The Estee Lauder Edit

I had seen some articles about this new launch, The Edit, from Estee Lauder a couple of months ago, though it was more challenging to get additional information at the time.  The reason it resonates with me is two-fold…

Growing up my mother ALWAYS stressed the importance of skincare – she is 73 and, in my opinion, looks great for (and unlike) her age.  

Second, I wrote my thesis in Business School about Estee expanding into Asia – at the time (this was 1999 or so), Asian products were NOT easy to come by.  These days – especially in the last two years or so – they have become almost “cult” here in the states.  Of course I’m beaming because I’m thinking “I TOLD YOU SOOOO!” 😀 <—*insert smug grin here!*

I have always and ever been enamored with Asian skincare – the ladies across the ocean (from me, anyway!) weren’t out basking in the sun, and I saw that they took extra time and care of their epidermis, things that mattered to me even at a young age.  I can’t say at almost 38 that I am NOT showing signs of aging myself, but I do feel that I am “aging well,” thankfully.

So I LOVED hearing that Estee was branching out, not because it isn’t already a fabulous brand, but because it always had that “older appeal.”  It seemed more geared for, and fitted to, and older crowd – one perhaps that isn’t “aged,” but that does have concerns about aging.  So The Estee Edit is like a fresh update for the brand, bringing in, and catering to a younger market.  The brand / segment is chic, youthful, and fashionable, and there is a true modern (and glow-enhancing!) edge to the products (brightening powder, lip color transformers, flash illuminators…)  AWESOME.

There have been several posts about it recently so allow me to share!




Estee Double Wear…To Go!

I am thrilled to see how many companies are going forward with on-the-go versions of their best products – as someone who is super active and always on the move, I appreciate this enormously!  That said, the packaging for these products makes a ton of sense for everyone – if you need to run to a business meeting and you’re balancing picking up the kids, let’s say…easy to grab, won’t make a mess, and much smaller to tote around! 😀

Estee Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact is one of the newer of these items to be launched.  It comes in an amazing 19 hydrating and luminous shades, and promises eight-hour wear.

The Double Wear line has done exceptionally well for Estee, and I am eager to see reviews of this.  I fluctuate on what my favorite kinds of formulas are – because heaven knows we are assaulted with newness ALL THE TIME! – but on-the-go options are something I absolutely love.  Back in the day there weren’t many options, leaving us to siphon and fill travel size jars.  Even then, with a smaller package, it was messier (as in, not-so-spillproof!)

Love, love, LOVE products made for modern, busy lives! (PS, apparently Macy’s has a TON of sale things going on!  Good gracious!  *LOL*  So if you are interested, maybe Macy’s is a great place to get it! 🙂 ) 


Estee Magic Smoke – A/W 2015

I saw these a few weeks ago on ReallyRee and they look pretty fabulous.  (Easy to use is ALWAYS fabulous!) She shares her review and a bunch of swatches, pointing out that they are incredibly easy to work with “draw, smudge, done.”

Chic Profile posted a few more photos, and shares the selection of eight shades that will be offered.  If you are in the USA, you can purchase these now at, and if you are in the UK, you can either purchase online OR you can check them out in person at John Lewis, Selfridges, House of Fraser, and Boots in August 2015. 

I love when things blend smoothly, without tugging the skin, maintaining a soft finish without losing all the color.  These powder pencils look like they could make a generally-multi-product smokey eye much more of a cinch!  That IS pretty magical! 😉

Estée Lauder New Dimension

I am delighted to see that a cosmetic company has taken the sculpting trend beyond the visage! I suppose in its own way, the degrade lip is of the ilk…but it isn’t the same thing entirely.

Estée Lauder’s New Dimension – Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit features a Smoothing Base, Highlighter and Contour trio aiming to create “bigger, brighter, more defined-looking eyes.”  Yes, a contouring product to define the upper portion – equally as important – of the eye.  In fact, on their site, they even have a section FOR “contouring” under “EYE.” photo


Undereye concealers and light-refracting pigments can help, absolutely…but I know first hand that prepping the lid can make a BIG difference in how rested a person looks.  Add to it some contouring and I am sure that awake-and-sultry gaze will be more noticeable!

I haven’t seen swatches, but am keeping my eyes peeled.  Absolutely LOVE this concept, and love how neutral these shades are (that said, I’d love to see it in a variety of tonalities so more complexions can get away with this fancy little secret.)

(It retails for $40, but if it actually works…it’s a nice, non-invasive option! 😉 )