NIOD Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide

Superoxiwhat?!  I know…that’s a mouthful… But NIOD has some really awesome products and this one is worth a mention.

I love mists and facial sprays – not only in summer when the heat index is driving upwards, but also after workouts, after washing my face, even just after a bath.  Mists can offer a little extra hydration, element protection, oil control, calming effects, you name it.  The NIOD Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist is, however, a super-charged skin-saver…

This unique “dermal treatment” is designed to protect your precious peau (skin!) from “many forms of oxidative stress, dermal water loss and inflammation, all of which contribute to loss of visible skin quality over time.”  In other words, this is meant to be used OFTEN as a preventative protection, maintaining the beauty of your skin now, and staving off nasty age-causing aggressors.

Deciem, the parent Company, always goes well above and beyond with explanations – sometimes it is a bit much to read but I would rather err on the side of knowing more, than less.  The key technologies used include the below (and please do reference the link above for a full description of each):

  • Yeast-Derived Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
  • Purified North American Four O’ Clock Flower
  • Marine Exopolysaccharides

The potent stuff is at the top of the ingredient list, which is always a wonderful thing…though again, I’m not surprised – this Company’s products are no-nonsense and definitely deliver. (PS: My OWN reviews – I have used some of their products and really felt they did what they intended – no one asked me to say that, nor would I boost a brand I didn’t really like!)

The bottle is apparently quite large, so you do get a lot for the money. Personally, I LOVE the ease of use of mists, and anything that might help ward off unseasonably early wrinkles and skin damage is GREAT by me!  Healthy, happy skin! 🙂

Autumn / Winter 2016 – MAC Studio Quicktrik Stick

These snappy Quick Trik Sticks showed up in a post I read a while back…but I hadn’t seen much more about them since. Runways are always a great place to snoop for new trends and products (clothing, cosmetics, and even skincare) – backstage photos often will offer a sneak peek or five!

These contouring, highlighting, blushing, bronzing duos are launching this July and August, so I am sure there will be more coverage in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, Chicprofile shared a more comprehensive list of shades, info and photos:

MAC Studio Quicktrik Stick

  • Softly Does It / Tight And Tawny – very light pink shimmer / light taupe
  • Bare End / Earthnut – light golden champagne shimmer / muted medium beige
  • A Late Sheen / Semi-Sweet – light copper with gold and silver shimmer / muted golden bronze
  • Ginger Spiked / Counterpoint – soft pink with fine-spun gold shimmer / mid-tone bluish pink
  • Miss Cupcake / Tomato – soft pinky peach with fine-spun golden shimmer / vivid bright coral
  • All Aflush / Here You Go – rose with copper sparkle / deep reddish burgundy


  • 164 Duo Fibre Curved Sculpting
  • 130 Short Duo Fibre

There are a TON of sticks like this on the market so really it’s a take-your-pick scenario – these sound like they will have a gleaming finish with a touch of sparkle.  For those of you that want to stay more subdued, and less high-sheen, fear not…you have a plethora of options!

Clinique Take The Day Off

This would have been INCREDIBLY useful during my ballroom days!  

While I can’t say I have a particular use for this now, since I’m not wearing anything on my eyes – really, like, ever – I think it’s a wonderful and ingenious idea.  In fact, I’m kind of aghast that it hasn’t been done before!

Super easy to use and totally practical, the Clinique Take the Day Off Eye Makeup Remover Stick makes the end of the day (or look change) a piece of cake.  It’s akin to a cleansing balm, a bit more solidified, and in a much easier format – a quick twist of the stick, a nice little massage, and voila!  Well done, Clinique.

Instant Confidence Stick

So there were a couple of posts about this out there – I hadn’t really internalized that this could be potentially offensive to some, but it seems that it was.  For some, naming the product “Instant Confidence Stick” was not only not expected from Bobbi Brown (generally known to embrace our natural beauty – aging and otherwise), but also because it suggested that we need a product to give us confidence (focusing primarily on our superficial appearance, as it were.)

I didn’t take anything negative, nor controversial, from it so much – they way it reads to me is that if I am having a day that I feel I look as though I need a pick me up (my personal opinion about myself) then this might offer some help.  It doesn’t suggest to me that I am lacking in some way, no beautiful enough, or that without a product(s), I’m somehow sub-par.  

I understand – and agree – with the notion that we should love ourselves the way we are.  We should – we are fabulous, damnit!  But that doesn’t mean that if we want to pull ourselves together and present a cleaned-up version of ourselves – all the time, or occasionally – that there is anything wrong with that!

Per Bobbi’s UK site (where it is available):

Bobbi’s magic eraser—instantly blurs the look of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, more lineless look. The colourless, breathable and ultra-lightweight formula glides on easily and feels weightless, making it comfortable for all-day wear. Use it to prep skin for seamless makeup application, or to touch up and control shine throughout the day.

Infused with a powerful peptide, the formula helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as soon as you apply. A unique triple suspension complex creates an effective yet breathable blurring layer that helps to smooth and perfect skin’s texture. Plus, it works over time to absorb excess oil and control shine.

So it smooths out those pesky lines I sometimes focus too much on (yes, I’m sure they ONLY bother ME.)  AND it helps over time to tame shine…which also sometimes aggravates me.  I rather appreciate that there’s a lil’ easy-to-use stick out there that might assist me in achieving those things since – let’s be honest – I DON’T always wake up flawless.

In my opinion it is totally okay to recruit a little help because it will make me feel a bit better on the days something to perk me up.  And trust me, my confidence hasn’t taken a dive, nor my spirt been wounded, by the name…or the offering.  

Nix Hydra Touch Brightener

A New Year, and a brighter outlook!  

I love crayons and pencils because they are so incredibly easy to use, and there is ALWAYS more room for extra radiance! 🙂

This Hydra Touch pencil from Nyx adds illumination with a cooling touch of the tip.  It comes in three shades:

  • Radiance (a soft pink)
  • Glow (a golden yellow)
  • Luminous (a medium orange)

The product is a bit pricey given that it’s mass market – it retails for $8.99 – so I’m curious to see reviews.  It reminds me of Benefits High Brow and Maybelline’s shadow sticks a bit.

Soap & Glory Sexy ‘n’ Kick A$$!

Soap & Glory definitely gets credit for the fun names…!

Sexy Mother Blusher is a new cream blush chubby stick that comes in three delightful shades:

  • Berry Jamm
  • Onomatopeacha
  • Pinkerbelle

The formula is designed to be long-lasting, with an easy-to-blend vibrant color and cream finish.  It’s format, if you will, is incredibly easy to use – love chubby sticks for on the go!

Then there’s Kick Ass Blur & Brighten.  They do have a “thing” for the ampersand, don’t they?  Anyway, I digress…  

This lil’ concealer crayon is “no-nonsense,” combining long wear with the ease of a fat pencil.  So it’s the perfect tag along to the blush stick if you are constantly running about, or managing kids, work, fitness, LIFE…!

L’oreal True Match Genius Foundation

I was terribly excited to see a new L’Oreal Foundation (True Match Genius) as I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new products, formulas and innovations.  You can buy it on Boots (which does make me a wee bit jealous – shipping to USA…and not yet in the USA!)

L’Oreal True Match Genius is touted as a “smart-make-up” that’s formulated to “smooth, unify, correct and finish your skin tone” by way of a combination priming gel, creamy base, and mineral pigments.

The six shades include:

  • Linen 
  • Gold Beige
  • Rose Beige 
  • Beige  
  • Sand 
  • Rose Vanilla

Huge thanks to Reallyree for sharing additional images and swatches!  (She has some before and afters too, so check it out!)

It looks like it gave her a gorgeous glow, and what I love most about it?  Yep…it’s portable!  I’m a big fan of compacts because they can be tossed in a gym bag, purse, car…wherever!…for quick and easy touchups.  For me, that’s a big selling point. Always!  It won’t spill and it’s easy to apply.  Long-wear is another key component for me – I didn’t see that here, but maybe more reviews will tell!