Peter Thomas Roth Dots

I couldn’t even begin to enumerate the full-on arsenal of products I have for breakouts!  As an athlete it can be extra work keeping pores clear (rolling on Martial Arts mats, sweating profusely, gym equipment…!)  

While I haven’t tried this snazzy Acne-Clear Invisible Dot, I love the idea.  Lotions and potions can be incredibly drying, slippery, or flat-out “hi-I-have-a-pink-calamine-dot-on-my-face.”  Um…no good!  

This lil’ sticker is easy to use, and loaded with some wonderful ingredients – not only are the components great solo, but here they are in combination in order to combat the multitude of troubles of the blemish itself….and the treatment of it (think: dry, red, irritated skin!)

Per Ulta:

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

  • 0.5% Salicylic Acid (OTC active level) – Active ingredient proven to treat active blemishes and prevent the formation of new breakouts.
  • Tea Tree Oil – An essential oil from an Australian plant has natural antimicrobial activity which can work on the skin-dwelling bacteria involved in the development of problem skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – A humectant, works to keep skin hydrated and can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water by pulling moisture from the air.
  • Volcanic Ash – A natural absorbent.

It looks like there are four sheets of 12 dots in the package, which makes the $30 price rage much more justifiable.  That said, I’d like to make sure the expiration date was a while out so I wasn’t wasting any if usage is infrequent.

Bairly There

Sprays are nothing new in the cosmetic arena, but they aren’t exactly easy to find in mass market stores.  Sally Hansen, of course, has her line (and at one point had the Carmindy line you may have seen some years ago.)

But aside from the likes of ERA (incredibly novel when it came out around 2001), Dior,’s just not been easy to find a spray-on product, whether foundation, primer, blush…what have you.  I have an airbrushed – wicked fun, amazing result, but pricey and high maintenance.  I therefore LOVE sprays, which I used often when competing in Ballroom.

Enter “Bairly Sheer,” a new brand at Ulta.  The company offers a selection of waterproof products (which I always get excited about, being a highly active individual…and NOT a heat person!), as well as a brush, blender, and setting powder.  

For me, ease of use is huge…and it doesn’t get a lot easier than sprays.  The sprays retail for $12.99, which isn’t a deal breaker at all…but, I think a lot of people may want more than one item!