Goth Humor – Black IS My Happy Color

I feel like I have to reiterate this point a little too often…

It can’t possibly be THAT hard to comprehend..!

Vintage Witchcraft

Might I just say, these are divine. On every level. ❤

Halloween Humor – Feeding The Bir…Bats

Because that’s how vamps roll…

Halloween Humor – Flying My Flag

If people had flags like states, Rhode Montijo created mine…

Halloween Humor – Putting A Halt On Spending

Sometimes it’s better not to go to the stores when Halloween decorations are out.

But then…bahhahahHahHAaa!,…like, who would DO THAT?!

Halloween Humor – Barking On A Broom

Given the frequent canine-generated noise violations emanating from my neighbors’ apartment. . .this isn’t exactly “funny.”


The garage door opens – “BARK! BARK! BARK!”

The elevator door opens – “BARK! BaRk! BARK!”

A resident opens a door on the floor below – bArK! BARK! BaRk!

A rouge breeze touches the outside of the-apartment-that-shall-not-be-numbered…



So if I was out on MY broom…and one of the ladies had this going on?  They’re *might* be a flying-off-the-handle incident…and I wouldn’t have recalled what happened. 

(Just kidding.  Harm to none!)


More fun for Halloween...

Happy As A Witch…

Not 100% of the time. . .but happy suits me best so I definitely try.  (The converse would be bad for EVERyone!)

My wedding is two days before Halloween, so this definitely does apply currently… 🙂

WItch broom factory