You Don’t Need To Be Perfect

I loved this sentiment because the reality of life is that none of us are, nor ever will be, “perfect.” Bound to countless socially and personally imposed definitions, the word “perfect” encompasses far too much for any one person to attain. And to what end would we wish to achieve the title? To appease our inner critic and absolve ourselves of any future self-deprecation or doubt? To impress someone else in effort to quell the internal need for belonging…or to bathe in the external, social rewards?

It’s a tough path to travel, the one to “perfection.” The word itself is saturated with such infinite criteria – as defined by everyone in a different way – that it would be nigh impossible to satisfy all conditions.


We are, as human begins, all flawed and fragile. But, it is in imperfection that the world then becomes so beautifully diverse. Our quirks and eccentricities may in fact be what others can relate to. So too can our personal struggles and challenges be what brings others into our circle, or to look to us for advice. These things allow us to connect to others in the world, and therefore provide us an opportunity to inspire every day.

How do we handle adversity or when things that don’t go our way?

Can we be the bigger person and admit when we are wrong or say we are sorry when appropriate?

Can we treat others with respect and kindness, even when we disagree or are upset?

Do we approach the world – ourselves and others – with an attitude of acceptance and appreciation that we all have our “stuff”? (e.g.: we aren’t perfect, we are learning.)

Our behaviors and actions can inspire others to “rise above,” to find strength in tough times, and to do what they can to see the positives in each day. We don’t have to do those things perfectly ourselves, either – remember that others may be inspired because they see YOU trying your best. They see you struggling but still holding on to hope and working hard… They see you being the bigger person in the face of another’s poor behavior…

Those things might give others the support and strength they need – they see that it doesn’t HAVE to be executed perfectly to work (and that’s the whole point.) 

We will never be able to achieve the grandiose “perfection” because it is a word that has no single, defined definition. Perfection is many things to many people and it – by default – leaves no room for humanness, for growth, or for mistakes. Mistakes, however, are a huge part of life, as is a human vulnerability that we all possess. How we approach life on those terms, however imperfectly, can be even more inspiring than if we were the “ideal individual.” Why? Because if we can do it, in spite of a world that is ever-changing and challenging, then so can others – seeing the effort in the face of difficulty is why those actions ARE so inspiring.

So fear not if you falter, if you have flaws, or don’t make your mark every day. Because you are always working towards your goals in a positive and meaningful way in spite of your missteps, “mess-ups,” other people’s poor behaviors, you are inspiring others to do the same. You are inspiring others by being exactly who you are – unabashedly – and that in and of itself is empowering.

Empath Humor – Introvert Avoidance

Is this in the dictionary? Another laugh-out-loud one for all you introvert, INFJ, or socially-averse individuals!

(PS, I maintain I’m an introvert with ambiverted tendencies.  Growing up performing gave me a sense of ease when I need to be in a crowd…but they’re also massively draining for me, even when with loved ones, and I DEFINITELY do this. . .)


Spring 2016 – Revlon (Various)

Apparently there are new Revlon goodies at Bed, Bath & Beyond (I haven’t seen them myself, though I was just in one, but Miss. BudgetBeautyBlog has!)  If you have a Harmon attached to your BBB, you may get lucky…because at Harmon, you will ALWAYS find new product launches in advance of full roll outs.

The first item is a Foundation and Concealer 2-in-1 pairing, in one compact, from the Colorstay category.  Anything that’s easy to use on the go and promises longer wear is A-ok by me!

The second “item” is more like a collection – a full Mascara Bar to be exact.  We’ve seen the Ultimate All-In-One from a variety of bloggers already, but there are indeed an additional four new formulas:

  • Ultra Volume
  • Super Length
  • Volume + Length Magnified
  • Dramatic Definition

Take a look at the link above for trials and comments! 🙂 

Sephora Eye Contouring

I’ve touched on the “eye contour” trend with an earlier post, Estee Lauder Shape + Sculpt.  It is not that it isn’t valid as an idea – it IS…and it can make a nice difference!  

But…keep in mind that you can most certainly achieve this with many of the eye shadows and products you already own.  A palette puts them all in one place, but often a “nudes” or “browns” or “neutrals” palette will give you the same thing!

Moving along…

Sephora recently posted a video about how to achieve this – and visual tutorials are always a wonderful thing. 🙂 photo photo

It’s quite simple, and won’t take too much…but on days you may want to define your beautiful eyes just a little bit more, these tips will come in handy.

Illamasqua Sculpting Palette

I’ll be honest, I’m kind of overwhelmed by the plethora of contouring palettes these days!  I mean it’s GREAT, don’t get me wrong – being “in season” means there are countless options to choose from!  But therein lies the debacle – overload!

I actually really like the look of Illamasqua’s Palettebut it may not be as suited to the masses as many of the “trios” that are out.  The shades are a hair less intuitive – ones you would find in a pro contour kit for makeup artists or performers (Ballroom, stage, actor etc…) who need true definition at a distance.

In that way, I’m not sure this is ideal for a beginner – contouring in and of itself isn’t outrageously complex, but hues like these might well require a more solid grasp of shading…as well as what works best with your tonality.  

The shades are as follows:

  • Rush – champagne shimmer
  • Cirrus – ivory brightening matte
  • Heroine – cool-toned matte contour shade for fair-medium skin
  • Nimbus – matte grey under shadow
  • Steal – softly warm coffee bronzer
  • Create – peach-toned matte contour shade for darker skin tones

I have seen some nice reviews, but I think it’s fair to say one needs a lighter hand and proper brushes here so that the end results are natural…not painterly!


Contouring, for the Masses

I really am thrilled that Contouring has become a trend.  I ordinarily would say “it’s my job to KNOW the trends, not personally follow them!”  So said the “Fashion Director in combat boots.” 😉

But it really is wonderful because it’s a set of techniques that a lot of us performing athletes…or flat out performers…know how to do, but not one everyone else has been exposed to.  And if you can do it for a stage, it’s easy to tone down and do more “naturally.”



So…what I L O V E is that EVERYone now has the ability to easily access the “how to” as well as the products that make it happen (and I’m serious here – you can’t imagine HOW many performing / stage makeup / halloween effects shops I had to visit online…and OFF…back in the day!  Contouring products weren’t easy to come by, so in some cases we would improvise by finding the rare cosmetic line that catered to a broad range of skin tones OR, a line made for a skin tone brighter, or deeper, than our own.

And it doesn’t have to only be for the cheeks and jaw… These techniques work just as well on collar bones, for cleavage, to brighten dark circles…and yes, I’ve even seen it done for muscle definition (oh…THAT six pack!)  I happen to come across this link that shares a variety of such “hacks.”



So the idea is that EVERYONE now has this knowledge at his, or her, fingertips.  It is literally good lighting that you can tote around with you.  In my own personal opinion, color cosmetics are meant, in daily Life, to enhance what we have, not hide or mask it (there are occasions and places for that, certainly!)  

So bravo to all those companies out there following suit…and to the bloggers and sites that are helping the masses to understand what it is all about.