I of course took note of this dairy-free chocolate company, Zenbunni, as soon as I spotted the name – having been dubbed “Bunny” from an early age, I was lured in by the utter cuteness the moniker. And, of course…chocolate without dairy. ❤ 

Per the site, Zenibunni is. . .



The Company – who seems to have an overarching sense of “higher-vibration” going on – offers a variety of goodieseverything from chocolate bars, to coffees, to “coconache” (a blend of chocolate and coconut  butter…um, yes!) and drinking chocolate. Delicious, nature-loving, and energy-elevating? I like it. 🙂  

Locations are few and far between, sadly – while you can order online, bummer that you can’t just see sizing, and maybe snag one as a trial, in person. The bars seem to be pretty tiny, too, but at least the caloric profile isn’t outrageous…so it’s still a good option when a real craving hits. 

So while I wish I could just get one to see if I even liked it, I’m still psyched to see a yummy, dairy free option out there (available, at least, online), as cute and as creative as can be…

(PS, they have a Rabbit Report too, if you feel like signing up for updates!)

Long Live (Mc)Queen

I miss Alexander McQueen – I was so distressed when I learned of his passing some years ago.  McQueen was one of fashion the envelope pushers…who got away with it.  He took shapes and ideas to the next level, stirring the creative possibilities unabashedly.  

His models wore headdresses of birds in flight – so real looking that you’d half expect to have one on your shoulder at any moment, vying for a snack…or lock of hair.  


Towering, extraterrestrial heels (a word I used prior to seeing this post, but who wouldn’t go there?! I did back then too) – not only bizarre, but downright menacing – strut alongside re-vivified chopine, rounded, snake-snouted booties (a favorite of Ms. Gaga), and biker badassery.


No, he never was for the faint of heart, but I liked that.  He still managed relevancy, amidst the spectacle too, albeit “wearable” for the bold more so than the masses.

A friend recently showed me a clutch covered in skulls and rhinestones…and it reminded me of McQueen right away.  (And anyway – it’s almost Halloween – a perfect time for fearless revelry…and accessories!)

I recalled the bejeweled, bedecked (skull-decked, I should say) knuckle ring clutches he made back when. They are still – not surprisingly – going strong among the quirky, and affluent.

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-6-29-26-pm screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-6-29-14-pm


They are essentially wearable art – you couldn’t possibly go unnoticed bearing one of these in your hand.  But then you wouldn’t buy it if you didn’t favor an adventurous path, undaunted by the merrily mundane (casting curious looks ‘ere you go!)

Static Nails

I’ve been doing gel nails for years at this point, a trend which started as a result of my ballroom dancing.  (Yes, I am the only girl at the dojo and dojang with “claws” and sparkles…two things that have no bearing – rest assured – on my kicks!)

Before I started getting them done, I had to resort to temporary glue-on ones – looking the part was a big deal in that arena, and if you want to be taken seriously, you give the best and cleanest presentation you can!  I couldn’t stand gluing them on, though, and I DREADED the after effects.

But then there’s Static Nails…  A company offering, quite possibly, some of the raddest stick-on nails I’ve seen yet. 

It’s no surprise that Dipped Soles (how very Louboutin!) is a favorite!  I didn’t associate them at ALL with the shoe designer (despite 11 years in the Fashion industry!)…but rather, just a deliciously vampy degrade.

And then there’s Red Bottoms.  

Again, no particular reason I’d have thought of Christian Louboutin necessarily (though a red underside, of course, hints at his trademark coloring.)  These matte black and swarovski crystal beauties are drop dead, no matter the inspiration – they are sassy, sexy, badass, and unconventional – love, love, l ❤ ve!  

The style allows for that inner goth and super-punk to let loose when you might otherwise seem tame.  This particular pack also comes with leopard print nails, in case you feel like really stopping the crowd!

Tremendous idea, really…  For the fashion-forward, jetset, and trendsetters, these are kind of a no brainer!

Autumn / Winter 2015 – Roger Vivier Crystal

Roger Vivier has a whole variety of embellished footwear for Fall, though incidentally, his site wasn’t showing the Collection yet.  I checked Louisa Via Roma also but, alas, it was on only Footwear News!

Roger Vivier photo

Roger Vivier photo

Elle happened to feature one of the styles, the crystal-encrusted black satin bootie, in May’s edition – it caught my eye, despite being cozied up to an admittedly ostentatious, uber-bedazzled pair of Dolce denim.  Even so, it stood out.  It’s not for someone who wants to blend…and honestly, it will draw the eye…so if you want to lengthen your legs, this may not be the right style.  It is worth a mention that this glammed-up girl is worth $3,195 (those are some impeccable seams, apparently!) 

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.40.43 PM

Footwear News photo


The side cut outs remind me of many a Latin Ballroom gown, flashing flesh unabashedly.  I can’t say whether it would slim the foot necessarily, as the crystals will protrude a bit.  The little “disco ball” on the heel is something Vivier has done before – I do personally think the three-row crystal curve speaks for itself.  

The Collection also has a few other styles boasting crystal beads… The sandal, Croqueuse de Diamants Virgule, might be even more “look-at-me” given, in particular, it’s more forward (as in fashionably so) curvaceous heel.  It gives me the vibe of a menswear spectator, possibly because I sketches so many menswear looks as sandals. This could totally be black and white with perfing!

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.40.35 PM

Footwear News photo


One of the tamer ladies in the group is a pale aqua croco with crystals on alternating bands – this would be STUNNING for Spring or Summer!  It might be the most  broadly wearable, but I still think the bootie is precious.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.41.05 PM

Footwear News photo



Ralph Lauren Visuals

I think every time I walk past Ralph Lauren I make a comment about how amazing the designer is… Whether his look is your thing or not, there is no denying how on point he – or more accurately, his “house” – is.  The same has held true over many, many years…and there is, I am certain, some amount of turnover in the Company!  

So however he does it, RL manages to make his message absolutely, pristinely clear to the scores of men and women working for the Brand(s) – Seasons come and go, “it looks” change (including his), trends ebb and flow…and yet he never deviates from his vision.  If you dressed up a room of models, you could likely pick out the girls in Ralph Lauren without so much as batting a lash.

The other thing is…his ensembles are always wearable!  If you said to me that you “Safari Chic” was in…I might cringe, out of fear of a disastrous influx of in-store hunter hats, khaki cutoffs, or military green shenanigans (it’s happened!!!) With Ralph Lauren, the possibilities somehow bloom in spades… From his accessories, to outwear, to separates, and full looks…he nails it.

I passed the store today and *tried* to take photos – the glare on the uber-clean glass made it nigh impossible to get a good shot…so I went to the site, and low and behold…the two visual looks from the windows!

I’m not sure about you, but I think the man made these pairings work…and then some.  As a former ballroom dancer, it’s safe to say that just about NO ONE would say that swarovski rhinestones would “go” with military green cotton canvas but…incredibly...he got it to jive.  Paired with a cropped sleeve, funnel jacket, a pleated, full bottom skirt…and a burnished leather belt…these crystals look outrageously down to Earth.  Whoever manages that is a wizard – no wands out at meetings!

Philipp Plein’s Badassery

I was walking to the Upper East Side in New York the other day and I literally stopped dead in front of Philipp Plein.  Why?  BADASSERY!  

I’m not sure if I saw the spike-studded men’s kicks first, or the studded leather jacket (I *think* the latter, but then the shoes were bright red) with the UBER-glam skull shirt (um, WANT IT!) but it was a have-to-take-a-snapshot moment.  I love spiked studs, and I love when they are en masse – it’s so London Punk, and you just don’t see it that much in mainstream anymore.  (Did we ever?!)  I believe the jacket on the left is the same as the Runway bomber, which appears to be more blacked-out.  It could be the light reflecting off the metal lapel plaque and studs…  But if not, sprayed tonal, or dark gunmetal would rock just as much (if not more!)

Philipp Plein NYC

Philipp Plein NYC

The kicks are pretty rad, and lean kind of hip-hop-ish.  No?  I can see a music artist sporting these with Dolce slacks or something at an event.  (Or maybe Plein pants.  Probably more kosher to say!)  They have a throw-back-to-80s feel to them a bit, and I can’t help but think of Michael Jackson (far as I’m concerned, that’s a compliment.  Please, don’t shoot me down. I’m a DANCER! 😉 ) 

But what REALLY stopped me in my tracks was the GINORMOUS black crystal skull in the front of the store.  The maintenance man literally stepped aside, opening the door (this was early morning before hours!) because he could SEE that the thing lit me up!  *LOL* 😀 I want that for my apartment, dang it! 

Philipp Plein NYC

Philipp Plein NYC

Plein puts skulls on all sorts of pieces, and appears to have a penchant for placing them prominently on the back.  I don’t think the “glitz” diminishes the coolness factor at all, either.  I personally think it adds extra sass and edginess – not for wall flowers for sure.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.45.07 PM


Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein

Iiiii LIKE IT, Philipp, if I dooo say sooo myself! ❤