Skin Ink Multi-Masking Treatment Mask

Only a matter of time for a skincare company to come out with a customizable sheet mask, right?  

We all have different skincare needs and, frankly, our own needs can change not only with seasons, but from day-to-day depending on climate, our activities, our cycles, etc…  

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I love that these masks – while not 100% customizable in the sense of whatever ultra-specific permutation you need – allow some freedom to mix between the lower jaw line and the upper face, two broad areas that often are doing different things. Instead of countless variations, there are only nine combinations you can create…but that’s 8 more than just any ol’ sheet mask!

I love seeing the continued innovations, and the taking-a-nod-from-overseas beauty by companies NOT originating there – I’ve been going on about Asian skincare since the 90’s, when I was in my later teens, so for me, it’s like a miracle the US and other countries are FINALLY following suit.  “Porcelain doll” skin has been on my radar my whole life and with the consistent drive for cutting-edge that comes from the East, it’s a lot easier to come by these days.  

Summer 2016 – Maybelline Glow Balm

So I bought something almost exactly like this…from Maybelline…on about three of four years ago.  Yep. That long. I’m a little surprised it has taken SO long to get this over here in the USA but…I guess finally is better than never?

I’m a huge Dior Balm fan – it’s the most  beautiful, perfect, pH transforming balm around.  But it’s also pretty steep in price – around $32 for one.  The fact that more versions are cropping up, especially at the mass market price points, is awesome.

BudgetBeautyBlog posted a bunch of Maybelline Summer photos here – definitely take a look – along with the closeup of this newbie, as above.  She plans to give it a whirl and post a review, so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested in this kind of thing.  If I spot it anywhere, I’ll snag one myself – a subtle, personalized pink tint is always super flattering…and, in a natural way.


Summer 2016 – CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops

Aaannd, more droppers from CoverFX suited for Summer 2016 – CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops.

Highlight, strobe, or beach-bronze yourself with one of six shimmering shades:

  • Moonlight
  • Candlelight
  • Celestial
  • Sunlight
  • Sunkissed
  • Sunset

As with the Company’s many dropper-ed lineup, these are simply added to whatever liquid product you own and want to pair them with.  So layer on your luminosity to your heart’s content – its Summer time, after all.  Time to go with the glow!

Other CoverFX product posts here!

Fall 2015 – John Frieda

New additions to John Frieda’s color-specific lines are now available on Target’s website!

What’s interesting is the company is rolling out a powder “Root Blur Color Blending Concealer” – interesting in the sense that the price is still pretty high at $18.99 (as least from a mass market perspective, as well as in comparison to comparable products.)  The concealer comes in four shades depending on the depth of your brunette or blonde, and appears to pair two complimentary colors for custom mixing.

The Visibly Deeper Brunette Collection includes three products – a shampoo, conditioner, and color deepening treatment – all intended to deepen your locks up to one shade darker.  I’ve tried color depositing products and the only one that ever seemed to be worth it’s weight was Aveda Black Malva conditioner.  I’m guessing these work similarly, though I don’t see a fuller description.  The treatment is a leave-on-for-five-minutes deal that says it will create a darker, more lustrous brunette – it can be used on colored or natural hair.  The one review that’s posted thus far is extremely positive.

The Visibly Brighter Brunette range is meant to – as you no doubt guessed! – lighten and brighten your brown for a “natural looking sun-kissed glow, without ever looking orange or brassy.” Here again you have a shampoo, conditioner and an In-shower Lightening Treatment.

Sheer Blonde, Go Blonder is along the same lines – shampoo, conditioner, in-shower treatment…and a controlled lightening spray designed to create natural looking highlights.

I’m eager to see more reviews about these – I haven’t had great success with the current range (or past ones) designed for brunettes…but maybe these will surprise!

Fall 2015 – NARS Pro Palettes

A few sites have shared that NARS will be debuting a range of Pro Palletes for Fall 2015.  Each of them have shared the following (to which I am assuming attribution goes to NARS itself.)

“As a leader and authority in makeup artistry, NARS Cosmetics is excited to introduce the NARSPro Palette – the first offering in a line of products designed especially for the professional makeup artist community. The ultimate tool for makeup artists on-the-go and backstage, NARS invites you to curate your very own palettes with over 64 refill shades now available for purchase at NARS’ freestanding boutiques and on E-Commerce. Mix and match the artistry essential shades of eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers and pressed powders in one palette or create a comprehensive palette of blushes or eyeshadows. Pop in color, open up your inner artist.”

NARS image

NARS image

The sites, such as Temptalia (link as above) have also included shade information (THANK YOU!) – quite extensive!


  • Large Palette ($18.00)
  • Small Palette ($14.00)

Single Eyeshadow Refill – $18.00

  • Galapagos Bitter chocolate infused with gold
  • Ashes to Ashes Shimmery violet based brown
  • Abyssinia Delicate pearl sheen
  • New York Plum brown
  • Night Star Sheer peach shadow with pearls
  • Persia Paprika
  • Nepal Soft, sheer rose
  • Daphne Matte deep violet
  • Bali Neutral
  • Outremer Bright true blue
  • Blondie Neutral, soft matte
  • Fathom Pink tulle with shimmer
  • Mekong Expresso infused with gold
  • Sophia Cool brown
  • Biarritz Rich chocolate brown
  • Kamchatka Navy smoke
  • Bengali Rich chocolate brown
  • Goldfinger 24 karat shimmer
  • Coconut Grove Deep brown infused with reflections
  • Night Porter Black with pearls

Duo Eyeshadow Refill – $18.00

  • Alhambra Metallic rose mist / Golden champagne
  • All About Eve Flesh-toned neutrals / One with shimmer
  • Bellissima Shimmering beige with subtle glitter / Matte gray-brown
  • Sugar Land Sparkling apricot / Gilded orchid pink
  • Kalahari Gold confection / Sugared cocoa
  • Mad Mad World Vivid cyan / Parakeet green
  • Madrague Matte cream / Matte caramel
  • Rated R Electric cobalt blue / Shimmering chartreuse
  • Kuala Lumpur Rose gold / Boysenberry infused with gold
  • Kauai Gold lame / Iridescent smokey orchid
  • Silk Road Icy pink / Rose gold with golden flecks
  • Bouthan Soft pink tulle / Bright pink with gold shimmer
  • Isolde Frosted ginger / Shimmering copper
  • Pandora Sheer white shimmer / Matte black
  • Cordura Shimmering warm rich brown / Shimmering sooty dark brown

Blush Refill – $21.00

  • Orgasm Peachy pink with golden shimmer
  • Outlaw A soft rose tone with golden shimmer
  • Deep Throat Flirty, sheer peach
  • Seduction Sangria
  • Super Orgasm Peachy pink with gold glitter
  • Desire Cotton candy pink
  • Amour Peachy pink
  • Exhibit A Matte red blush
  • Torrid Warm coral with golden shimmer
  • Taj Mahal Blazing burnt orange with golden shimmer
  • Dolce Vita Matte dusty rose
  • Angelika Cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkle
  • Luster Sheer golden apricot
  • Gaiety Bright candy pink
  • Sin Berry tone with gold shimmer
  • Sex Appeal Soft peach
  • Lovejoy Shimmering bronzed rose
  • Mata Hari Pink with a race of crimson

Highlighting Blush Refill – $21.00

  • Albatross Luminous glow
  • Miss Liberty Soft, shimmering peach
  • New Order Sheer highlighter with golden shimmer

Contour Blush Refill – $30.00

  • Paloma Pink beige / Deep Rose
  • Olympia Ivory / Rose

Pressed Powder Refill – $25.00

  • Beach For deep reddish-brown skin tones
  • Desert Light rose undertones to enhance medium skintones
  • Mountain For the deepest true brown skin tones
  • Flesh To complement fair skin tones

Bronzing Powder Refill – $27.00

  • Laguna Diffused brown powder with golden shimmer
  • Casino A diffused deep brown powder with golden shimmer

I am HUGE fan of being able to mix and match, as inevitably a palette is missing a key hue I DESPERATELY want.  Of course, right?!  

So this is very exciting news for not only the artist community, but for everyone looking to pair up their favorite shades!

Dream Up Your Own

I saw this “Dream Up Your Own Serum” from Sephora and was absolutely delighted!

More and more products do multiple things, tackling multiple issues…act as makeup AND skincare…and now we are seeing more offerings that allow for personal, specific customization (think: CoverFX Custom Drops, for example.)

Well this snazzy little Serum Set from Skin Ink allows you to choose from a variety of concerns, and create your own blends.  You take a little quiz and you are on your way to discovering a tailored-to-you elixir!

So whatever ails you…fear not.  You needn’t peruse the scores of products if you don’t want to!  You can, from the comfort of your home, create a perfect mix to tackle any of your troubles




Stila Got Inked Cushion

Stila has been on a roll with a few “cushion” goodies of late, as are countless companies, also taking a nod from Asian packaging.

But it doesn’t stop there with this fancy-pants Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner…  This fluid and buildable liner comes with a sassy quill pen – La Quill Precision Eye Liner Brush,” to be exact!

I personally love calligraphy (not to say my Gemini affliction – early onset boredom – didn’t rear it’s ugly head when I tried to learn!).  I also love writing, and old things, including age’d writing implements.  There is something luxurious and decadent about it in a way…

Don’t you think? 

That said, I’m not sure whether it would enhance a modern-day getting-ready routine, or the charm and feeling regal would fade quickly.  

Give it a whirl?  Let us know! 🙂