-rise-o’-social-media thing!  

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.08.18 PM

smashbox.com photo


Its promises are somewhat lofty, in the sense that it claims to act as a real-life phone photo filter, and it lasts all day – oh, the promise of being Instagramed for all to see in person!  (Is that comforting personally, but frightening when thinking of the masses?) Still, I have to say that the 24 Hour CC Spot Concealer is UH-MAZING.  I am incredibly active – gym, martial arts, for two – this stuff STAYS ON.  It’s phenomenal.

SO, going by the 24 Hour CC Spot Concealer, it’s possible Smashbox has another hit with this.  I love that the Photo Filter Powder is not the “usual chalky” but that it manages to blur imperfections in a translucent veil, with true color pigment coming through at the same time.  There appears to be a great deal of science and technology involved in today’s beauty scene – products are expected to be multi-taskers, at the least, and skincare, often, as well.  Long-wear is always an added benefit – this says 8 hours, which feels so short in comparison to so many products on the market today…BUT, it is still a full work day.

What I loved about the Smashbox product pages is that they not only show the color squares, but also ladies of a variety of different complexions, to help a shopper understand what will work best for her.  There are 10 shades in all, and they range from fair to deep, as I personally think all brands should! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.15.08 PM

smashbox.com photo


.34 ounces is $42, so it isn’t a cheap buy…but since Smashbox is carried Sephora and their own stores, there is the possibility of playing around with it first. 🙂

Deciem Photography Fluid 12%

Thanks to BritishBeautyBlogger, I saw her article about Deciem‘s up-and-coming Photography Fluid Opacity 12%.  

It appears that the Company will also be selling an 8% version.  Knowing the way most of our minds work, many consumers may jump at the 12%, thinking it is more concentrated…and will therefore deliver more results, and / or deliver results faster.  I can’t say whether either is correct, only that it IS important we work up to higher percentages when using topicals – whether of an acid, like glycol, lactic, THC etc., a particularly drying cleanser ingredients, an incredibly concentrated cream, and so on.  The skin does need time to adjust, and a new agent of any kind can lead to trouble – over drying, breakouts, rashes, burns!  So whatever the case may be with this, worth checking the ingredients because of the “%” alone.  That said, Deciem appears to be committed to quality skincare (recently spotted the hand cream at a USA CVS!)

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 7.12.42 PM

From BritishBeautyBlogger, in her words (link as above, and THANK YOU to her for this great information!):

“…as a top line guide you’ll find Bio-Silica Photo Finishing Prisms Grades 3, 7 and 9 (ultra fine refractive particles). Then, Nano-Prismatic Blurring Suspension (enhances activation of copper peptides contained within the product). Nano-Prismatic Yellow-Red Hue Corrector that blanks out red tones and minimizes yellow tones. Nano-Prismatic Gold Technology (gives a golden hue to skin) and Dragon Fruit Chromatic Refractor (bio fruit complex to give immediate radiance).” 

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 6.59.30 PM

You can’t select the product to view on the site just yet, but the way I see it, this is a guaranteed sell-out product.  I mean anything that claims to be, or suggests it *might* have the potential to be a topical “filter” of sorts is going to generate a great deal of curiosity.  And store flooding!  

These days, everything is documented online. And if it ISN’T, we are almost always at risk of being “snapped” by a friend’s…or a fly-by…mobile phone camera – there’s an underlying pressure for a lot of people to look good all the time, lest they get a copy of the photo and add a filter themselves.  There are studies ongoing about the stress effects of social media…so let’s just say that a liquid corrector of any kind will get attention.

I am curious to see reviews, and thank BritishBeautyBlogger for sharing the news.  It sounds like this possible gem will be in-store in June in the UK.  eBay, anyone!?