Winning The Lottery

If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t necessarily be running out to buy a fancy car, a hundred pairs of shoes, or a giant yacht. I wouldn’t be spending it with total abandon or throwing it around aimlessly, leaving me where I was before…

If it were me, I’d spend it on special needs education (wouldn’t a PhD of a BCBA be amazing?!), Sign Language classes, Martial Arts training…and giving back to others.

But all that said…if there WAS a creepy castle somewhere…there’s a good chance I’d be there with my love, our two black-cat boys, and a smoke machine. Studying for exams, dressed – of course – like Morticia. *LOL* ūüėȬ†

A meme that gave me a giggle…

Halloween 24/7. ‚̧¬†

And the real thing…! ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧



Gothiness – Can I Live Here?!

I didn’t care for the acting in Sleepy Hollow – I have to get that out of the way. ¬†But I don’t watch¬†Tim Burton¬†movies for the acting. ¬†His¬†decadently dreary visuals simply light my heart aglow, especially when they lean Autumnal (to my gothic heart, it seems his lenses are so seasonally tinted – perpetually, much to my joy!) ¬†


His eerie, throw-back town, cloaked in lowly fog and Samhain-style¬†mise-en-scene is so my speed it’s ridiculous. ¬†The average human being, I daresay, seems to possess such desires as going to the beach, baking beneath a blindingly hot ball of fire. . . They like pop stars and malls and large gatherings of people… ¬†And there I sit – and always HAVE sat – with a heart yearning for the deep. ¬†For the drumming of the earth, the black of the night, the impossibly-incandescent burn of the moon and stars.


I’m scarcely morbid, and¬†find myself often mistaken for¬†a social butterfly. ¬†No. ¬†Nooo. ¬†I’m more like the little black bat flitting around at Dusk. ¬†The Morticia in the corner, carefully contemplating, and reveling in the shadows. While not so evident at this stage in my life, at least I’m not accused of loving pink – ah yes, at least that is obvious enough!


Tim Burton’s quirky characters, singularly macabre and always intriguing, enchanted me from the get-go – Each one more peculiar than the next, and ever¬†placed in¬†spectacularly vampish settings.

I don’t want to live in a City, my feet falling on hard concrete and my gaze stifled by towering man-made constructions. ¬†I don’t need to be in the center of things, encompassed by busy streets and bustling storefronts. ¬†Sure, I enjoy not being completely isolated – it’s nice to have some manner of life around! ¬†But I’d much prefer those ghostly streets, with their spectral, smokey vapor and stormy skies… A ¬†few lit Jack-O-Lanterns would be enough to brighten the mood for me. . .


Gothiness – Halloween Macabre, By Illamasqua

Leave it to Illamasqua to hold a Halloween course…¬†I can’t say MAC wouldn’t either, but Illmasqua isn’t just edgy – a la MAC – it has a deeper, subterranean, curiously-otherworldly vibe. ¬†Always. ¬†To manage a full-on scare for your Fright Night revelry, they’ve got you covered…

Remarkably, the creepy harlequin-clown work (pictured) is a lot harder to achieve than one might think at first glance – try doing performance makeup even just once, and you’ll have an idea. ¬†The deconstructed, paint-peel look reminds me of¬†an abandoned,¬†antiquated-Venetian mural (or maybe a mask from Carnivale that got left behind to gather dust through the centuries…) –¬†I’d love to see the array of products used to create it, a plethora no doubt. ¬†(PS, I can’t stand clowns, but I can appreciate the work done here!)

Anyway, you needn’t want this kind of facepaint to join in the fun – whatever form of haunt you take, sin you prefer, or wickedness you’re aiming for, I’m sure Illamasqua can help you achieve the desired eerie effects (don’t forget, your tools will matter as much.) ¬†The course is only $67 too, which is a lot less steel than I’d have expected.¬†For the best day of the year EVER? ¬†Yeah, it’s worth it!


More Halloween

Halloween – ‘Tis The Season. . .!

To be crreeeeeppyyy….!

You have to love the fun packaging that comes out at this time of year (or if you don’t, I will on your behalf because I’m all for monsters and silliness.) ¬†


I definitely see it more with the unhealthy options, but whatever. ¬†I mean…the baby spinach doesn’t have a witch on a broom on the package (though personally I think they should explore that marketing tack – what about kids thinking it’s cool!?)

I’ve not even heard of these (Herr’s!?) but I can safely say that this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I’d have gone “mooOooommm, can we get THESEEEeee!? ¬†Wings and Webs!?! ¬†TOTALLY made for creepy kids like I was.


As for the Oreos, Nabisco is always doing something rad. ¬†I’d have been ALL¬†over these. . . ¬†They aren’t any different that regular Oreos as far as the taste,¬†but thanks to the seasonal marketing, the orange center, and the jack o-lantern face…I’d eat them just because. ¬†Way to go, Nabisco packaging people.


Then there are these… I don’t know if they’re even legit (though it appears that way.) ¬†Dang.


@theghostinyoumusic photo

It¬†doesn’t stop with the¬†packaging, though – there’s all sorts of fun,¬†Halloween-ie, Autumnal flavors that crop up too, come September. ¬†Take these Pumpkin Spice bars

Rockgirlmaxim84 on Instagram has a PLETHORA of holiday-inspired, limited edition finds (I think it’s absolutely fascinating how many she comes across, and / or tracks down!) ¬†It’s like Caramel, Apple and Pumpkin Spice central…!




I’m so in my element once that 10th month rolls around… ¬†I’m a Spring baby with and Autumnal heart, what can I say…