Cat / Ninja Humor – Blending In

Generally I’d say Ninja go black…but the truth is, it’s all about evasion. A little more grey could have worked but then learning to be still and “invisible” is part of training too…


Martial Arts Humor – Ninja Lineup

I love when I get to describe Ninjutsu to friends and acquaintances… People definitely envision the cloaked-in-black-only-eyes-showing Ninja from stories and television.

Oh yes, that’s quite real. . .  But so are the ones in broad daylight who look like everyone else.  It’s the nondescript ones in the modern age, who aren’t “seen” on purpose – sneak, stealth, and blending in is the name of the game.


My Current Go-To Meal

Despite my immense propensity for “getting bored,” I never seem to tire of healthy foods.  I’m enormously thankful for that, as I am scarcely exempt from getting cravings.  Fortunately a giant bowl protein and vegetables is generally enough to derail those venomous “you know you want a cookie”s, but it doesn’t mean it is always easy!  My willpower is tightly tied to my goals – I do my best to adhere to those, and focus on the end result as much as I can, which helps me see past the immediate satisfaction I *think* I’ll feel.

Eating protein DOES help – you are providing your body with a slower-digesting source of fuel that registers as “satiety” for a longer period…and I definitely need that!  If not, I’d be in trouble – after my late 20s, food started to “stick,” whether I protested or not.  Staying well hydrated helps to stave off cravings as well, which helps me stick to my goals as best I can.

Shutterstock 283730408

Shutterstock 283730408

Lately my protein choices have changed (just a hair!) – since I eat a lot of the same foods, it isn’t at all surprising!  That said, it also isn’t so dramatic a change, my body will have any issues processing.  I’ve swapped out chicken breasts and tenders for ground chicken.  At least for now. I can’t say why specifically, but it totally hits the spot! 😀 Regardless of the protein source (salmon, shrimp and mild fish are other favorites!), I will always add vegetables.  

I add a few veggies into this recipe, but I add even more with it for a meal – I probably go through about 8  lbs of vegetables a day.  Yes…I said A DAY.  You know those enormous 4 lb frozen mixed vegetable packages at the supermarket?  I go through at least two a day (sometimes I use one, along with several smaller packages, varying the “mix.”)  Veggies add healthy, less calorically-dense VOLUME and, because I love to eat, volume is key.  My favorite picks are:

  • California Blend – broccoli, cauliflower, carrots. (I use these for the bulk)
  • Italian Blend – broccoli, cauliflower, Italian green beans, zucchini, carrots
  • Asian Blend – broccoli, snap peas, water chestnuts, red peppers, mushrooms
  • Ranchero Fiesta – broccoli, white beans, chickpeas, carrots, red peppers, dark red kidney beans, Italian green beans. (I generally use half a bag, mixed with less starchy vegetables, but I love these for the extra fiber and protein (which, again, helps you stay satisfied longer!))

Those aside, my favorite vegetables to prepare with the ground chicken are organic red, yellow, and orange peppers (sweeter than the green), sliced baby bella mushrooms, and fire roasted tomatoes.  Sometimes I also add baby spinach, but I’ll toss it in towards the end if I do so it doesn’t get cooked too much and lose nutrients.


I slice the peppers into small strips, after removing the stem and seeds, and quartering.  The mushrooms just need to be rinsed, and that’s it!  I will heat the stove on high and toss all the veggies with some salt and pepper into my snazzy Curtis Stone pan (which I don’t have to use any oil with! 🙂 ) I generally put the cover on and let them simmer, stirring occasionally, for about six or seven minutes.  


Then I put two pounds of ground chicken (Whole Foods can grind breast meat for you if they are out!) into a second, larger pan, over high heat – again, no oil is necessary, but I do sprinkle Jane’s Mixed Up Salt on both sides (it’s easy to sprinkle on one side while in the package, then when you place it in the pan face down, you can add to the second side.)  I give it about two or three minutes on high to let one side brown gently, then I flip.  I’ll give it a minute or two and then start to chop it with my spatula, and flip as necessary.  

I DON’T like dried-out meat, so I will get it cooked about 75% through, then add in the vegetable mixture, which is softened by now, but not overcooked.  I’ll let that simmer on a medium to high heat mixing periodically until it’s cooked through.  


And voila…easy as that.  The whole thing doesn’t take more than about 15 minutes or so, and it lasts me through a few meals.  I DO tend to eat “dinner” a few times at Night, though… 🙂  It really is like feeding a raptor.

For more of my Nutritional Choices… 😀

Maybelline Master Contour V Shape Duo Stick

I feel like everywhere I turn these days, there is a new version of a contour product or palette out…  Maybelline will be coming out with yet another one themselves – called the Master Contour V Shape Duo Stick, the uber-chubby stick is meant to make your Life easier as far as your shading goes.

As I looked at the image, I have to say I wasn’t convinced it would necessarily be easier – awesome that to shades are combined but in my experience, dual-sided shades, paired flush together as these are, tend to blend without you intending to mix them!

Interestingly, BritishBeautyBlogger agreed, so do read her review if you are interested (link as above.)  What do you think about the double-sided sticks?



So…I know MUFE’s HD foundation stick meant to be incredible, impeccable, and basically impossible to see… Designed for 4D after all!

But is it me or does it look terrible in this photo!?  

I air on the side of being super positive with everything, though I have to confess my disappointment here.  I would much rather recommend another full coverage foundation over this to someone wanting solid camouflage because I feel like…at least in this image…it enhances what one would want to disappear.  I’m guessing a highlighter was possibly used here as well but I think they could have lessened it on the chin and nose.

I think what’s particularly noteworthy about it is that this lady has LOVELY skin!  I would therefore be concerned that if the canvas wasn’t as smooth, this would really bring out the bad.  

All that said, I’m not suggesting anyone has to look perfect… Nor do I mean to give hefty support to marketing images that *might* be farther from the truth than not – I want REAL.  

So I don’t know…  I want to say maybe it wasn’t the best choice to post this photo because I wouldn’t buy the product seeing this result…  But then would I be disappointed if this WAS the result and the image was much better?  

I like to see what a product TRULY looks like on the skin – that matters to me.  But again, I think this wasn’t really the most stellar representation of their new HD stick.  

Soap & Glory Sexy ‘n’ Kick A$$!

Soap & Glory definitely gets credit for the fun names…!

Sexy Mother Blusher is a new cream blush chubby stick that comes in three delightful shades:

  • Berry Jamm
  • Onomatopeacha
  • Pinkerbelle

The formula is designed to be long-lasting, with an easy-to-blend vibrant color and cream finish.  It’s format, if you will, is incredibly easy to use – love chubby sticks for on the go!

Then there’s Kick Ass Blur & Brighten.  They do have a “thing” for the ampersand, don’t they?  Anyway, I digress…  

This lil’ concealer crayon is “no-nonsense,” combining long wear with the ease of a fat pencil.  So it’s the perfect tag along to the blush stick if you are constantly running about, or managing kids, work, fitness, LIFE…!

Dream Up Your Own

I saw this “Dream Up Your Own Serum” from Sephora and was absolutely delighted!

More and more products do multiple things, tackling multiple issues…act as makeup AND skincare…and now we are seeing more offerings that allow for personal, specific customization (think: CoverFX Custom Drops, for example.)

Well this snazzy little Serum Set from Skin Ink allows you to choose from a variety of concerns, and create your own blends.  You take a little quiz and you are on your way to discovering a tailored-to-you elixir!

So whatever ails you…fear not.  You needn’t peruse the scores of products if you don’t want to!  You can, from the comfort of your home, create a perfect mix to tackle any of your troubles




Estee Magic Smoke – A/W 2015

I saw these a few weeks ago on ReallyRee and they look pretty fabulous.  (Easy to use is ALWAYS fabulous!) She shares her review and a bunch of swatches, pointing out that they are incredibly easy to work with “draw, smudge, done.”

Chic Profile posted a few more photos, and shares the selection of eight shades that will be offered.  If you are in the USA, you can purchase these now at, and if you are in the UK, you can either purchase online OR you can check them out in person at John Lewis, Selfridges, House of Fraser, and Boots in August 2015. 

I love when things blend smoothly, without tugging the skin, maintaining a soft finish without losing all the color.  These powder pencils look like they could make a generally-multi-product smokey eye much more of a cinch!  That IS pretty magical! 😉