2016 / 2017 – Maybelline V, All About The Shading

I guess they’re still on the contour kick, along with a whole lot of shading (and fading)…  

Still a fan of the trend?  Apparently it’s going strong backstage – and in Asia (not surprisingly, since they tend to be ahead of the times.) 


New jazz from Maybelline that wasn’t supposed to be out quite yet…but that IS.  Ballroom dancers rejoice – less need to wear the falsies (which I couldn’t STAND!)

The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara promises to sweep your flutter to the side, giving a lifted, winged effect – how pinup and fabulous!



Maybelline’s Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer is hopping on the heels of the brow building trend, not only adding color, but filling out sparse areas with its fiber-infused gel formula.



Golden Wings

I loved this image from @nyxcosmetics – talk about a perfect way to do a holiday look, @_makeupbyjenna!  What I love most about it is that she didn’t just add a wing of liner, she paired the gold with coppers and brows to do a contoured degrade effect (I’d like to write that properly but have no idea how to get the accent aigu – anyone know?!)  This is the perfect way to make a statement…or to bring out your inner pinup!

She highlighted under the brow bone and filled her brows to maintain a polished overall effect – really gorgeous.

Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 RTW – Givenchy

Holy SMOKES is there a lot of hoopla about the Givenchy Show this year!  Riccardo Tisci will be opening a store in New York later on in 2015 (making it his tenth house), which attributed to some of the excitement…but the show also coincided with the horror of 9/11.

I don’t get into politics and don’t intend to start here…  What I will say is that I am confused by his “contemplative slowing down” of the show – many respects were paid, and should be – silence was offered in remembrance around the globe.  (I have many friends who are officers and military, some of whom were on the scene immediately.)  

But if there was any hint of using such an event to make a point (which I have seen in the industry first hand, sadly – the less stellar side), or add something in the world of Fashion, I would be highly put off.  Given how many other designers there were, I have that twinge of “what is that about?” with this Tisci.

I took a whole slew of screen shots to share but I’ll be honest, I’m having a tricky time with this one…  Some feel the waiting and spectacle was legitimately in honor, but I don’t know.  I’m Miss. Positive so typically I focus on the shows I really enjoy…and I did really like some of the pieces – laces, satins, sheers…unconventional pinstripes and wild interpretations of menswear on the feet…  It was really beautiful and detailed.

But I’m not sure the goings on were totally about 9/11 – a day which I will never forget, and in New York at the time. 

Vogue has offered more photos than for any of the other shows as yet, including details, beauty (extremely paired down, bleached brows, clean skin), atmosphere, and live stream (in addition to the review and Collection.)

Here is a gallery, but forgive that I have less comments – I really did want to write but my gut didn’t feel like following through with a glowing review.

Fall 2015 – Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s Fall 2015 Collection features four Eye and Cheek Shadows (love that this is being marketed this way, which also indicates (clearly!) that the formula is designed for wear on both! Many can be used for cheeks and eyes, but knowing that it was made with both the facial skin as well as delicate eyelids in mind, is nice to know!)

I love the look of the ombre, on the superficial, first-glance level…and, more functionally, the fact that this is a few tonal shades in one!

There are also two Brow Sculpting Kits with a trio of luscious shades, allowing for highlighting and contouring as needed.

To round out the Collection, are ten Ultra Shine Glosses (with names like Love Bruise and Lost Cherry and Sugar Pink.  Interesting.)

  By the sound of it, these are not available on line, so you will have to track ’em down online.  That said, the glosses alone run a high $46 – too much of a splurge for me but if you can and want to do it…GO FOR IT!  They look lovely!


Just Browsing

How gorgeous is this Instagram photo from Clinique for the new Just Browsing Brush-On Styling Mousse tints?

The formula claims to have 24-hour wear – that would be amazing – that “tints, tames, and fills-in even the sparsest arches.”

Touching up brows CAN make a marked difference in how polished a look is.  When I competed in Ballroom, that’s when I really noticed it – it adds a subtle definition that helps to frame your eyes, making them do more of the “talking.” 🙂

The product comes in four water-resistant shades:

  • 01 Blonde
  • 02 Light Brown
  • 03 Deep Brown
  • 04 Black / Brown

Snag it now for $16.50 at Sephora or Clinique!

Draw Like An Artiste

I loved Rouge Bunny Rouge’s recent newsletter…  I learned about tools and tricks of the makeup trade through my sports – which were primarily “performance” sports, such as dancing and figure skating.  

But…I didn’t go into those sports as a wee thing knowing exactly what brushes did what. Grooming is a HUGE part of the presentation so learning about the different shapes and uses helped enormously.

I loved that RBR neatly listed out the variety of brushes they offer, and that they make it easy to peruse on their site.  Some ladies are new to all of this and user-friendly MATTERS.  

Brushes can make a vast difference as far as the looks and lines you are aiming to achieve – professional makeup artists will tell you to the hilt that quality tools can make or break you.  

Now not everyone can afford – or wants to bother with – ultra high quality (which often means much pricier.) There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!  BUT...know what the different tips mean.  Indulge in learning a bit about the way these “tools” are used, because it will get you to your goal much easier and quicker.  Less hassle is always a good thing in a world that has become so very fast-paced!

Yay for Rouge Bunny Rouge – love how easy they made it.

Shiseido Full Lash

There is definitely no shortage of lash conditioners on the market but I hadn’t seen Shiseido Full Lash until now…  

Full Lash is a serum packaged in a tube with a flocked applicator – other brands, instead, use a liner-like brush.  I personally think the formulation matters a great deal as far as which applicator is best, so for a serum this probably makes sense.

For lifters out there, Arginine isn’t new…but it has been also cropping up in topical products for its ability to help “restore the condition of hair like lashes and brows” (L’oreal came out with shampoos conditioners fearing the ingredient not too long ago.)

The formula is meant to hydrate and condition for fuller “looking,” healthier, and shinier lashes and brows.  I always note the “appear fuller” and “fuller looking” phrases because it may not actually help with substantial growth.  

That said, it will help to help them stay healthier longer (we do lose hair here regularly, and more so with age) which keeps them in place for more of a duration.

I haven’t tried it myself but I have been babying my lashes since I was young – thank you SO MUCH, mom, for that amazing advice!