Autumn / Winter 2016 – MAC Redlite Strobe

MAC Strobe Cream is definitely one of those cult, “must-have,” go to products in the beauty world – it’s been used backstage at Runway shows religiously since it’s launch, and very likely will continue to be one of those fail-safe, backup glow-getters ad infinitum.

It took a while but MAC finally decided to expand on the product – there were posts about it months ago, but given that it is set to launch this November (for Autumn / Winter 2016/17, and indeed when this post is scheduled for), we’ve got more to say about it now.  

The one I was always most interested in was Redlite – maybe it’s the vamp in me, maybe it’s that the red lends itself to flushing cheeks.  Either way, I was psyched to see a review that focused on this shade in particular.  There will be others, not to worry if red is not your hue.  It total, the selection will be:

  • Silverlite
  • Peachlite
  • Redlite
  • Goldlite
  • Pinklite (a rename of the original)

These definitely are shade shifters, and that’s one of the reasons I love them.  They don’t appear to be glittery or garish, they just add a cool (or warm!) sheen to the skin, giving you a hyped-up highlight instead of the same old, same old.



2016 / 2017 – Maybelline V, All About The Shading

I guess they’re still on the contour kick, along with a whole lot of shading (and fading)…  

Still a fan of the trend?  Apparently it’s going strong backstage – and in Asia (not surprisingly, since they tend to be ahead of the times.) 

Flashback – 1990’s Runways

The 1990’s had their share of crazy Runway moments…I daresay even more than the last, pop-star laden decade.  I loved the recent Vogue article in which the publication featured “11 Antics-Filled Shows,” as it was an era I remember fondly.  

I was only 12 in 1990 but I definitely leaned to all thing fashion-related.  I was already a pro at doing “magazine tears,” a task, to the chagrin of my glossy publications, I’d later do in feverish spades as a Fashion Director.

The more renegade and goth looks got, probably the better, but I loved ALL of it – my taste level vastly exceeded my personal preferences, very much allowing me to land positions in my 20s with heavy hitters in the footwear sphere.  Hallelujah! Thierry Mugler Spring 1992 Thierry Mugler Spring 1992

The 90s, though, were incredibly entertaining even for those who didn’t fancy what was “a la mode.” There was no shortage of drama, whimsy, and serious envelope-pushing, even with the most refined at the time.  I feel like people in the Industry were constantly asking what had happened, and how could the runway fashions possibly be translated into “wearable” pieces (as in, ones that we could actually charge money for and sell.)  

Whether you appreciated the avant grade or not, it was hard not be sucked in, reveling in the absurdity of it all.  Celebrities outright embraced outlandish looks, making them casually more mainstream (and you thought the 80’s were rough! 😉 )  

The 90s was an era of fun, intensity, and story-telling (on the part of a designer’s fantastical mind, of course.)  As Vogue says, there was a “certain freedom” on display here – shows were something we always looked forward to, almost with bated breath, because you just never knew what was going to happen. John Galliano Spring 2993 John Galliano Spring 2993

When working in the Industry, unrestrained creativity does make our jobs a wee bit more challenging – how do you translate chrome headlights into honest-to-goodness fashion that someone can wear, for example..?  

But then…that was kind of the fun in it – what could you take away?  Was it the mirror shine?  The jagged shaping?  Did it mean we should go bolder with color and lean biker-chic?  There was an art to deciphering the trends, and unwrapping the pearls that would become the “next big thing.”  I really loved that part about it – it was a challenge…and it was fun as hell while we were at it. 


Pat McGrath’s Gold

Pat McGrath is one of the most well-known makeup artists out there, and continues to be a key force in the creation of “looks” for the Runways each season.  McGrath also has a background as the global creative director with Proctor & Gamble, a position which included involvement with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and CoverGirl.

I’m kind of surprised that she is coming out with a product line now…  Surprised in the sense that I’d have expected it years ago!  She intends to roll out her full collection at the end of 2016, but for the moment she will be selling some limited-edition products on her website, Path McGrath Labs.

Gold 001 is the first of these… A static “obsession,” backed by Pinterest-like thumbnail images on a chaotic television screen backdrop.  It is, lest I bear the bad news, sold out (eBay is always a good starting point!).  

If you can track it down, though, Gold 001 includes:

  • Gold 001 pigment
  • Metal spatula
  • Second life container
  • Mehron mixing liquid 

“…Celebrate the inspiration, illumination and irreverence of all your #LabLove, “ it says, with a the kind of impudence you might get from a feisty London punk at a Fashion Show…

I like it.  It’s sassy.  It’s unapologetic and not at ALL easy to wear.  It’s a collectible item, or for those who aren’t faint of heart…

I’m eager to see what she comes out with next!



Seeing Stars – Paris Fashion Week

Somehow a rouge photographer managed to capture Caroline de Maigret as the light was catching the stars on her Anthony Vaccarello top… Nevermind all the hubbub and craziness of the Paris runway shows, someone got this photo just right – it’s happy, windswept, glamorous and laissez-faire all at once. image image

I of course ADORE black – that just goes without saying.  But this black is spiced up just enough.  It’s sassy but not over-the-top by any means, and manages a level of sophistication without being showy.

The price…well…that IS over the top, sad to say – $1,645 for a wool-blend shirt is asking rather a lot.  But I suppose if I had it, maybe…  

Net-A-Porter image

Net-A-Porter image

Or maybe I’ll hold on to a hope of finding this at a vintage shop, as if it would ever be casually passed by.  (If a light in the store hit just right,  you’d be seeing stars enough you’d probably walk out with it.  But then…it would only be $29.99, right?)

Right? …?


Anyway, I loved the photo so much that I looked up the shirt too!  It would look amazing with skinny black jeans and my pointy, Italian-lasted cowboy boots…  I’m just saying…

Smashbox Be Legendary is offering three New York Fashion Week-inspired, matte shades of its Be Legendary Lipstick!

  • PUBLICIST MATTE – Vibrant Fuchsia
  • SCREEN QUEEN MATTE – Burgundy 

The cream formula promises a lustrous finish, while offering moisturization from shea butter, and antioxidant vitamins C and E.  For these specialty mattes, you can still count on C and E, and a solid “adherence.”

The package artwork by “Instagram icon” Donald Robertson adds an extra dash of fun to the whole affair! 🙂

Dior Autumn / Winter 2015/16 – Cosmopolite 2-in-1

I mentioned this snazzy primer-‘n’-concealer before after seeing it backstage at the Fall runways..but here it is on the website, ready to snag!  2-in-1 Fix It Prime & Conceal will be in stores on the 27th of this month in the USA, Japan on the 31st of July, and in August for its International debut.

Multi-benefit / multi-use products have – thankfully! – become the standard these days, and we are all the better for it! 🙂  Makes Life so much easier…this product particularly, as it helps to perfect the skin, hide blemishes, tackle undereye circles, and primes the lips prior to lipstick application – NICE!  

Found on

Found on

Dior’s cosmetics are always beautiful quality –  we all have our favorite brands, of course, but I haven’t personally used a single Dior beauty product that wasn’t amazing. Even if I wasn’t in love with the shade, for example, I could never complain about the quality.

Looking forward to seeing this in-store so I can see the texture(s) first hand!