Easter Bun-San

If I was recruited to fill in for the Easter Bunny, I’d basically be dressed just like this…

I’d be hippity-hoppity, and happily chopity, looking for some delicious eggs to eat!

Martial Arts – Always Learning

Exactly the attitude I think everyone should have – not only in Martial Arts, but in Life.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 6.41.20 PM

Our learning never ceases – we will never know it all, and we can always take something positive (and useful!) away from each individual we work with.  

From teaching children to helping a student new to Martial Arts (or just your specific one), we can always learn something we didn’t know before – truly, it is limitless.

Stay humble, with an open mind, and the knowledge will flow.


Martial Arts Humor – The Jiu-Jitsu Man Bun, By Tyson Gay

Love that this super black belt, Tyson Gay, posted how you keep your long locks from getting totally yanked to oblivion on the mats!  (I have, myself, heard the telltale *RIP!* only to see my strands – MANY – laying there helplessly!)

That said, his hair is incredibly fine, so if yours is fuller…it may not stay so nicely!  


Fortunately it didn’t get yanked when this was taken! 🙂

I’ve tried all sorts of bun permutations.  They’ve all come out, or needed to be redone.  Still, that’s kind of par for the course when you Jiu-Jitsu and have layered hair…  

#longhairproblems #jiujitsuhair #chokefast


More Martial Arts stuff!

Finding Peace in the Chaos

Yes…it’s “one of those weeks.”  Lots of stress, not enough sleep, feeling overwhelmed…  I’ve had a few “venting” moments, but…at least for me…I REALLY need some time where I can just breathe, focus, and relax.  We all need to have down time, but it doesn’t necessarily mean spending it inactive.

I’m thankful to have a key to the Dojang because getting there early is effectively my sanity insurance!  I not only take time for extra stretching (given my injuries, the portion dedicated in class isn’t enough)…but I also take time to practice.


Practice makes perfect, so it goes…but as any martial artist would say, there is a spiritual, intellectual, and emotional component to going through forms – and I mean properly, without stopping.  


I try to practice as if I am promoting, because when I do, I want them as clean as possible.  Perfection isn’t necessarily the goal – that in an of itself is rather lofty given the accomplishments of my Grandmaster.  BUT, to do them WELL is achievable, which helps to solidify the movements therein (essentially, all those vital “basics.”)   


Doing forms in a group is incredibly valuable – it helps us learn our timing and placement in an unpredictable space.  But…having some time alone is truly restorative, and not so unlike an active meditation.

Today…I needed restorative.


Everyone is different – we each have activities that calm our system and help us to soothe the frays.  Whatever that is, make sure to take time for yourself to do just that – you deserve it.  AND, it will prevent getting completely out of hand when chaos seems to be the trend!