Mizon At Target

I am a huge fan of Asian skincare (a topic I am sure I have exhausted at this point.)  I personally love the approach that the Asian cultures have taken towards their skincare, and love how the brands are always ever innovating to keep up.

One of my favorite brands is Mizon (their snail cream is phenomenal) and I am delighted to say it has just shown up on mass marketer Target’s website.  



Back in the day I had to rely on the DutyFree shops at the airport in Honk Kong to buy up my stash of goodies.  When I left the Fashion industry and stopped heading to China all the time, I had to resort to eBay scouring… Nowadays, you can find more of these brands in our own USA retail shops – thank you for making Life easier!

Combat Boot Named “Larry”

So back in the day when I was in Fashion, I had the great fortune to sketch and dabble with design. ❤ I wasn’t THE sketcher…or THE designer…but I had an opportunity to try – thank you to my boss for that! 🙂

I am not an artist, and never claimed to be.  Nor, really, a “designer”…but I certainly loved it, and was thankful to be able to give it a go. 😀 I have a plethora of sketches, and sometimes bust out the pencils because I can’t help myself!  Totally taught myself, so there is hope for EVERYONE!

One of my first trips to China resulted in one of my first boot designs… A military / combat style boot, lace up, with straps.  RAD.

and I was BESIDE myself when it made the line!  I know it’s not a big deal for everyone but I was so, SO excited!  The boots were named “Larry.”  I still don’t know why, though I’m venturing a guess that our name database was getting smaller by the minute (you can’t even IMAGINE!) (Where is that “GASP!” emoji!?  Anyone know?)


I was always surprised the boots weren’t given a female name, though maybe the namer felt the namee was too, er, masculine?  Given the details, I feel like they *could* have a been a she.

I might have called ’em “Dux” or something.  Yes, I did see Bloodsport as a kid.  I have an older brother!  Or what about “Rogue” or “Sonja”..?  I dunno… Larry felt like a let down (take no offense, boots, I love you all the same!)


We ended up detailing…him, I guess!…in black leather with “oro” golden lining, and gold metal details.  I LOVE this boot.  Love.  And it’s not because I drew the thing…it’s because it’s glam AND badass at the same time.  ❤


I wore them to the Dojang this morning because, SNOW.  And I gave one of my boys a big smooch while in them also – note that he is totally lit up because HE loves them so much too! 😀


Yay for sketching, and triple yay for making the line!  Though others may have passed HIM by here or there, I will always have a special etching on my heart that reads “Larry.”