Bunnicula Pendant

PopEtiquette doesn’t appear to be selling this pendant anymore but it cropped up in Pinterest and – once again in anticipation of #thebestdayever / #halloween – I had to share…  

I’ve lived with the “Bunny” nickname for as long as I can remember – but only my mother gets to use it!  My father has some derivation thereof, but also makes full use of “Witchlet,” which says rather a lot.  

My affinity for all things Hallows, vampy, and otherworldly have earned me some fun designations in my family,and among friends.  During one Thanksgiving I recall my family and another, dear friends of ours, all playing Taboo – it was a HUGE group, jovial and in the throes of heated competition!  My brother drew a card and for a moment paused and seemed flustered…

He then blurted loudly “MY SISTER IS THIS!  To my surprise – which perhaps was entirely out of place – “VAMPIRE” was yelled in rapid reply.  My brother’s ebullient reaction let me know the nail was hit right on the head (not into the coffin, though you may think!)

We had a solid laugh about that and – in a strange, vampy way – I felt distinguished.  I appreciate that everyone indulges me in my quirkiness – I was, 1,000%, born that way.  

Be Yourself!

I’ve said it time and time again… I may not be as “outwardly” so as back in my college youth…but…my “gothieness” is still more than evident! 

I’m a Vamp at heart, a lover, and a fighter for what I care most about.  I never fit in, never really wanted to…and am relatively certain I never will.  I don’t care much for molds, though neither is it in utter defiance of authority, nor in effort to gain attention by breaking the rules.  It just IS.  

I just AM.

This particular image, of course, was one I ever and always adored – the Vamp aesthetic was the very one to which I aspired all my years.  Yes, the ghostly pallor, Night-hued locks, ruby lips (not to mention the second-skin black apparel – my daily uniform!)  

While I am scarcely so stand-out, leaning to the sporty side of things these days, it is simply the look which resonates most deeply with me. ❤  It was that way when I was a little girl, and has not wavered an ounce.  

Be Creepy

I will always appreciate and recognize beauty in other forms, but at my core, I am Vamp 1,000%.  Forgive me…or do not...but I shall make no effort to alter my heart in pursuit of some other aesthetic as, in my own mind, our propensities are the spice of Life!  

Proof is in the pudding…

Dracula, and the “Fun Legging” Trend

So…I couldn’t begin enumerate the absolute profusion of printed pants I see at the gym these days.  I mean, on one hand, I’m thrilled the floor isn’t a homogenous mass of black (that’s MY color, anyway! ) but it is becoming somewhat dizzying.

I grew up in dance and skating apparel…and, much to the chagrin of my mother, black was my go-to.  That’s not to say I don’t adore color, or splashy prints…but black just suits me.  And...it’s slimming! 😀

I happen to have a very athletic build…but I also have skater glutes (somehow the shelf didn’t go away when I stopped that training.)  So the truth is, I feel too self-conscious marching around in the latest, light-colored print-du-jour.  Black Danksin, Bloch, Capezio, Balera, KD Dance...works for me!  



The other thing is…what is UP with everything being tapered?!  I get it for cycling but no bootcut?  Like, AT ALL!?  Bootcut happens to be extremely flattering on some people and I, for one, am terrifically disappointed in the lack thereof!  

So I basically don’t own ANY cute prints…BUT…what I did come across was these ADORABLE stripe-ie arm warmers…because my arms can totally do prints without looking huge!  I wore amazingly effecting “cooling sleeves” for a 300 mile charity bike ride in 110 degrees two summers ago – sadly, they were neon pink (which isn’t really my scene.)  I’d loved if they had a cute print like this, though…maybe in greens or blues?  (In 110 degrees, I was NOT complaining about the color, trust me!)   

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.33.33 AM

And these N+TC Tour Shanghai red leggings?  Well, I passed by those too…and my first thought? DRACULA! 😀 Don’t look at me that way, I’m serious!  They totally conjured images of his armor and his cloak…and if a pair of leggings does THAT, it’s possible I’ll buy them on that alone.  Any other vamps in the house…er…gym?!

N+TC Tour Shanghai

N+TC Tour Shanghai

N+TC Tour Shanghai

N+TC Tour Shanghai

Bram Stoker Dracula

Bram Stoker Dracula