Intent and Instincts

Indeed a “Witch Tip,” but also wise words all around…

Always, always, ALWAYS trust your intuition – the “gut” is the best read of any situation you will ever have (and, you were born with it)!  And our intention will lay out the path before us – remember the phrase “be careful what you wish for,” because that is exactly what this is.  Be ultra clear with what you want, leaving a little wiggle room for the unique possibilities the Universe may see (that you do not…yet).  And trust that inner guide, for it shall ever steer you in your best direction.

Can you manifest your dreams?  Try the above and watch the magic unfold…

What If?

We are all a little too well-versed in self deprecation and leaning towards the negativity tides.

Let’s try focusing on the good all around, releasing the need to put ourselves down, and approach life with gratitude.  I’m willing to bet magic will unfold before our very eyes…

What Are The Odds…? Sharing Our Stories And Offering Kindness In Return.

I received this note along with a purchase I made on eBay and it absolutely warmed my heart. I’d say “what are the odds?!” but then I really do believe the Universe finds away to align things for the good…

I wrote this lovely woman a note in return to let her know her words fell into loving hands, and to offer words of support…which she so readily deserves. She is hoping to help her son “chase his dreams” to which I said how blessed he is to have her, and that as a team they will succeed.  

I then shared this Audrey Hepburn quotation:

The world is made a much smaller and warmer place when kind hearts lead the way. 


Noble Intentions Vs. Execution


It’s great to have noble intentions, just as it’s commendable to have goals, hopes, and dreams.  But those things do not come to fruition without hard work – blood, sweat, tears…down-in-the-trenches rigor and execution. Period.  To expect things to manifest on their own, without a little “backup” from you, is a quick route to disappointment (“dreams don’t work unless you do” sound familiar?)

Intentions are powerful, make no mistake, but the magic happens when we apply effort to them – without such action, they cannot (and *will not*) be “taken seriously” in the empyrean sphere.  So says the Universe…



Stronger Than You Think!

I posted a clip the other day on Facebook with some kicks… I was super touched by the kind words of friends, but noticed that so many people doubt their abilities!  NOOoOoo!  I have friends who well exceed my endurance ability, my Martial Arts ability, my speed, my strength…but that doesn’t mean I can’t hold my own…or, at least, make it look graceful! (Thank you, ballroom, skating and ballet!) 😉  

I made a point to say to each person suggesting he or she COULDN’T do it...that they could do A LOT better than they think!  They weren’t giving themselves enough credit!

The lil’ bag in this clip is way lighter than some of the others we train with.  So in fact it could be a matter of perception…could it not? It might be “too light” for one person, and far “too heavy” for someone else…

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.49.03 PM

The key to ME is to focus on the GOOD…to HIGHLIGHT THE STRENGTH!  That might mean, for someone struggling, that they try with a less heavy bag.  Later ON, one can try with something more substantial…but when you START, get a bag you can work with.  And Kick it’s butt!!!!  When you knock something down, that confidence shoots UP…and that means you will feel better about that ability you ACTUALLY DO HAVE ALREADY!

I feel upset when I see people being set up for a less-than-successful go at something.  Start SMALLER if you have to – you can accomplish more that way.  You can see your gains far better…and seeing is believing for many people!  It will give the confidence to move up to something heavier…because then there is no question that you can do it.

Building confidence is huge to me.  Seeing results is HUGE.  People need those things – we need that encouragement because it gives us something tangible that says “HOLY #$%@!  I CAN DO IT!!!!”

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.49.27 PM

You don’t have to change your goals!  Maybe tweak the training…or tweak your client’s training.  Make the goals MANAGEABLE so they can really SEE and FEEL the difference.  

I’d rather see the smiling face of a kid who can move the bag with a kick…than one who, disheartened, tries with all his might to barely dent a bigger one.  It’s all about the perspective.  It isn’t cookie cutter.  I may kick one down but I know guys that would kick it across the room…including my 75 year old Grandmaster!  

Make it manageable.  

Make the goals ACHIEVABLE.  

You CAN do it…and when you can actually SEE and FEEL it, you will be a lot more likely to keep at it…getting better all the time!

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.05.30 PM