Easter Bun-San

If I was recruited to fill in for the Easter Bunny, I’d basically be dressed just like this…

I’d be hippity-hoppity, and happily chopity, looking for some delicious eggs to eat!

Bunnicula Pendant

PopEtiquette doesn’t appear to be selling this pendant anymore but it cropped up in Pinterest and – once again in anticipation of #thebestdayever / #halloween – I had to share…  

I’ve lived with the “Bunny” nickname for as long as I can remember – but only my mother gets to use it!  My father has some derivation thereof, but also makes full use of “Witchlet,” which says rather a lot.  

My affinity for all things Hallows, vampy, and otherworldly have earned me some fun designations in my family,and among friends.  During one Thanksgiving I recall my family and another, dear friends of ours, all playing Taboo – it was a HUGE group, jovial and in the throes of heated competition!  My brother drew a card and for a moment paused and seemed flustered…

He then blurted loudly “MY SISTER IS THIS!  To my surprise – which perhaps was entirely out of place – “VAMPIRE” was yelled in rapid reply.  My brother’s ebullient reaction let me know the nail was hit right on the head (not into the coffin, though you may think!)

We had a solid laugh about that and – in a strange, vampy way – I felt distinguished.  I appreciate that everyone indulges me in my quirkiness – I was, 1,000%, born that way.  

Bunny, HOP!

So, my mother calls me Bunny.  Has for as long as I can remember (and I suppose that’s fitting, given the Italian origins of my name!)  I have about three pairs of bunny ears, some pompom tails here and there, and…naturally...I love carrots. 😀

Well as irony would have it, I was snooping on Rebel Circus (all the photos are theirs) this morning, and up popped these Taylor Says platforms.  I remember when Taylor Says was in its infancy, and I loved her stuff back then too – her footwear is just FUN.  Sassy, silly and definitely noteworthy...especially her soles. ❤

Taylor Says Bunny Hop Rebelcircus.com

Taylor Says Bunny Hop Rebelcircus.com

This particular style is for those of you who have a cheeky sense of humor and maybe a little hop to your step.  Incidentally, I feel like these would be super popular in Japan, where the girls are pros at pulling off “cutsie” and “adorable.”  Or, maybe an Easter purchase, if you celebrate?

Rebel Circus says “playful.”  


Taylor Says Bunny Hop Rebelcircus.com

Taylor Says Bunny Hop Rebelcircus.com

Complete with the bunny face, stitched “ears,” and fluffy tail, these are sure to elicit merry conversation all around.  I think, however, that my favorite part of this uber high style (the heel shape is perfect for these, by the way) is the sole – criss crossing carrots on a white background?  I mean it really doesn’t get more darling than that.  And when you are wearing bunnies on your feet, “darling” is TOTALLY acceptable!

Taylor Says Bunny Hop Rebelcircus.com

Taylor Says Bunny Hop Rebelcircus.com