Sun “Safety Kit”

Along with my last post…I just spotted this adorable little collection!  What a perfect way to give a few sun products a whirl if you aren’t sure!  

(PS, I don’t work for Sephora, nor have I ever. They also most definitely have not asked me to work with them – wouldn’t that be nice!? – so rest assured, I am only sharing because I want to! 🙂 ) photo photo

Here’s what you will get…! photo photo

That’s not a steep price for so many goodies (from, by the way, some really lovely brands!) – sample sizes, granted, but knowing that skin can have its own mood swings, it IS nice to have the option of trying them out prior to shelling out money for the full size!

Smashbox Photo Filter

Smashbox has come out with a whole bunch of new products recently.  I don’t own the Photo Filter Powder Foundation but, in light of my recent Deciem post, this totally goes along with the whole companies-capitalizing-on-the-rise-o’-social-media thing!  

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.08.18 PM photo


Its promises are somewhat lofty, in the sense that it claims to act as a real-life phone photo filter, and it lasts all day – oh, the promise of being Instagramed for all to see in person!  (Is that comforting personally, but frightening when thinking of the masses?) Still, I have to say that the 24 Hour CC Spot Concealer is UH-MAZING.  I am incredibly active – gym, martial arts, for two – this stuff STAYS ON.  It’s phenomenal.

SO, going by the 24 Hour CC Spot Concealer, it’s possible Smashbox has another hit with this.  I love that the Photo Filter Powder is not the “usual chalky” but that it manages to blur imperfections in a translucent veil, with true color pigment coming through at the same time.  There appears to be a great deal of science and technology involved in today’s beauty scene – products are expected to be multi-taskers, at the least, and skincare, often, as well.  Long-wear is always an added benefit – this says 8 hours, which feels so short in comparison to so many products on the market today…BUT, it is still a full work day.

What I loved about the Smashbox product pages is that they not only show the color squares, but also ladies of a variety of different complexions, to help a shopper understand what will work best for her.  There are 10 shades in all, and they range from fair to deep, as I personally think all brands should! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.15.08 PM photo


.34 ounces is $42, so it isn’t a cheap buy…but since Smashbox is carried Sephora and their own stores, there is the possibility of playing around with it first. 🙂