The Best Day Ever

Halloween has always been my favorite day… As I was blessed to marry my best friend on the 29th of October last year, I now have a string of Best-Day-Evers. ❤ 

The happiest days of my Life…and then some. 

Our custom Halloween wedding cake. ❤

Nutrition Humor – Protective

Yes.  Yes, definitely how I get.  Not with cake, so much…but any food I DO want. 


My father will tell you it’s pointless to try to abscond with what I’m eating (or WANT to eat) because it will turn ugly.  

And my husband would probably say that if you eat my chocolate muffins, the same look flashes across my face as the rather disgruntled baby above.  Always best to be sure I’m not in range of any sharp objects –  I never was great at sharing.  It’ll just go south.

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

I actually don’t eat cake…BUT…my habitually clean eating was more than delighted to take a minor respite for dessert on October 29th. I wouldn’t have missed my wedding cake for the world.

I can’t seem to get off cloud 9 (not that I’m aiming to – I think I’ll take up residence, actually), and no amount of sugar could have bounced me from it.

The day was every bit as vampy and Halloween as I always dreamed… ❤  And while part of me wants to keep my custom cake a secret…I have to share, knowing others (Tim Burton fans?  Gothic at heart?!) can appreciate its offbeat beauty, and unconventionality.

My custom, Halloween wedding cake! <3

My custom, Halloween wedding cake! ❤

We don’t do normal…though frankly I don’t think a soul present expected anything but unabashed badassery (while I’m not quite on par, my husband is definitely UBER cool, and “badass” in my book is worthy of aspiration! 😉 ) 

The inside was red and purple velvet…and perfectly “to die for.”  Even for my non-sugar-coated heart.


Cake From Besame!

If you love vintage-inspired cosmetics, Besame is for you!  

The packaging is not gorgeous enough to go on your vanity…it’s groegous enough that it SHOULD be! As for the formulations, Besame draws inspiration from a glamorous past when taking time to get “dolled up” was more like a ritual, whether for the day, or for going out.

Cake Mascara is precious little box of inky black, that helps us channel our inner Marylin.  Cakes were one of the first lash products which offered ladies the promise of a flirtier gaze – it “beautifies lashes and brows, making them appear longer, darker, more luxuriant.”  

The product can be layered without fear of clumping, so it says, and claims to be more sanitary, as the brushes are washed after each application, and not stored within a tube.