2016 / 2017 – Revlon Kiss Balm

I’m sure it’s clear from my countless posts that I’m one of those lip balm types.  I don’t like heavy color, and I LOVE flavor!  (I’m basically a kid in a 38 + year-old form. 😉 ) 

Revlon has a bunch of items coming out (some already seen in-store) – Nouveaucheap shares a selection of images on her blog, so allow me to share for those of you interested in newness.

I’m not sure if these are really pigmented or what (my favorite “type” is always PH, self-adjusting…like Dior or the new BabyLips from Maybelline.)  Still, they’re named with flavors so I hope they are delicious!

Autumn / Winter 2016 – Dior Skyline

Another as-always-thourough post from ChicProfile on the newest from Dior (lost of photos!)  

As a tip…The backstage scene during runway shows are guaranteed to reveal some newness so I generally will check out those photos specifically when reviewing catwalk coverage.

I love Dior generally, and have always appreciated the quality of their products (cosmetic and otherwise.)  There is something to be said for flawlessness… 

Backstage – Dior Colour Filters

Dior has a ton of products masquerading in this package, one of which is my favorite balm in the world.  And generally, these snappy, back-knobbed sticks show up during the runway shows, sneaking their way into the backstage photos while models get prepped to show off the new collection (clothing and cosmetics alike!)

These two new “Fix It” products, available August 1st, come in four shades, all designed to mask imperfections and unwanted tones:

  • Apricot (great for dark circles)
  • Yellow (can tone down ruddiness, as well as help with circles)
  • Blue (good for sallowness or overly-orange that needs to be evened, as well as adding radiance)
  • Green (tones down redness)

The color portion of this 2-in-1 tool wraps around a “soft focus” core that supposedly helps to diffuse lines and creases (tons of blurring products out there, so no surprise.)  The great news is that for BritishBeautyBlogger, this actually didn’t settle into lines, so it delivered what it claims it will.  She also felt it was nicely pigmented (which you can see in her swatches – I was impressed with the color payoff also given the ratio of core to color.)  

These are meant to be used as a primer for the eyes, lips, and the face, so feel free to play around!

Holiday 2015 – Dior State of Gold

I’ve seen a couple of posts for this up-and-coming Collection from Dior for Holiday (Christmas) 2015, entitled “State Of Gold.”  The products will be launching in November, and are offered as a limited edition…so if you love them, snag them while you can! 

Interestingly, gold seems to be quite the thing…I’ve seen it from many brands already.

State Of Gold includes:

Dior Diorific Mat Velvet Color Lipstick:

  • Radieuse #430
  • Fascinante #580
  • Fabuleuse #750
  • Fantastique #770

Dior Diorific Illuminating Pressed Powder:

  • Pearlescent, golden beige

Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette:

  • Gold #886
  • Eternal Gold #576.

Dior Diorific Vernis:

  • Gris-Or #227
  • Mystère #991
  • Passion #951
  • State of Gold #001.

Dior Addict Gloss:

  • Cult
  • Sparkle

Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow:

  • Blazing #631

Fall 2015 – Dior Limited Edition Miroir 001

Dior Vernis for Fall 2015 includes four shades, one of which is a chrome, silver metallic:

  • 001 Miroir
  • 701 Metropolis 
  • 785 Cosmopolite
  • 791 Darling Blue
Dior photo

Dior.com photo

The chrome is the stand out here, contrasting with the other solids (colors which don’t truly beg to be stared at.  Blue and green aren’t at all humdrum, to be sure, with their rich and unconventional flare…but chrome seems to illicit a double-take more often.)

Chromes are not always so easy, I’ve found…failing to nail the “mirrored” look most of the time.  Glossy topcoats help, but it’s got to be a good formula…and don’t be disappointed if you can’t quite recite “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…”

Imabeautygeek shares some swatches and insights of her own, so definitely check it out!  I haven’t tried this myself but by the looks of it, it falls a little shy of the mark…  

Then again, I think I’m inevitably disappointed with chromes because they aren’t as reflective as my mind *thinks* they should be.  I suppose, in this case, if I want to channel my inner Robocop, I better stick to – no pun intended – falsies, or stickers!

Dior Cosmopolite – Now Online

Just an update on my earlier Dior posts…


You can now purchase the Fall 2015 Cosmopolite Collection online! 🙂

Looks gorgeous!


Dior Autumn / Winter 2015/16 – Cosmopolite 2-in-1

I mentioned this snazzy primer-‘n’-concealer before after seeing it backstage at the Fall runways..but here it is on the website, ready to snag!  2-in-1 Fix It Prime & Conceal will be in stores on the 27th of this month in the USA, Japan on the 31st of July, and in August for its International debut.

Multi-benefit / multi-use products have – thankfully! – become the standard these days, and we are all the better for it! 🙂  Makes Life so much easier…this product particularly, as it helps to perfect the skin, hide blemishes, tackle undereye circles, and primes the lips prior to lipstick application – NICE!  

Found on britishbeautyblogger.com

Found on britishbeautyblogger.com

Dior’s cosmetics are always beautiful quality –  we all have our favorite brands, of course, but I haven’t personally used a single Dior beauty product that wasn’t amazing. Even if I wasn’t in love with the shade, for example, I could never complain about the quality.

Looking forward to seeing this in-store so I can see the texture(s) first hand!

Dior Show(s)

More on the Diorshow front! If these two deliver the way that the Diorshow Mascara does, they will be flying off shelves!  Dior is actually one of the high-end brands that I ADORE (the nerd in me absolutely went there – I thought “a-Dior” the second I wrote “adore.”  Sad. *lol*  In my defense, it’s been a long week!)

Diorshow Pro Liner features a beveled tip, and a long-lasting, semi-matte finish.  There are six color options available – all dark and sassy, of course!


Diorshow Brow Styler Gel is a “foolproof” brow perfector that allows you to shape and define your brows, while adding gentle shine and all day hold.  There are three shades, Transparent, Blonde and Brown.

If you are a fan of the other Dior cosmetics, check these out in a local Sephora, Macy’s, Neimans, Bloomies and let us know how they do!

Dior Autumn / Winter 2015 / 16 – RTW Beauty

Dior’s Autumn / Winter 2015 / 16 catwalk look was designed by Peter Philips, Dior Makeup’s Creative and Image Director – more of the details can be read here

Eyes were the focus, heavily dressed in one or more of the 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite Exuberante 766, an upcoming Fall eyeshadow palette, leaving lips and face with a natural, satin finish.  

Two additional items in the Fall lineup help tot flesh out the look – The Fix it 2-in-1 Prime & Concealer offered an assist with neutralizing redness and evening the playing field, while Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite provided a glowing highlight from atop the cheekbones.

Thanks to MissPain, Hall Of Famer, in Sephora’s BeautyTalk, for providing a photo of the products (as below.)

Recreating the runway looks will require a bunch of the new Autumn products… Fortunately, Fall Collections seem to hit in Summer, so possibly these will be out soon?  If you are Dior fan, let’s hope so! 🙂  They do make my favorite balm, and one of the best mascaras on the market!


Creating the Fall looks including many new items! http://www.backstage.dior.com/makeup-mag/en_US/article/3986/regard-affirmee



Diorshow Air-Lock

I don’t really wear mascara but on the occasions that I have…including ballroom and skating competitions (so it had to hold up!)…there was rarely one to rival Diorshow.  It’s not surprising that it’s a cult favorite – it will definitely deliver inky length and thickness.  It was a little bit heavy for me personally so I’d use a clean wand to pick up some sootiness from the product wand, allowing me to apply much less.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.58.44 PM

dior.com photo

So what’s changed?  Dior has added an AIR-LOCK™ wiper system, which keeps the formula safe from the drying effects of a tube leaking too much air.  I have flashbacks from my Bloomingdale’s management days, when clients would come in wanting to return dried mascara.  I’d say, looking at the not-completely-closed tube, “have you tried keeping it tightly closed, an / or washing the top threads?”  I know I probably should have just taken it back but…it was the principle!  You buy and expensive product so try to take care of it!  Dior is taking some of the hassle out, heaven forbid it isn’t sealed like Fort Knox.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.59.23 PM

dior.com photo


Anyway…there is a reason Diorshow is always cropping up backstage at runway shows, and in reviews – it’s pretty amazing.  The additional protection (it is pricer, as mascaras go) is a nice new benefit, helping to ensure we can actually use the product for a long time…instead of angrily tossing it out for drying up, or arguing with a store manager over whether or not you even bothered to close the thing in the first place!

It comes in Pro Black, Pro Purple (green eyes!), Pro Blue and Pro Brown.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.59.06 PM

dior.com photo