Fall 2015 – Lime Crime

While some existing shades (think: Wicked! ❤ ) can also fit the bill, Lime Crime has some new Velvetines for Fall 2015:

  • Jinx – Witchberry Purple
  • Squash – Glowstick Orange

Personally, I LOVE the two images together…from an aesthetic, used-to-make-fashion-boards perspective.  ON…trickier.  But then it’s all about the treats ‘n’ tricks, right?!

There is also a SALE going on with a variety of goodies, including some Velvetine shades, pale Unicorn Lipsticks, and glittering Carousel Gloss, among them.

Maleficent Contour Set

I’ve definitely alluded to this before, but I was not exactly the Disney Princess type.  I mean…no one would turn down being one of them as a little girl…except maybe me.  

Iiiii wanted to be Maleficent.  

Or the Evil Queen.  

Or one of the grandiose, magical ladies of darkness… 

Oh yes, it’s true… I didn’t want the glass slippers or beautiful gowns.  I wanted to conjure massive purple dragons, forests of thorns, and have two crazy horns with a glowing magical staff!  (The cloak was pretty fabulous too.)


No, there is no pretending with me – I WAS that off-key, electron of a little girl, who loved the dark, and all things otherworldly. 

Can you blame me!?

So despite that I am not a tween or teen, a little girl…or even in my 20s…I HAD to buy these brushes!

Do I need more?  HECK NO!


But…it’s Maleficent.  And these are black and purple and red and ombre! OOoOOooo! 😀  There are a few more Disney Fall 2015 items cropping up, so check Walgreens if you have any in your area.

More brushes, but UH-MAZING brushes. They even have little black dragon’s on the handle!  I’m almost tempted to by more for the day I scour eBay for “that magnificent Maleficent contour three piece!”



Some of us never grow up!


Fall 2015 – Dior Limited Edition Miroir 001

Dior Vernis for Fall 2015 includes four shades, one of which is a chrome, silver metallic:

  • 001 Miroir
  • 701 Metropolis 
  • 785 Cosmopolite
  • 791 Darling Blue
Dior photo

Dior.com photo

The chrome is the stand out here, contrasting with the other solids (colors which don’t truly beg to be stared at.  Blue and green aren’t at all humdrum, to be sure, with their rich and unconventional flare…but chrome seems to illicit a double-take more often.)

Chromes are not always so easy, I’ve found…failing to nail the “mirrored” look most of the time.  Glossy topcoats help, but it’s got to be a good formula…and don’t be disappointed if you can’t quite recite “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…”

Imabeautygeek shares some swatches and insights of her own, so definitely check it out!  I haven’t tried this myself but by the looks of it, it falls a little shy of the mark…  

Then again, I think I’m inevitably disappointed with chromes because they aren’t as reflective as my mind *thinks* they should be.  I suppose, in this case, if I want to channel my inner Robocop, I better stick to – no pun intended – falsies, or stickers!

Fall 2015 – Maybelline (A Sneakie!)

So Maybelline Instagram posted a backstage Runway photo of a yet-to-be-seen-in-public eyeshadow palette…

Coming for Fall 2015?  

The Shows are technically Spring 2016…but we don’t always have to color in the lines, now do we?!  It happens that these shades look more Autumnal, evening, and possibly Holiday to me! 

Bobbi Greige

At first, I’ll admit it, I saw “Greige” and I thought…”ugh.”

I know, I know…but Greige just sounds frumpy!  I love grey hues, and I think nudes are gorgeous…but I’ve always had a tough time with the offspring of the two!

Grey-toned, or full-on grey nails, for example, never totally looked right to me (coming from a girl who died to have Chanel’s navy-and-silver-sparkle “Ciel De Nuit” on her nails in college! OR…yes, I did, green glitter! *LOL*)

Bobbi certainly has polishes, but I can’t say why my mind went directly there. Sure enough, the ad featured grey-ish nails…

BUT…I was very pleasantly surprised by the beautiful hues Bobbi is offering with this Collection.  Truth is, I LOVE Bobbie Brown – I always thought her ads we particularly stunning.  There was something natural but polished about the looks that always struck me…kind of the same way Ralph Lauren’s windows…which I am ever oohing and aahing over!

I think paring the two pictured polishes would be stunning – like a degrade, or design with one on the other?  

The shadow palette will deliver a sultry gaze without having to dip into black or ultra-sooty shades

And how delicious are the liner trios?!  Midnight, Black Plum…who can decide?!  

Way to go Bobbi – as always, your colors are amazing.

Nyx Retail

It’s kind of “about time” but all the same, thrilled to hear Nyx is opening its very first retail location this October!

Given the sheer number of products the brand has – and therefore the vast retail space they take up in non-Nyx locations (such as Ulta, Harmon, now CVS and the like) – it makes a ton of sense for them to have their own free-standing shop.  

The price points are amazing, as I am sure many of you know, and the color payoff plus assortment is amazing, so I can’t imagine this won’t be a big hit.  

You can sign up online to be notified as soon as it all goes down! 🙂

NARS 413 BLKR. +1

NARS 413 BLKR will be adding a newbie beginning August 1st!

The NARS 413 BLKR Blush Duo combines:

  • “Sparkling pink sand (with gold and silver shimmer)” with…
  • “Cherry blossom pink (with a hint of golden shimmer)”

Thank you to Isabella Muse for sharing this image!

Provided the “shimmers” aren’t hugely pronounced, I think this will be a gorgeously natural, albeit is fairer, flush!