Cardio Motivation

Heavy Metal…, #1.



And company to cheer me on…#2.


(Technically, he was sleeping off and on…but it was helpful to have company anyway!)


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Humor – Black Label and Bubblegum

Bubblegum (sugar-free, of course) happens to be a real saving grace for me.¬†Yes, I know¬†the majority of ingredients are alarmingly unpronounceable. ¬†And I am perfectly well aware that increasing the rate and intensity at which I chew may well land me in TMJ¬†(temporomandibular joint) jail – I’ve induced the condition in the past – vehemently chomping through stress – so no need to preach to me about that!

Bazooka Gum comic

Bazooka Gum comic

Still. . .bubblegum – Bubblemint,¬†to be clear – has prevented me from many an unsavory situation. ¬†Perhaps it is the sweet, non-sugared (though, thanks to fancy-pants, long-winded chemicals) “candied,” pink piquancy¬†that accounts for the of super, ass-kicking power it bestows upon the chewer? ¬†I wish I could have asked Roddy Piper. . .

Roddy Piper from They Live

Roddy Piper from They Live

Let’s take the recent crane crash on the Tappan Zee bridge… How fun was it to get that news, while already driving back home at the WORST time of day?! ¬†

The reroute of traffic (through every neighboring town, city, suburb, what have you) to the GWB (that’s George Washington Bridge, for those fortunate not to know it) caused a massive hazarai. ¬†New Yorkers are naturally aggressive on the road – add to that proclivity the threat. . .er, promise. . .of substantial delays, and you are a minnow maneuvering in a shark tank. ¬†Yikes.

One lady literally drove her car towards¬†mine, only a hair shy of indentation. ¬†Normally I might say a few disgruntled words to myself…but her singing and snide, deliberately obnoxious (feigned, I dare add) “smiley” attitude rubbed me so the wrong way that I thought I was about to get out of the car – Black Label hoodie, four-eyed¬†and all. ¬†It was like a wave of precursory “road rage” that broadsided me. ¬†As a martial artist I always have that voice that kicks in saying “you never know who you are dealing with” in the back of my head. ¬†Well, that angel’s voice¬†took its quick cue, thankfully. . .but it wasn’t until I had some¬†bubblegum that the devil was quelled.

All hail the mighty Bubble(mint)!


Yes…three, simulated-saccharine pieces and all was okay with the world. ¬†(Alright, my knee was uptight and I wanted out, but it was better.)

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 7.10.17 PM

As Waze and Google simultaneously¬†–¬†and resolutely! – labored to find the fastest route (I was on it but one can hope), I took a deep breath, turned up my Octane, and enjoyed the familiar swell of sweetness.¬†


B S, and an L!

I actually don’t remember when I discovered Black Label Society, but I’ve been a solid fan from¬†the first riff I heard – yes, that good. ¬†I remember seeing Zakk perform in BLS, and also with Ozzy, at an Ozzfest in the mid 2000’s. ¬†AWESOME. ¬†

I’m always kind of shocked when I’m at the gym lifting, and clearly jamming to my tunes…

“What’s on the pod today?”

“Black Label.”


I’m sorry…WHAAAAT!?¬†

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 4.02.12 PM

If you like heavy, badass guitar…like, AT ALL…you HAVE to listen to Black Label. ¬†

Zakk’s voice is equally as sick as his Gibson Les Paul “Bullseye”¬†playing¬†(“The Grail, as it is¬†affectionately known)¬†– deep, resonant and devoted. ¬†The man loves what he does, and his fans love what he produces (the crowd is always¬†great too, by the way.)

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 4.02.29 PM

I am incredibly grateful, to possibly¬†the sweetest man¬†I have ever met, who took me to see BLS¬†last week. ¬†Zakk’s talent is mind-blowing, and to see him perform in person always manages above and beyond – I was SO excited. ¬†THAT SOUND!

‚̧ ~swoon~

BlankTV’s YouTube video¬†(Stillborn)

ZakkWyldeVevo’s YouTube video (In This River)

*can’t even deal!*

I’ve been sporting my tees proudly at the gym. ¬†I get a lot of “Oh Em Gee” looks from some of the ladies but…I’m a skull kind of girl. ūüėČ I’ve pretty much been living in these shirts, actually, because I love them that much. ¬†I always chop the collar off to make the neckline wider, or totally off the shoulder. ¬†#dancerissues #dontlikefeelingchoked


I’ve not found the ladies’ band shirts at concerts to ever be quite as comfy as the guys’ stuff…but the mens’ are¬†great for lifting so…works for me! ¬†My cats happen to also have great taste. ¬†Don’t judge! ¬†¬†


And as far as music goes…it’s got a PROFOUND effect on me, especially if I want to rock the gym floor – I have been known to turn around to get my iPod if I forget it, it’s that important. ¬†BLS is one of those bands that will ALWAYS get me amped, even when I’m tapped.




I was LITERALLY taking my spin shoes off this morning saying “nahhhh, I don’t FEEeeeL like it” when an incoming text binged my phone. ¬†I’ve been posting more of my lifting and spin photos and a “Keep up the great work!” text unexpectedly popped up on my screen from a friend, and fellow (AMAZING) athlete. ¬†

Well, I took one look at the text and said “aaand the shoes go back on!” ¬†

That was¬†ALL¬†I needed. ¬†That quick message meant so much to me, and it was just what I needed this Monday morning! ūüėÄ ¬†



40 minutes of sprints later, I felt totally awake and ready to roll. ¬†Today was¬†tris and bis, because…Martial Arts later! ¬†I feel like¬†my Black Label Society shirt¬†made the Victoria’s Secret “PINK on my pants a little more badass. ¬† Right?



I love Vickie’s Pink line, to be honest…but as far as the shade goes, it’s rare for me. ¬†And on a Monday, that would be like deliberately sapping my powers. ¬†Flames and skulls work better, the way I see it.


And so did that SUPER thoughtful message!

When you have something supportive to say…SAY IT! ¬†You might make the difference between someone pushing a little harder that day…for the better. ‚̧