The “Otherworldly” Glow Getter

Highlighters have absolutely proliferated the market…I’ve gone on about it plenty, and so have most beauty blogs.  And fashion sites. And publications. It’s a trend that hasn’t gone away, and probably will always find a place no matter the changing tides (yes, even when matte is the end all be all!)

Ethereal is ALWAYS in, but galactic is a whole other thing… It is definitely less wearable, but somehow still as appealing to most eyes (and wallets!) simply because of its novelty and “otherworldliness.”  I mean, who doesn’t want some kind of gleam somewhere?  It’s chic to sport an angelic sheen!  In the case of Milk Makeup’s Holographic Stick, though, it IS more extraterrestrial.

I’ve seen a bunch of posts out there but BeautyByKelsey shared one of the best swatches of this stick, as well as Anastasia’s Moonchild palette, Kat Von D’s Eyeshadow, Pat McGrath’s 003 highlighter (which was a quickly snatched-up cult item when it came out some months ago.)  It was nice to see it here, as other posts didn’t quite get the “on-skin, actual” look across.  Not to mention, if you really want to go full-bore, you have a nice collection of space-age products and hues to choose from!

There’s a definite lilac sheen going on here – it does NOT (hallelujah!) appear to be glittery or shimmery at all. Fear not, for those of you for whom glitter is your thing – this will still command some attention when on your skin (at least from someone else’s rods and cones!)

Not for the faint of heart, but those who want to stand apart. And glow while they’re at it.

Supernova, outer-spaced fabulousness.  If there’s life out there, prepare to wow.

Lorac Light Source

Lorac is following on the tails of a massive highlighting…er…strobing…trend with their Light Source Illuminating Highlighters.  There’s really nothing quite like having an ethereal glow – when I workout it’s a glow for sure, but I’m not sure it qualifies as ethereal exactly!

These beauties appear to come in four gorgeous, pale pink shades, though details are yet to be announced.  

I try my best to steer clear of glitter and shimmer these days because I prefer to be as natural and bare as I can manage.  Still, a gentle swipe of highlighter strategically placed can not only brighten and give you a rested appearance, but it also lends that youthful, baby glow that we all aim to maintain (or achieve when it’s nowhere to be found!) 😉 

These look utterly divine…


Wild Iridescence

This acrylic set – KeeNail Nail Art Pre-design Fake Acrylic Nails – is probably one of the most beautiful I have seen – there’s something so ethereal about that glow, and I just don’t know any polish that can match the effect.

Glamorable Read it


The photo above was a viral post on Pinterest, no surprise, supporting just ow much other ladies love this look too!  These are as much a fashion statement, in my mind, as lucite heels! The 24 Nail Sets come in: photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo

Per Amazon’s description – where you can buy all three colors:

KeeNail acrylic fake nail can lengthen short nails, strengthen nails, and make your fingers look longer and more slender. If you break an KeeNail acrylic nail you can almost always fix it yourself at home. The removal process is simple and straightforward when performed by a professional. The nails can be soaked rather than filed off. Acrylics are very strong. When done correctly and with proper nail care, they can last a long time and are very robust.

I kind of wish these would fit on top of my uv gel because they are positively divine and perfect to herald Spring.

Hard Candy Just Glow

So I know I’ve alluded to this before…but I have a thing about glitter… I LOVE glitter and shimmer.  So much so that I want to be a sparkling ninja…  Yes, you read that right.  A ninja who can pull of sparkles.  (It’s possible!)

But when it comes to a “glow”…I want only the “glow” part.  

Angelic, pearlescent, ethereal…

Lit from within, or gleaming radiance…

But no disco glitter

Neither shimmer sparkles nor glinting particles… Puhleeze!

I just.




And you know…it’s remarkably hard to find!  Ask for a matte highlighter, or one without shimmer (something like “jumbo shrimp” in the way of oxymorons, I realize) and you get cross-eyed looks…or flat-out “what?”s. 

“But it’s POSSIBLE,” I protest.  And, thanks to Hard Candy, I can prove it!

Nary a sparkle in sight with this Candle Lit Baked Illuminating Duo!  I am IN LOVE!  I almost bought a second one today – it was actually in my basket! – and I said to myself “seriously?  You don’t wear much EVER, you really think you will get through the one you bought YESTERDAY that fast!?

“But what if I do!?” my brain interjected.  “What if they stop making it!?”

Remarkable the effect favorite products can have on us, isn’t it?! 

Anyway, one of these has a pinky iridescence to it…and the other is just a creamy, bright hue.  It imparts a radiant glow, absolutely, WITHOUT making you look like a disco ball.  It’s subtle enough to wear outside and not feel like someone is staring at your shimmer…but thinking “wow, she really glows” instead.  WAY more of a compliment, don’t we think?

I sure do.

LOVE these two.