Keep Your Shine…Even In The Rain

Remember that happiness is DIY – no circumstance (person, place, or thing) has a right to dim our shine.  Our attitude matters, so keep it bright!

The Best Revenge

We’d all be lying if we said we didn’t plot revenge at some point in our lives (internally, in our minds, of course!) It seems to be human nature (and I daresay ONLY human-kind’s nature) to want to “get back” at someone for what we perceive as injustice. Doesn’t matter what it is, or frankly WHO it is…the tantalizing prospect of nudging the Universe from its perch and taking our own karmic control of the situation has a way of rearing its head in distress.

Remarkably, animals don’t appear to have the hangup…though they also fail to drudge around much of the human baggage our brains insist we do. Complex creatures, indeed! We can, as much in this case as countless others, learn from animals about how to best manage an anger-provoking scenario…

Ever notice how animals just carry on? I raised two jungle cats and inevitably there’d be several stand-offs a week with my female. Oh yes, she’d test the boundaries with a fierce and unrelenting gaze in effort to see if she could assert full dominance in our argument-du-moment (for example, removing her giant self from atop my computer cupboard so I could work without any distractions (e.g.: a flying and sharp paw.))

Well, I had to stare HER down to ensure she knew who (momma!) was in charge. And after the showdown when she submissively averted her eyes? Life went on – right back to normal. She didn’t hold a grudge for my stern assertion of I’m-the-bossness – she loved me just as much as before (and in fact, likely had more respect.)

While this is a substantial departure from a person-to-person tango (at work, at home, with a close friend etc), it does offer us another example of fine behavior. There’s no stewing or festering. She isn’t running false scenarios though her mind that I don’t love her, or that I deserve to be bitten in the face. There’s no lashing out because she didn’t get what she wanted… And there’s no toddler-type tantrum (the kind human adults pitch all the time.)

If you think about it, it really IS as simple as that – and it’s applicable. We may be upset about a situation, or feeling hurt (which, by the way, animals can certainly feel too – they aren’t devoid of emotion!) but wallowing in misery or replaying the “how-can-I-retort?” loop isn’t going to help us.

What will…?


Even better? Moving on and being happy.

If someone in our life is toxic, hard it may be, we have to exit stage left (why left? I have to look that up again. I have no idea!)

If someone has lied or wronged us, we need to let it go and move onwards-and-upwards. (It’s not easy to let go sometimes – I too have been known to struggle with this. The moving ON, however, was always the plan. Chin up. Smile on. Seek out the new and better opportunities.)

When we lessen the burden we carry around – such as the plethora of injustices done to us (and I am sure we could all enumerate at length!) – we make room for more joy, love, and fulfillment in life.

Not everyone IS as nice as you are. Not everyone understands what might feel to some of us like common-sense manners, or decencies. Not everyone, let’s be honest, really cares about others…or if the impact they’ve had on your life has been negative all around.


We have choices.

  • We DO get to choose or partners and friends.
  • We DO get to choose how we manage situations
  • We DO get to choose our behavior, our actions, and our responses (note that I didn’t say reactions…which are often quick and less measured than a response. Semantics, yes, but an important distinction.)
  • We DO get to choose how we carry ourselevs
  • We DO – big one – get to choose happiness (it’s the ultimate DIY! Read other posts on this here, here, or just browse the rest here.)

And finally… 

We get to decide to detach. To let go. To let Karma do what she does best…and right a situation of her own accord. I was taught that people “fall of their own weight” and boy…I’ve seen it time and time again. We don’t need the burden of weighing in. It is neither our right, nor our responsibility. And ooooh, the freedom in getting to focus on our own happiness instead? Talk about a GIFT!



Food Humor – Halloween Cake Pops

These are absolutely adorable. . .for Witches and non-magical folk alike. Best part, chocolate and cuteness aside?  Peanut butter filled! 

Check it out at Hungry Happenings



Nutrition Humor – Bored Is Bad

Don’t I know this dilemma!  


Tactics to combat it?

  1. Get moving!  Do some kind of activity, even housework if you are cooped up – SOMEthing will put your mind on other things.
  2. Reach for something healthy first.  Sweeter whole fruits, for example, are a much better bet than sugary or fatty foods, and they are liable to fill you up with water and fiber, in addition to hitting your sweet tooth.
  3. Intellectualize.  You know what’s really going on – own up to it, and don’t give in.
  4. Know your portions.  If you have tried everything, and you are still feeling the overwhelming urge to snack, grab a pre-portioned package…not the full size.  I’ve seen more and more snacks coming out in individual bags or packs – a wonderful thing!  If your favorite crave-worthy item DOESN’T come that way…think ahead and make your own.  Small snack ziplock bags are your best friend in this case.  Not to mention, you can put those things higher up on a shelf, as an example, to make them more of a hassle to get to. Keep in mind the best defense is not buying those things in the first place but…again…if you feel like deprivation will make things worse, and trigger binge eating, try the above method.


Clear Skin And An Active Life – My Own Remedy

One of the concerns a lot of ladies have about exercising is whether or not it will affect their skin – definitely a fear based in reality!  

With the exception of the last few months (during which I realized I have a milk intolerance…which may also have led to uncommon breakouts) I have pretty clear skin.  I’m a CRAZY person about the products I use…and I use lots of them!  That said, I don’t want to waste my time, or money, on products that don’t work.  Nor, for that matter, would anyone else. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.09.10 PM

As an athlete, I know that I will be sweating – a LOT.  In combination, the friction of tighter fabrics and germy surfaces (gym mat, dojo, dojang, ring etc) can lead to breakouts and infections…not just on one’s face, but really anywhere you might be constricted, exposed, or especially soaked.  

One of THE best remedies I have ever found is one I made myself.  I got so frustrated from trying traditional products (which can help, but didn’t seem to do enough) that I turned to three of my favorite natural ingredients and mixed my potion:

  • H2O
  • Melaleuca Oil (Tea Tree)
  • Clove Oil

That’s it.  Literally.

I took an empty, dark-colored (better to maintain the oils) spray bottle, added 1/2 to 3/4 water, plus tea tree and clove oil.  The clove I used a hair less of, but it’s also antibacterial and an amazing topical solution for breakouts (diluted.)

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.08.44 PM

It will have a scent to it, but it’s so effective, I just don’t care!  For activities like cycling or spinning this is also great for your clothing…because infections and breakouts are NOT uncommon (whether people talk about it or not!)

Both oils are powerhouses on their own, and they will keep germs at bay – with an active Life, you will have plenty of exposure so this can help you fight them off naturally. 🙂

Hello, My Name Is…DIY!

So about a year ago I was snooping on eBay for more Chuck Taylors (SHOCKER!)  I always like to find something no one else has, so I’ll literally go through ALL of the ones listed in my size to see if anything interesting shows up…

Well, one day I saw a pair that featured a “name tag” on it – you know, the “HELLO, MY NAME IS…” tags that you have to awkwardly don for client cocktail parties, or an apartment building holiday gathering? (I, of course in defiance, NEVER put one on!)  But I saw a pair of Converse in my size…that were listed as a “sample.”  Having been in ladies footwear for eight years, I knew that meant “never-sold-so-no-one-else-has-’em!”  

To my delight, I won them…and I had already had an idea about how to mess them up! 🙂  I don’t have a “before” picture, but I do have the after effects!  I put a nickname on the “tag” part, using a variety of colored markers.  Then I brushed black fabric paint to grunge them up…  Then I snagged some red fabric puff paint and splattered them with some Vampiness.  Because, HAVE TO.  *LOL*


Hello My Name Is, Project Red and Glitter Chucks. 🙂

They came out pretty snazzy (I am NOT an artist and sure as heck don’t claim to be, but they work for me! 🙂 ) I sported them to the gym for leg day and we had a great workout together. 🙂