Happy Birthday To My Baby Girl

Today is my baby girl’s 12th birthday, and I feel more blessed than I can express – there’s nothing more special than gaining the love and trust of a wild animal. To be accepted in and of itself is a gift, and one I will never take for granted…

Ana ba hebek, Kemisi, ❤










A Good Laugh!

I’m going away for a few days to see my best friend (who really is more like my sister!), and my beautiful F1 Chausie, Kemisi who lives on her farm,  Avalo Cat Sanctuary.  ❤

It’s been a tough week, and I have a TON on my plate…so it’s a much-needed getaway.  And the thing about Avalo is that it is, without question, the ONE place I have EVER gone that gives me a total, all-encompassing sense of peace.  

When I’m there, my spirit, my heart, my soul…can just BE.  It was that way from the first time I stepped foot on that soil, and it’s never changed.  

Part of it is being with people I call family.  Part is being surrounded by Nature, in the company of over 100 animals. And part of it is because of the way we laugh.

Utter nonsense and tomfoolery will have our sides in stitches!  I get a solid abdominal workout on a regular basis down there from the sheer laughter alone! Whether the result of cat puffing and hopping sideways (you know how threatening the movement of a household, inanimate object can be!)…or I “levitated off my horse” to avoid wearing a spider (AND it’s web) as a chest plate…there is always something to be snickering about.

Kemisi, not to ally sure what's taking place, and flattening her ears - not MEANT to be cute of funny, but she's too precious not to smile at!

Kemisi, not to ally sure what’s taking place, and flattening her ears – not MEANT to be cute of funny, but she’s too precious not to smile at!

And that’s the point.  There is NOTHING better than a good, hearty laugh.  I maintain that we all take time to giggle, or guffaw, as much as possible!

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.36.44 PM

I was speaking to my Cranial Sacral teacher today – also a best friend, and my mentor in many ways.  We’ve worked together doing Alexander Technique, Cranial Sacral, and Somatic work for probably over a decade now – he’s phenomenally gifted, remarkably attuned, and incredibly down to earth.  

In our discussion today I said…“I sometimes forget just how much of a whirlwind my Life has been over the last 20 years!  I’ve been in a constant ‘crisis mode’ of varying degrees and I’m not sure I have had a chance to catch my breath…or make sense of it…until NOW!”  

We spoke at length about the challenges and growth of the last many years, some of which were incredibly painful and impactful…and along the way, we laughed.  Not just kind of, sort of…but really LAUGHED.

Certainly not AT the experiences I’ve had – because those don’t deserve to be diminished, nor (ever) brushed under the allegorical carpet.

But we laughed just because.

We laughed in honor of recovery, accomplishments, new horizons…

We laughed when doing exercises – some of which I recalled tough memories and purposefully sqwunched up my face, and bared my “claws” in response to them.  Directed at the poor skeleton on the Human Body poster on the wall, no less.  “He can take it!” Vincent said as I giggled and sqwunched again.

And as we laughed, my heart lightened even more.

It’s been a long and arduous journey in many ways – with the kind of injuries that aren’t visible, especially when you are always the smiling, happy, or “tough” one.

But laughter has never, ever failed me…and it never will.  

I (much to their chagrin) sometimes video my father and my hunnie with my phone.  I KNOW they don’t like it…but as I always say, “when I’m sad, or having a really rough day…I pull them up, and watch…and LAUGH…and everything is better.”

And I mean it.

Everything is ALWAYS better when you laugh.

Even just a little.

One giggle won’t part the seas…but it WILL part the clouds.  And once that happens?  The sun sees the opening. ❤

Laugh on.

XX ❤ X