Sharing The Honey Love!

Honey is a free service that enables consumers shopping online to save cash as they go – yes, it really works.  I’ve used Ebates and actually saved a bit with it…without really having to do a thing! 

Honey also provides a browser extension, but instead of sending you money later, it automatically tracks down coupon codes and applies them at checkout for instant savings – sweet!

If you shop online A LOT you will love it.  Even if you aren’t a heavy hitter online shopper, you will still benefit and save a few bucks (so really, why not!?)

Check it out and join HERE


Martial Arts Halloween

Even Martial Art stores are honoring the Best Day Ever! (That’s the 31st of October, not that you needed to ask! 😉 )


If you need a full blown Ninja uniform. . .or a glowing saber (listen, you never know!). . .they’ve got you covered with a few fun…and discounted…goodies!

Ebates – More Money For You!

So I’m not sure if any of you have heard of Ebates, but it’s tremendous…and I want to share the wealth!


You get cash back for purchases online, and sometimes you get extra goodies – I got a random gift card to Target (super useful, since I just moved!) It wasn’t expected and I actually e-mailed to company to ask what it was.  “It’s your $10 card for Target for signing up with us,” said customer service.

Um…OKAY! ❤

I just bought a desk and got about $13 back just for that alone.  It sounds like a small amount, but it adds up…and then you get a “check” – mine goes to PayPal directly, so I can easily transfer it to my bank.  I use it a lot on eBay, because I love to shop there.  If you are going to spend cash, how nice is it to make some back?!

Definitely look into it if you haven’t, because you will find that you can save even when you can’t find a code to use for checkout…basically saving you some money even though you didn’t have a discount or coupon.

You can use it over 1,800 stores – Sephora, Amazon, Etsy…pet stores, baby stores, office supplies… 


And you can search by product, if you prefer…

It also has a list of coupons you can use – just click and go to the site, and when you check out, the cash back goes to your account. EASY AS THAT!

Not kidding… It’s a total win, and I am super happy I heard about it and signed up.  

Rare M.A.C. Code

It is incredibly rare that M.A.C. offers any kind of discount.  Like, ever.  Thanks to Nouveau Cheap for this post, and to @lipstick_lace-bubblegum and @lisptickjunkieforever for sharing with her!

@lipstick_lace_bubblegum for Nouveau Cheap

@lipstick_lace_bubblegum for Nouveau Cheap

I was actually NOT aware that M.A.C. had redone their site – while I do subscribe to newsletters, I feel like I rarely get them.  So, I was happy to see this post all together! 🙂

Additionally, per Nouveau Cheap (again, many thanks for sharing all this!):

Thank you to ALL THREE of you!  Nouveau Cheap, @lipstickjunkieforever, AND @lipstick_lace_bubblegum.  So appreciate you all sharing this rare code!

Thank you to ALL THREE of you! Nouveau Cheap, @lipstickjunkieforever, AND @lipstick_lace_bubblegum. So appreciate you all sharing this rare code!


Deadly Is The Female

Some sites are running sales every two minutes…not so with Deadly Is The Female!  They rarely send out discounts, so I’m sharing’ the love!

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 7.27.52 PM

DITF is based in Somerset, in the UK (sadly, I live in the USA!)  Established in 2008, this adorable brand specializes in “vintage Hollywood style with a hint of Femme Fatale.”  Fashions take a nod from the “fun, femininity, and glamour” of the1940s and ’50s, and encourages ladies to indulge in the “ritual” of getting dressed up.  And, ohhh, the dresses!  They’re wonderfully retro pinup! ❤

I’m a huge fan of Stop Staring! clothing, so anything pencil-like, or wiggle-type, I’m in! 

The shop carries apparel, footwear, accessories, cosmetics…and they categorize the dresses by type, and by decade (lovely! 🙂 )and also allow for color filtering (yay for ease of use!)

So DO take a peek while they have 20% going on!  You might end up with more than you anticipated this weekend but a girl deserves to have a little fun!