Staying Healthy When Eating Out

It is definitely possible to eat clean when you eat out – don’t let fancy menus intimidate you, peers pressure you, or options overwhelm!  

I’ve written tons of posts about eating at restaurants and on the road because the reality is…you aren’t always going to be in the safety of your own kitchen!  When you have goals – whether to lose weight, maintain fitness, optimize performance, compete…whatever – you know how important it is to stay clean.  Nutrition IS about 85% of it – let’s not kid ourselves.

Clean, however, doesn’t have to be boring!  Nor, equally important, does it have to leave you starving!  The whole idea is to set yourself up for SUCCESS, right?!

My family visited this weekend, and we had a three meals planned at restaurants – back in the day, that would have terrified me (having eating disorders is nothing short of being held hostage by delusional thoughts – it’s a living nightmare.)  Nowadays, I feel so blessed and thankful, not only that I can eat out and really enjoy it (sans anxiety!), but that my loved ones are supportive of my choices. ❤

One of our meals was in a restaurant that made Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives…so you can imagine, it wasn’t poised as the most healthy.  Still, ordering steamed shrimp, broiled fish (no oil, no butter), and plain, steamed veggies was a CINCH!  It was delicious, filling, and totally in line with my needs.



Dinner was at a fancier place, where richer dishes are commonplace.  But, again, easy-peasy – basic grilled fish, grilled vegetables, and an appetizer with plain crabmeat.  Clean, delicious, satisfying! 🙂




Breakfast was at a hotel…with an OUTRAGEOUS buffet! The majority of foods were ones that I don’t really allow on my meal plan, but there we also many healthy, wonderful options.  I ordered my usual poached eggs, snagged some boiled shrimp, and a bowl of fruit.  

I never like to eat too much in once sitting (I CAN, but I’d rather break it up – both because I know I can overdo it easily, but also my body can better assimilate the nutrients when I leave time in between.)

IMG_4118 IMG_4117

So what preparations should you look for / ask about when you find yourself at a restaurant?

  • Steamed
  • Grilled
  • Boiled
  • Broiled
  • No sauce, oil or butter (or on the side if you must)

Trust me, they have been asked before so DON’T be embarrassed.  Sticking to what works best for you…and, most importantly, leaves you feeling GOOD about you…is always okay!

For more food-related jazz…! 


Embrace the Emptiness

I used to have a n i g h t m a r e of schedule…with work travel, long work days, horrible work hours, training for a competitive sport, competing itself and…heaven forbid!...sleeping…I really didn’t have time to workout.  But for me, that was really rough, because I’m an ultra active person – being fit, healthy and strong matters to me, not only for the physical benefits, but for the mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual.  


And no, dancing is NOT the kind of workout I mean – it’s wonderful, don’t get me wrong, and it was my competitive sport for many years.  Our routines and competition run-throughs were exhausting…but it was not the level of “exercise” that I needed, or that I was used to.

Growing up, I was on the ice for hours and hours a day, six to seven days a week – morning, afternoon and night.  Didn’t stop for seasons, or holidays…or anything else.  I would squeeze it in before school, and I’d do homework and eat at the rink after school.  It was incredibly intense, and it kept me in the best shape of my Life. While I am no longer a little kid, with ultra-metabolism and that kind of regime, I still manage to workout at least five times a week.  I am incredibly thankful for it.  My days in Fashion pretty much zapped any extra time I might have had – two days of lifting and I was lucky.

It was at the age of 13 my skating coach recommended I start weight lifting.  It was also completely under duress that I stepped into a gym at all but…I fell in love with it. ❤




Over the course of 23 years of lifting, I’ve recognized just how “social” some places tend to get, though.  I will be the one person smiling and cheerful, while hitting the iron (heavy, with her iPod blaring!)…but I am not there to “socialize.”  I don’t want to hear gossip or drama, or personal business about someone who isn’t a close friend – I’m there to lift, maybe to inspire, and to be inspired.  It is part of my Lifestyle, and I love being there.

That said, because of that “socializing” stuff…I prefer the gym as empty as possible!  The less people, the better (I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you agreed with that!)  It also ties into my post about gym etiquette, because who wants to ask the air if it’s using the machine with the sweaty towels draped over it?  (You know, THAT guy, the one who likes to put dirty towels on several machines at once in effort to commandeer them?  You’ll be standing there a while looking around…until you sit down, that is.  Then “he” will be like a bee to honey!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.32.48 PM

I love my workouts.  I love to inspire, if I have the fortune to do so.  I love to see the friends I do have at the gym.  But I’m not there to sit down with a coffee and chat…so it makes Life easier when the whole place is at my mercy (or yours, if YOU have the good grace of marching in solo! 🙂 ) 

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.29.58 PM