Winning The Lottery

If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t necessarily be running out to buy a fancy car, a hundred pairs of shoes, or a giant yacht. I wouldn’t be spending it with total abandon or throwing it around aimlessly, leaving me where I was before…

If it were me, I’d spend it on special needs education (wouldn’t a PhD of a BCBA be amazing?!), Sign Language classes, Martial Arts training…and giving back to others.

But all that said…if there WAS a creepy castle somewhere…there’s a good chance I’d be there with my love, our two black-cat boys, and a smoke machine. Studying for exams, dressed – of course – like Morticia. *LOL* ūüėȬ†

A meme that gave me a giggle…

Halloween 24/7. ‚̧¬†

And the real thing…! ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧



Halloween Humor – Be A Creep


It’s all my favorite ladies! ‚̧


¬†I’m thankful I grew up wanting to be like THIS…not like, well, you know…


Gothiness – Can I Live Here?!

I didn’t care for the acting in Sleepy Hollow – I have to get that out of the way. ¬†But I don’t watch¬†Tim Burton¬†movies for the acting. ¬†His¬†decadently dreary visuals simply light my heart aglow, especially when they lean Autumnal (to my gothic heart, it seems his lenses are so seasonally tinted – perpetually, much to my joy!) ¬†


His eerie, throw-back town, cloaked in lowly fog and Samhain-style¬†mise-en-scene is so my speed it’s ridiculous. ¬†The average human being, I daresay, seems to possess such desires as going to the beach, baking beneath a blindingly hot ball of fire. . . They like pop stars and malls and large gatherings of people… ¬†And there I sit – and always HAVE sat – with a heart yearning for the deep. ¬†For the drumming of the earth, the black of the night, the impossibly-incandescent burn of the moon and stars.


I’m scarcely morbid, and¬†find myself often mistaken for¬†a social butterfly. ¬†No. ¬†Nooo. ¬†I’m more like the little black bat flitting around at Dusk. ¬†The Morticia in the corner, carefully contemplating, and reveling in the shadows. While not so evident at this stage in my life, at least I’m not accused of loving pink – ah yes, at least that is obvious enough!


Tim Burton’s quirky characters, singularly macabre and always intriguing, enchanted me from the get-go – Each one more peculiar than the next, and ever¬†placed in¬†spectacularly vampish settings.

I don’t want to live in a City, my feet falling on hard concrete and my gaze stifled by towering man-made constructions. ¬†I don’t need to be in the center of things, encompassed by busy streets and bustling storefronts. ¬†Sure, I enjoy not being completely isolated – it’s nice to have some manner of life around! ¬†But I’d much prefer those ghostly streets, with their spectral, smokey vapor and stormy skies… A ¬†few lit Jack-O-Lanterns would be enough to brighten the mood for me. . .