Instant Confidence Stick

So there were a couple of posts about this out there – I hadn’t really internalized that this could be potentially offensive to some, but it seems that it was.  For some, naming the product “Instant Confidence Stick” was not only not expected from Bobbi Brown (generally known to embrace our natural beauty – aging and otherwise), but also because it suggested that we need a product to give us confidence (focusing primarily on our superficial appearance, as it were.)

I didn’t take anything negative, nor controversial, from it so much – they way it reads to me is that if I am having a day that I feel I look as though I need a pick me up (my personal opinion about myself) then this might offer some help.  It doesn’t suggest to me that I am lacking in some way, no beautiful enough, or that without a product(s), I’m somehow sub-par.  

I understand – and agree – with the notion that we should love ourselves the way we are.  We should – we are fabulous, damnit!  But that doesn’t mean that if we want to pull ourselves together and present a cleaned-up version of ourselves – all the time, or occasionally – that there is anything wrong with that!

Per Bobbi’s UK site (where it is available):

Bobbi’s magic eraser—instantly blurs the look of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, more lineless look. The colourless, breathable and ultra-lightweight formula glides on easily and feels weightless, making it comfortable for all-day wear. Use it to prep skin for seamless makeup application, or to touch up and control shine throughout the day.

Infused with a powerful peptide, the formula helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as soon as you apply. A unique triple suspension complex creates an effective yet breathable blurring layer that helps to smooth and perfect skin’s texture. Plus, it works over time to absorb excess oil and control shine.

So it smooths out those pesky lines I sometimes focus too much on (yes, I’m sure they ONLY bother ME.)  AND it helps over time to tame shine…which also sometimes aggravates me.  I rather appreciate that there’s a lil’ easy-to-use stick out there that might assist me in achieving those things since – let’s be honest – I DON’T always wake up flawless.

In my opinion it is totally okay to recruit a little help because it will make me feel a bit better on the days something to perk me up.  And trust me, my confidence hasn’t taken a dive, nor my spirt been wounded, by the name…or the offering.  

Spring 2016 – Bobbie Glow

You may have seen some coverage of this already – as with her Collections in general, Bobbi Brown‘s “Glow” is a very natural and radiant selection of products.  I find that Bobbie never ventures too far out of that scope, which I have always really loved about her – the Collections are extremely easy to wear and translate incredibly well for daytime, as much as elements can be used to further enhance for evening.  “Enhance” is a word I like to use for the brand because I have always felt like her color schemes do just that – never over the top, just us with a little boost!

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

The Glow Collection for Spring 2016 is in department stores this month, and can be found on her site already.  

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

Products include:

Long-Wear Gel Sparkle 

Sheer, multi-dimensional sparkle plus all day wear make this creamy formula the ultimate eye-opening shadow. Lighter shades are perfect for highlighting under the brow bone and at the inner corner of the eye—wherever you want a touch of luminosity.

  • Brown Metal – light grey brown with a beautiful blend of sparkle and pearl
  • Goldstone – gold shade with a beautiful blend of sparkle and pearl
  • Opal – white highlighter shade with beautiful sparkle and pearls
  • Pink Oyster – pink shade with a beautiful blend of sparkle and pearl
  • Silver Heather – light lilac shade with beautiful sparkle and pearls
bobbibrowncosmetics photo

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

Highlighting Powder 

You asked, we listened—our cult-favorite Highlighting Powder is back. This high-impact, light-reflective powder gives skin shimmering pink highlights and is ideal for strobing. Plus, it’s housed in a sleek, mirrored compact, so you can take your glow to go.

  • Pink Glow – bronze and silver
  • Bronze Glow – golden bronze
bobbibrowncosmetics photo

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

Extra Lip Tint 

Lightweight, sheer and ultra-moisturizing, our Extra Lip Tint has all the benefits of your go-to balm, plus a just-bitten pink stain that brings out the best in lips. Our favorite part? The subtle stain blends in with your natural lip color, so it’s instantly your perfect shade (and everyone else’s, too).

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

bobbibrowncosmetics photo

Fall 2015 – Bobbi Brown Luxe

Temptalia always posts fabulous swatches…and these, for Bobbi Brown’s Luxe Lip Color (Fall 2015), are no exception – seriously gorgeous.  She swatches on the skin, on the lips, and shows the lippie itself…and it’s done really beautifully.

I LOVE the colors not only because the shades are divine…but they are incredibly wearable! I mean there isn’t ONE color in there that’s really difficult – they would work on a variety of tones, and they aren’t delving into the off-beat realm…which is fun, but (let’s be honest) is NOT feasible for most of us.

The lippies are available now at Nordstrom, and the colors are as follows:

  • Brocade
  • Neutral Rose
  • Pale Coral
  • Parisian Red
  • Pink Buff
  • Pink Cloud
  • Pink Guava
  • Pink Nude
  • Plum Brandy
  • Posh Pink
  • Raspberry Pink
  • Red Berry
  • Red Velvet
  • Retro Coral
  • Retro Red
  • Soft Berry
  • Spring Pink
  • Sunset Orange
  • Your Majesty

Holiday 2015 – Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights

Thanks to ReallyRee for posting some photos and swatches of this Holiday Collection from Bobbie Brown.  I’ve always loved Bobbi’s colors and understated glam – somehow she managed luxurious without being heavy-handed.

This Collection, ode to the celestial night sky, pairs jewel tones with shimmering touches for looks that lean to evening hours.

Sterling Nights’ rather sizable offering includes:

  • 3 Limited edition, liquid Face Highlighters
    • Pink
    • Seashell
    • Sunlight Bronze
  • 2 Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner
    • Black
    • Black Ivy
  • 4 Sequin Eyeshadows
    • Constellation
    • Moon Rock
    • Comet
    • Starbeam
  • 1 Sterling Nights Eyeshadow Palette 
    • 9 Shades, including shimmer, metallic and matte:
      • Ivory
      • Moon Glow Shimmer
      • Thistle Metallic
      • Dove Grey
      • Pink Moonlight Metallic
      • Smoke Shimmer
      • Midnight Sparkle
      • Caviar
      • Pewter Chrome

As always, excited to see swatches, as it is sometimes tricky to tell from a pan…or a photo!  I personally think the Collection is lovely – it could work for a really fancy evening out, or something more low-key (yay for palettes with variety!)

Bobbi Greige

At first, I’ll admit it, I saw “Greige” and I thought…”ugh.”

I know, I know…but Greige just sounds frumpy!  I love grey hues, and I think nudes are gorgeous…but I’ve always had a tough time with the offspring of the two!

Grey-toned, or full-on grey nails, for example, never totally looked right to me (coming from a girl who died to have Chanel’s navy-and-silver-sparkle “Ciel De Nuit” on her nails in college! OR…yes, I did, green glitter! *LOL*)

Bobbi certainly has polishes, but I can’t say why my mind went directly there. Sure enough, the ad featured grey-ish nails…

BUT…I was very pleasantly surprised by the beautiful hues Bobbi is offering with this Collection.  Truth is, I LOVE Bobbie Brown – I always thought her ads we particularly stunning.  There was something natural but polished about the looks that always struck me…kind of the same way Ralph Lauren’s windows…which I am ever oohing and aahing over!

I think paring the two pictured polishes would be stunning – like a degrade, or design with one on the other?  

The shadow palette will deliver a sultry gaze without having to dip into black or ultra-sooty shades

And how delicious are the liner trios?!  Midnight, Black Plum…who can decide?!  

Way to go Bobbi – as always, your colors are amazing.

The BEAUTY of Female Athletes (Thank you, Bobbi Brown!)

I didn’t grow up wanting a pony, to be in pink dresses, or to be supermodel-waif-thin.  

I wanted to beat the pants off the boys in sprints at school.  

I wanted to jump like Brian Boitano when I was on the ice.  

I wanted muscles, not just curves…  

I wanted to be an athlete…  And I became one.

I was always staggered at the seemingly vast disconnect between “pretty” and “athletic,” though, as if they couldn’t be in the same sentence. I can assure you that my days as a ballerina were intense – blood, sweat and tears were part of the game…but it was, without question, BEAUTIFUL.

Being on the ice was like having a pair of wings… It was hard work.  Early mornings, late nights, seven days a week.  Falling from a triple jump HURTS.  Skating in 1 degree because we trained outdoors wasn’t always peachy… But it was BEAUTIFUL.  

Training hard at the gym, or dojo, or dojang isn’t EVER glamorous – there’s contusions, muscle and ligament tears, crying, laughing, bleeding, DOMS, bad days… I have one reconstructed knee, and one that’s still severed – the former changed my Life and my athletic career.  But I FEEL…

B E A U T I F U L.

Strength, courage, muscle, passion, confidence, perseverance, hard work... 

To me, those are things that DEFINE “pretty.”   

So when I saw that Bobbi Brown is working with female pro athletes, I LIT UP!  She has turned to these uber-accomplished ladies to put the proof in the pudding for her “Long Wear,” sweat proof line.  (Had this come out when I was still in Ballroom, make no mistake, I’d have made a bee line for a Bobbi counter! – hot lights LoOoOoVE to melt makeup.  And when you are dancing with every fast twitch fiber you’ve got…there WILL be sweat on your brow!)

I’ve never been one to moan about glass ceilings or sticky floors – in my mind I just DID IT.  

I did what I wanted to do, or I sure as hell tried.  I never felt like I “couldn’t” because someone else said I couldn’t.  Usually, that just gave me more fodder for my fire.

These girls rock:

Julia Mancuso – Alpine Ski Racer

Hannah Teeter – Olympic and X Games Medalist and Snowboarder 

Kelia Moniz – Pro Surfer

Roberta Mancino – Base Jumper and Shark Diver

THANK YOU, Bobbi Brown, for embracing the power and strength…and BEAUTY…of the female athletes out there. Inspiring, and appreciated.