Adele’s Cat Eye

I’m sharing this for two reasons…

1…the REMARKABLE ability for color cosmetics to transform the way a person looks.  It can literally go from waking you up…to adding a youthful glow…to creating a WHOLE other persona!

2…as a long-time performing athlete, this was a skill I needed to learn EARLY.  I’m blessed to say I will be getting married in October of this year and I am super fortunate that I have experience doing all this myself!!!  (That said tutorials are always fabulous refreshers! 😉 ) 

I know everyone loves videos and tutorials, and this was just a terrific little post from Beauty Chatter on Bloglovin (which, sadly, doesn’t support WordPress!)

Enjoy it! 🙂 

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Amazon’s Jumped On The Korea Bandwagon

I almost fell over when I saw this e-mail… Not so much because Korean brand items are being offered, but because they are being offered in such a full-fledged, committed way…on behalf of Amazon, one of the most massive on-line retailers.  That fact alone made the “message” here particularly noteworthy. photo photo

I’ve been using Korean and Japanese (in particular) skincare and color for almost 20 years – my college thesis was about cosmetic companies expanding into Asia, and how they specifically tailored their products, marketing, and packages to meet the needs…and wants…of consumers across the World (often it was in stark contrast to those of the majority of Americans.  Minus myself and maybe a relatively small Caucasian contingency!)  

It fascinated me then, and fascinates me now – I am THRILLED to see how much US and European companies have embraced the generally ahead-of-their-time Asian skincare and color cosmetic trends, and how they have applied them to their own formulations and packaging. photo photo

Urban Outfitters, as one example, never struck me as the kind of store to offer this kind of thing… Quirky, absolutely.  But UO always felt somewhat bohemian and earthy to me…not really in this playful, pampering vein.  So I am pleasantly surprised to see that they offer a lot of these goodies – the best part being that you can actually play with testers! 😀 (While many of these products can be tracked down on eBay, in Korean markets, or China Town and the like…there aren’t any testers.) photo photo

So even though you don’t have testers I can fool around with, I’m terribly excited, Amazon.  Way to go!  It’s totally okay if you are later to the party…because you have clearly arrived, and are standing behind it now! 🙂