Appreciating What We Have

This is one of those life must-haves…but in the whirlwind of daily living, it’s easy to forget to take a moment to truly appreciate all we have.

To love with every ounce of our hearts, and to respect no matter the circumstance means that we are ever conscious of the good in our lives. It sends the message to the Universe that we value the gifts and blessings.

One of the bigger lessons I learned early on was when I was told about someone’s therapy experience. Yep, not my own (in which I have learned much!)…but someone else’s…

They had been complaining about another person and the therapist said “what if they passed away?” The reaction was a staggered “what do you mean?!” He said, “what if they were no longer here? How would you feel about those ‘annoyances’ then?”

That moment was enough to change the whole tune. Literally evermore. It’s okay that we are human and feel as we do – the good, the bad, and the ugly. But it is also important for our well-being that we regularly check in with the good that we DO have – the things, the people, the animals, the circumstances…that make our lives better, happier, richer. . .more worth living.

I think about this often, but it was especially on my mind today. I’ve been thinking about my female jungle cat, who would be 13 today, and about how much gratitude had a part to play in our lives together. The bond with her and her brother was one that delved deeply, and struck me square in the heartstrings from the get go.

Part of me wants to apologize for feeling so deeply – I’m never unaware of the losses others have weathered, neither do I think anyone wants to deal with tears! Part of me wants to explain (or try to) that these were wild animals who never allowed another human “in” their circle…so it’s not quite like having a “pet” (which I’ve never really called an animal to whom I have been a guardian anyway.)

But I don’t want to have to explain, or justify. I just want to cherish that I had the fortune of my two jungle cats’ companionship, love and trust…and that while they were living I made a point to tell them “I love you” every single day.

In spite of feeling really blue, I know that I was “in the moment” so much of the time we were together. I was aware that time would run out one day, and so I always made sure to tell them what they meant to me, and to kiss them on their sweet little (big!) heads. Never mind it wasn’t in meows or mews… We spoke a language only we could understand…and it worked brilliantly.

Happy Birthday To My Baby Girl

Today is my baby girl’s 12th birthday, and I feel more blessed than I can express – there’s nothing more special than gaining the love and trust of a wild animal. To be accepted in and of itself is a gift, and one I will never take for granted…

Ana ba hebek, Kemisi, ❤










La Bougie et L’Oeuf

I don’t do birthdays, really.  For me, every day is a blessing…so showing up on one in particular doesn’t give me pause, necessarily.   

I see the beauty in uncommon places, and in colors the rainbow doesn’t even have.

I believe the World is inherently magical, and brimming with goodness.

I say my thanks each night, and with the dawn of the next day, I renew my commitment to being a better, happier, and healthier person. 

In this way, the cycle is ever forging ahead in my Life, regardless of what day it is.

Plans for me therefore included things I do on a regular basis…such as exercise, eating healthily, and spending time with those I love.  Sweating it out always makes me feel better (allergies be damned!), and I wore my spritely green Marilyn Monroe crop because why not!?  She’s adorable.  And so are lip prints. ❤






Cycle sprints!


I’m not a cake person, so this worked out nicely…  


Devoured! 😀


My mother has been known to sauté broccoli and add candles…and my father, to make me sautéed fiddlehead ferns…so going the unconventional “cake” route is nothing new! 😀


My mum also picked a sprig of Muguet Du Bois for me, my birth flower (Lily Of The Valley.)  It’s smells divine, and always looks so beautiful.  And I guess green was the color of the day – it symbolizes so many things, but renewal is plentiful in my Life (after a long, arduous road!), and it is welcomed with much gratitude.  

I am thankful for every day of my thus-far-multi-decade Life, and will be as much so tomorrow morning, and the one after that… I have fought hard to be where I am, and have had so many blessings along the way.  My thanks is, truly, overflowing…


I saw this image the other day and just LOVED it.  I have a birthday coming up, and I think whenever that day rolls around we contemplate where we are, where we have been…and what’s up and coming.



The truth of it is, I feel blessed EVERY DAY.  You never really know how things will turn out, and I can’t help but be incredibly thankful for the beautiful people in my Life, our health, our love, our laughter, our breath…for those are the most precious gifts we are given.

I don’t really care to celebrate my birthday, and a lot of folks don’t understand that.  For the very reason that I embrace gratitude each day…I don’t have to relegate “celebration” to one day.  Why isn’t it every day?  For all of us?

I think it’s WONDERFUL if people want to have a fête of some kind.  I’ve been accused of being a killjoy, or boring, or whatever else, but each day is a gift in my eyes.  I certainly have days where I am frustrated, or bothered by something minuscule – I’m human, after all!  But as an Empath, my nature is to reflect…on my behavior, my actions, and my thoughts. 

When it comes right down to it, I almost feel like one’s birthday could be designated as a personal “Mother’s Day” for the birthee’s mother – SHE did all the work, anyway, let’s just call a spade a spade!  And when you think about it…how awesome is SHE?!  She’s older, and she’s pretty badass

I always loved the way my mum’s culture (Italian), or that of the Martial Arts I have studied (Korean, Japanese)…as well as others…take age to be A GOOD THING.  The older you are, the more respect you are given – with “age” comes wisdom, so it goes.  And that wisdom came from a Lifetime of experiences, problem solving, ups, downs, love and disappointment – it didn’t just appear!  Those things enrich a person and add more ticks in the box of awesomeness, the way I see it.

So while I WON’T say I am in love with the deeper wrinkles, and solitary grey hair threats…I feel GOOD to be my age.  I feel like I have weathered many storms, and it has forged me into a strong, more awesome person as a result.  

I LOVE this photo because this gorgeous lady is sassy as hell – she looks beautiful.  She looks in control.  And she looks like she is having a ball (jamming to some tunes, I might add – good taste!) 😀  

Life gets better…

Life gets MORE “awesome” all the time…

And so, frankly, DO WE.

X ❤