Empath Humor – The Ambivert’ed, Dichotomous Nature Of The Introvert


And I’m not alone!

As an Empath I feel sympathy to the Nth degree – to the point that I can empathize with a smurf! I’m not kidding either – cartoons, fictional films or books…doesn’t matter.  My emotions are FULL ON, and have been so attuned since childhood. It takes a seriously concerted effort for me to disconnect and observe without feeling deep compassion.  I also love to give back, as do many of those around me.  

That said…I am ALSO the same person that might go bananas if you double park or didlly-dally when the rest of us have somewhere to be.  Loud neighbors, that’s another one… I get the stare-O-death (same one my Southern Italian mother is notorious for), boiling blood, and a highly irascible tone (probably the better end of my wanting to snap my fingers and have humanity disappear.)

It’s a downright conundrum.  I simultaneously believe in beauty everywhere, and the infinitely generous things people are capable of.  And then there’s a part of me that sees laziness, anger, taking advantage…which makes me view humanity as a plague. . . 


Which is it?

BOTH, actually…

We have the power to create and destroy, terrifying that may be.  Being an Ambiverted Introvert gives me the option, I suppose, to choose which side of things I’m on during any given day. (I *try* to stick to positive, don’t worry…but I will also never claim to be miss sugar-and-peace all the time.  Thankfully I’m a Gemini also…I can point the finger to the Stars! 😉 )



Pur Cosmetics Cameo Contour

I came across this review and, while contouring products are in abundance in the marketplace (in which case I’m starting to feel “over it”), I loved the way this one swatched. 

If you are in Performing Arts…or performing Sports (Ballroom, Figure Skating)…this type of tool is a must-have.  But contouring products have become so commonplace that ladies are using them everyday, not only for special events and photos (which it works fabulously for.)

The dual-ended Cameo Contour highlighting and shading pair come in a solid range of color combinations (there are only five, but they do go from fair to deep, which I love love LOVE seeing!):

  • Light – Porcelain & Light 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup; fair to fair with creamy ivory undertones
  • Medium – Blush Medium & Golden Medium 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup; medium beige with blush to golden undertones
  • Tan – Light Tan, Tan, & Medium Tan 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup; olive with yellow, honey and caramel undertones
  • Dark – Medium Dark & Golden Dark 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup; rich bronze with golden undertones
  • Deep – Deep & Deeper 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup; warm with golden amber undertones

Here are BudgetBeautyBlog’s awesome photos!  Definitely check out her post for more about how it felt – sounds like it wears really well.  Not to mention, it can double as a touch up concealer or foundation tool possibly, since you can mix the shades for smaller areas.

Spring 2016 – Guerlain

Absolutely LOVE this happy gem!  Posted by Janinefaclon for a sneak peek of the fun!

I love red to begin with – I adore the pinky-rouge split and fiery bristles – it certainly is a cheerful pick-me-up!

Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama Pro Palette

Spotted this new product on Target’s website – Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama Palette!

The trio comes in four different colorways, for $10.99:

  • Blonde
  • Auburn
  • Soft Brown
  • Deep Brown

It’s listed as “out of stock” currently, but I am sure it will be rolling around soon enough for them to post it (have to generate that demand, right! 😉 ) 

Each kit contends a pigment powder, a highlighting powder, and a setting wax, along with a dual-ended, angled applicator brush and a spooky for extra shaping.


L’Oreal Superstar

I’ve seen these products offered online at Boots and L’oreal UK, but I have heard that they’ve been spotted in the US as well.  There is a Superstar Mascara, as well as an Eyeliner that are new to L’oreal’s Fall lineup…and why not!?  More options for supersized eyes!

Per the site, the Super Line Superstar will:

Transform your look in one daring stroke. It’s specially designed felt tip fulfils your every wish. The ‘Corseted’ tip with a flexor system helps you to follow the natural contours of your eyes, boldly extending to the ends of the lashes. It’s showtime!

Ink Tank Tip: Releases ink over your lash line for perfect line control.

Per L’oreal’s UK site:

Our 1st mascara to give you show-stopping lashes in 2 effortless steps. The innovative 2-step system works to thicken and lengthen the look of lashes with Velcro fibres, for super-sized, super-long, Superstar lashes.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible – 12 Day Gel Lacquer

I’ve been doing “Ballroom nails” for moons – using uv gel that isn’t at ALL expensive, but spending on a process, monthly, that IS.  While I know I will continue shelling out for it – they last an incredibly long time, and are sturdy enough to stand up to my constant activity – I LOVE that there are so many options out there for those who don’t go the uv salon route.  

(Fun trick – For those of us that still go sit for an hour at the salon, the one perk of these like-gel polishes is Faux filling in…as in, making the gel manicure look a lot newer (read: not grown out) than it really is! The gel-like polishes tend to be thicker, and give a plump effect in some cases, allowing for a better “blend.”)

L’Oreal Paris’s new Infallible 12 Day Gel Lacquer Collection is comprised of 12 double-ended polish pairs (which sounds like it will nearly double in time.)  

A couple of lovely ladies have purchased and reviewed the newbie, so for those of you interested: 

Mammaful Zo gives her take on #020 Fuchsia For Life…

Thiswasforever has some comments based on her trial run here…(love her photo – super vampy! 🙂 ) 

BritishBeautyBlogger also shares her thoughts on the product here.