Korean Skincare At Target – January 2017

I always get excited when I hear US retailers are expanding their overseas brands – especially stores like Target, which tend to be EVERYwhere (and therefore more easily accessible.)  

I’ve been droning on about the benefits of Asian skincare for – literally – decades.  I wrote a thesis surrounding the topic back in 1999, to “date” myself.  It wasn’t until the last two years or so that I’ve really seen it take off…but I can assure you, I’m THRILLED, as it makes tracking such products down a LOT easier.


You can certainly find your share at Ulta (for another major retailer) and I’ve seen Asian concepts rolling out from US and European brands at mass market retailers, such as CVS and Walgreens – so the types of products (think sheet masks, cushions, essence waters etc) have become more available to the masses in general.  But to have actual Asian brands carried in the US is an awesome affair.

Musingsofamuse posted here to mention a few of the items hitting shelves later this month.  Mizon is an incredibly well-featured brand (for good reason too – the products live up to the hype!) so I’m pretty psyched to see it among the ranks.  She’s provided the following list (which you can see by clicking her link in the text above as well) along with mention of Peach & Lily founder Alicia Yoon, responsible for this roll-out:

  • Aprilskin Deep Cleaning Facial Cleanser $7
  • Ariul Sheet Mask Skin Texture Improvement Facial Mask Treatment $20
  • Caolion Cream Deep Cleaning Facial Mask Treatment $26
  • Caolion Cream Pore Minimizing Facial Mask Treatment $20
  • Caolion Cream Skin Texture Improvement Facial Mask Treatment $23
  • Caolion Stick Moisturizing Facial Moisturizer $16
  • Lagom Gel Basic Cleansing Facial Cleanser $17
  • Lagom Spray Skin Texture Improvement Facial Tone $21
  • Mizon Snail Repair Eye $22
  • Mizon Snail Repair Cream $38
  • Mizon Face Masks $3.50 Each
  • Twenty Four Seven Cosmetic Highlighter White $22
  • Twenty Four Seven Lipstick Medium $29

I look forward to seeing these in-store in the next few weeks.  Definitely refreshing…and incredibly good for your beau.  And that’s the thing, really…the sooner in life you start, the better off you are.  In skincare – as with many things – preventative and proactive care is the BEST kind.

How Do You Say That Again?

Having been in the Industry for a long time, I often was asked how to say certain names – my key role was to disseminate all of the Fashion Trends (Runway, windows, celebs, you name it!)…so I HAD to know.

I recently came across this post (despite that it was written in 2013), and I had to share.

 When speaking about designers that little faux pas of pronouncing incorrectly is one that actually garners a whole lot of smirks and disapproval – not totally fair since some of these names are admittedly tricky!

 Still, it might help stave off some embarrassment when at that next fashion-forward cocktail party…!

21 Days of Beauty at Ulta

Just in case you aren’t aware, Ulta is running another 21 Days of Beauty (which are always awesome!) this month (Septemeber 6 – 26, 2015.)

Each day features a new deal (“daily steal”), some of which are incredibly impressive...as %50 off Anastasia Brow Gel, 50% off It Cosmetics Eyelift in a tube, or 50% off Dermadoctor Kakadu serum…!  So these ARE actual steals…not just 10%’ers!

It’s super easy to click on the thumbnails and find out what’s happening…and definitely do, if any of the products interest you – these things can sell super quickly (as I’m sure you might imagine!) 




All Smiles At Ruby And Jenna

I visited a local Ruby and Jenna this weekend and have to say…the store is adorable.  With the exorbitant rents around here, and having Wishlist, Calypso and LF as neighbors, I am a tiny bit surprised…but delighted…that it’s stuck around.

The company is run by a traveling mother and daughter pair, Barbara and Jenna Lubel, and has expanded to nine locations, including high-end spots like Southhampton, the Upper East Side, and Greenwich.

The idea behind Ruby And Jenna is that product is snatched ahead of the curve, up and brought to consumers before the trends hit mainstream.  After scoping the scene, it seems that company buys seasonal styles from a slew of hip wholesale brands, such as:

The jewelry is always very interesting – Incredibly chic, a bit bohemian, some very modern as well…  

I also spotted these candy-coated-style smiles and HAD to take a photo because I thought “well, THAT’S a lovely idea!  Wearing happy beads!”  I don’t know about YOU but…if I had those around my wrist, I’d smile every time I glanced down!  Easy bad-day fix?  I think so! 😀

Ruby and Jenna store

Ruby and Jenna store

I’d say the store leans later teens to mid forties, primarily – not to say other ages couldn’t enjoy the selections too…but it has that flavor.  While the store itself isn’t enormous, it is a fun stop-in to snoop around for Spring and Summer – I loved the oversized, embellished mirrors outside of the dressing rooms too.  Something a little different. 🙂 


Sephora has really expanded over the years, and what I love about that is buying isn’t just relegated to on-line – you can actually find some of the harder-to-track-down products and brands in store now (making impulse purchases a bit more likely, but otherwise, amazing! 😉 ) 

One of those additions is Bésame Cosmetics – I always loved the brand because it is SO vintage pinup.  Dita Von Teese is one of my absolutely favorite ladies – despite that I am uber sporty, pretty low maintenance, wear barely-there cosmetics, and am rarely glam’ed up…I adore her.  I adore everything she stands for…and Bésame always brings that vibe to mind.

sephora.com photo

sephora.com photo

They added new contour and finishing brushes recently – these reminded me a lot of the MAC Oval and Linear brushes, which are rather a twist on the traditional shapes ladies are accustomed to.  The new Bésame brushes are a throw back to those used by makeup artists in the 1930’s – the handles are “easy to grasp” and made of soft, manmade fibers.  The website offers tips on how to use them, fortunately, to fill in the learning curve a bit.  

I always loved Sephora, but it is amazing to see how far the Company has come, even in the last decade – once upon a time, finding niche or specialty brands, brushes, or products was a NIGHTMARE.  Now they are not only at our fingertips, but we can visit a local store and get our paws on them to try them out! 😀

sephora.com photo

sephora.com photo