Taking a Moment With Mindfulness

Many years – moons ago, it seems –  I was introduced to the concept of “mindfulness.”  I’d been practicing mindfulness most of my life without realizing it…and I hadn’t realized, because I’d not always *quite* had the hang of it. Still, I was vastly more spiritual than I had words to explain, and my ever-wandering mind, and proclivity for all thing magical, led me – both knowingly and not – down the path.

After at least a decade and a half of Alexander Technique, Craniosacral and Somatic work, EMDR, Brainspotting, Martial Arts, and countless spiritual endeavors, I fumble a little bit less. . .  But I’m still learning, and have leagues yet to go – lifetime pursuit, as so many things are.

But it isn’t required that we are necessarily graceful with it.  Fluidity comes with consistency, and mindfulness is very much a way of life.  It is therefore a quotidian ritual of sorts that we evolve with, and as a result of –  to expect mastery instantly is almost an injustice, as the (sometimes clumsy!) journey is what facilitates learning at the deepest levels.  It’s not unlike meditation – widely known to be a challenge at first – as it becomes smoother with time.


Life these days feels intensely hectic – I want to say more so than ever but I’ve only know this Earth, and time, for 38 years!  The influx (and imposition – *cough* *cough* social media!) of technology has created a reality in which “connectivity” is at the ultimate high. 24/7, to be exact.  There are many blessings born of such advances, but there are also massive changes afoot – ones which I daresay are reprogramming human beings at the most fundamental level.

We are all born with a magical capacityALL of us.  We all have the ability to tap into the same natural resources that have allowed us to survive as a species from the beginning of time.  But it feels frighteningly apparent that even children – generally more adept at awareness than overly-conditioned adults – are also losing the ability.  

It isn’t just about looking down at a phone while crossing the street – awareness out the window and then some!  It’s also in losing the ability to “read” others – the read the non-verbal cues, to FEEL, to SENSE… Children drown nearly as much in the virtual world these days, to the degree that even THEY don’t see the full picture anymore… 

Scary thought…

The good news?  That extra-sensory ability never truly goes away.  What’s happening is more that we are – byproduct of a civilized, modern society – conditioned OUT of our natural abilities.  Our senses become duller because who needs to be aware of danger when getting dinner involves takeout, or benign shopping aisles?!  

Oh, and that “6th” one?  It gets completely shrouded by all the noise.  Sadly, modern man somehow thinks a 6th sense is actually supernatural.  Ever notice that animals have it?  Right…well. . . *reminder* : we ARE animals.  We have it too.  Just —> noise, noise, noise! 

Enter mindfulness.  

The practice of mindfulness brings back the precise moment in time in which we find ourselves.  For me, it is seeing each letter as I type my words, hearing myself speak them as they form, seeing the pause of my fingertips, hearing the  music that is playing in the background…

Human beings have always projected ahead, and reflected on the past – for instance, planning a hunt to gather food, and drawing the hunt on the walls of a cave after the fact.  But nowadays, that practice is so multi-fold that stress tends to weasel its way in to the process, leaving us frazzled and forgetful of the moment we are actually IN.

When we DO take a deep breath…and take the moment in…our heart rate actually slows down with us.  Our very life force, how about that?

Mindfulness is the place in which perspective is purest, in which our emotions no longer control us (this is a wonderful practice for anger and the anxiety-prone), in which our innate magical abilities awaken.

It can have other great effects too – we might actually enjoy our food, eat less instead of devouring (I’m guilty of that!) It gives stress a swift kick for a time too (something we all need!) Mindfulness can catch us in the act of judging, or just before an argument that we needn’t have… It helps us to become better all around.

Mindfulness is like the free gift of wizardry!  We have the power to create, to subdue, to awaken, to affect, to manifest, and to see.  Our feelings are deeper, our heart unfolds, and suddenly. . ?  It’s like we are truly alive.

At a time of the year when life is particularly stressful – and focused on the superficial in many ways – take a moment (or, better…SEVERAL) and relax into your breath. 




The magic will do the rest.

Blessed be,


The Wisdom of Bruce Lee – Opportunity

I feel really blessed to have an older brother because I knew who Bruce Lee (all these images are from Shannon’s FB page) was really early on! 😀

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.23.58 PM

I love that his daughter Shannon is so vocal about him and his Life, as well as that of her late brother Brandon – both were taken FAR too early.  That said, Bruce is one of those men who left a vast legacy of “wisdom” behind – often those morsels of sagacity are attributed attributed to “age,” but Bruce seemed to have that astuteness in spades, despite his young years.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.23.32 PM

It goes without saying that Life is chaotic – it just IS.  It’s a complex web of fibers frayed and fine alike, and you just never know.  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’m one of those happy-to-have-a-glass-at-all types.  I don’t see whether it is half full (and yes, I air on the side of “it’s got liquid, isn’t that GREAT?!” as opposed to “it needs more”…) but rather, I see that I have SOMEthing.  

I see the blessing and the good no matter what.  And if I can’t see it…I have faith it’s there.

I believe that chaos is ever-present. In that I find immense joy of knowing there is also much learning to be had.  I know that I will grow with each day, and there is something terribly exciting in that promise – there is so much to know, so knowing MORE is pretty awesome, the way I see it.  It might mean that the next day is easier, or maybe that I can help someone else… It may mean you do better on that test at school, or that you gain more benefits from your lifting because now you know the proper technique.  Learning is AMAZING.  

Chaos also gives us a chance to “prove it.”  Sometimes we are hard on ourselves unjustly (possibly far more than “sometimes,” don’t you think?!)  Chaos allows us the opportunity to overcome and show US just how capable we really are.  It’s not so bad to be throw to the wolves at work and wow the pants off everyone either… 😀 Or to go into a World Championship competition with a new partner and five new routines only to leave with the title!

Chaos can be overwhelming and a little bit scary at times…but if you can focus, and see it as an opportunity, you are WAY ahead of the game.  Bruce certainly was, and he definitely honed in like a laser.  You will have the edge because you will already see the good, and the possibilities…while others are blindly swirling about in the tornado.  Hop on and head to Oz, I say.  Why?  Because you have the vision, and you CAN.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.24.22 PM