Cat Humor – My Daughter, The Vampire

My baby girl looked a vampire with those beautiful fangs (ones which, I daresay, she bared to all but her thankful mum.) ❤

I had the  painful task of helping her transition – with her permission, which I had – just under four months ago.  I still cry when I think of her, and I feel a void where once her little voice sounded, but I will ever be thankful that she and I were united nearly 13 years ago – she was the closest life I had for a while.

She was, without question, my little girl, through and through…and how blessed I was she chose for me to fulfill that role for her, because wild animals DO choose. ❤

When we open our hearts to the Universe, it gives us the gift of being able to be present with others – human or otherwise – to offer our love, and to be there when friendship, compassion, trust, and mercy are needed most.  

While in some ways I felt I didn’t have the right, it was a responsibility I would fulfill to the very best of my ability…for her. For my angel. 



Clean Eating 30,000 Feet Up

There are far too many reasons why I am thankful for my fiancé – I could enumerate at great length.  

Of the countless reasons, one is the effort that he always makes to be sure I have what I need nutritionally.  I eat very “clean” (there’s always room for improvement, but I’m not average with my dietary choices at all.)  I try to stay as clean as possible no matter where I am – whether in a car for hours driving back to my hometown, out to dinner, or on a plane, I do my best to tote along healthy snacks for when my hunger strikes.  And it WILL.  Sometimes faster than I realize.

A lot of airports and rest stops have healthier options these days, but I am also a volume eater – I’ve not been to a single restaurant who’s portion of vegetables is what I would have a home.  Generally, it is a fraction!  So, if I can stock up and be prepared, I definitely try.

We recently went on a family trip and the flights were about three an a half hours.  Given how much time you have to spend getting to airports, through security, and all that, though, you add a lot more time to the in-flight number.  

While on our trip, he made sure we had time to go the store to pick up some chicken breasts, despite all the other activities planned.  At the hotel the night before we left, he took the time to cut it all up and cook it for me – no oil, no butter, no sauce…just salt and pepper the way I like it.  He made sure I had a tupperware and veggies too, so I could have a full meal instead of just a snack.


That kind of care and effort is something that I appreciate daily – I’ll never take it for granted, and I will ALWAYS notice.  The fact that someone cares so much about my health, happiness…AND hunger, is truly a gift.  When someone takes that time, always make a point of saying thank you.  Let them know how much you value that effort, because it isn’t as common as I know we all wish it was.  

Eating clean can be stressful – there are days when I wish I didn’t have to think about it!  But at the end of the day, the fuel I put in determines my performance, and how I feel – it MATTERS.  I’m thankful that my loved ones care as much about it as I do – it keeps me on track, AND from getting into hungry-mode.  (He also got breakfast and asked for fruit, so I had two cups of it to enjoy! ❤ )




For more Clean Eating

Maybelline CC on Sasa

I LOVE Sasa.  Big surprise there, I know!  I not only love seeing all the overseas brands, but additionally, the items our home-base brands don’t offer here.

One such item is Maybelline’s CC cream.  This Care and Correct product contains Water Lily extract that “soothes and comforts skin,” while “brightening transforming beads that are released upon application to instantly reveal skin’s natural radiance.”

The two shades are:


Both have SPF 37, which I personally think is AWESOME!  I found a few swatches here, though I’m afraid I can’t read the review!  

Because this brand is so affordable, I sometimes find myself purchasing things I definitely don’t need!  Bad habit, I admit it, but…I don’t think I’m alone! 😉  Maybe it’s the excitement of a new product that our shores won’t actually see…even if it isn’t something I NEED, it just seems so exotic.

Air On The Side Of Kindness

I really like this quotation.  Fortunately, I like SO many positive pages on Facebook that the majority of what I see in my newsfeed is uplifting and encouraging.) ❤


Always be Kind

I have always believed in being kind as much as is humanly possible.  We all have rough days, and I’m sure we have those “WHY is this car in front of me SO SLOW!? ArggGgG!”  

It happens.  

If, however, we try each day to reflect on ourselves and our blessings…and we take a moment before we speak or reactwe can make the world a more beautiful place in…literally…a ❤ beat.  

Someone may snap at YOU.  As an ESP (Extra Sensitive Person, or Empath) I take even those things to heart!  BUT…I try NOT to.  Why?  Because who KNOWS what set them off!?  We couldn’t possibly know what he or she is facing, what kind of day he or she had.  It very likely has nothing to do with you.  Read that again.  It very likely has nothing to do with you!  Don’t let their “stuff” bring you down too.

So let’s TRY…all of us…to just air on the side of being kind.

  • It brightens the world, a person at a time (or, simultaneously. Even better!) A good deed may in fact inspire others.
  • It keeps you on a positive wavelength…
  • It sets a great example for your children, friends and family…
  • It avoids making that person’s day even worse. If it were US, I’m sure we’d be grateful for the same.

What goes around comes around, as they say…and I personally like the idea of kindness circulating in abundance! 😀