Fitness Humor – The Magic Pill

There’s definitely some humor in this at first glance, but the quote also suggests that nutrition is vital to our health – what we take in to fuel our bodies matters, and it’s almost amazing that it isn’t one of the first things many doctors look into for chronic illness.  


I think a lot of folks assume “clean eating” is bland, boring, and flat-out awful…but it ISN’T.  I’ve never heard someone say that they tried eating healthier foods and found themselves to be more lethargic, or that they suddenly were getting sick all the time, or that they gained weight… It has always been the TOTAL opposite – people have more energy, they feel refreshed and stronger physically, they sleep better, get sick less, have more mental clarity…and they often lose some stubborn pounds while they’re at it.

Sautéing your spinach in a cup of olive oil isn’t going to help…but let’s say you added a dash of oil (healthy fats) and some salt and pepper.  You’d be amazed how great that can taste!  Veggies, fruits, lean proteins…they’re absolutely DELICIOUS and they certainly don’t have to be devoid of flavor.  Spices can make a marked difference, and what’s really great is that no sauce = you can actually taste THE FOOD.  

If, however, we just reach for sugar, products with more ingredients that you can’t pronounce than you can, fried foods (the list goes on), it may taste and feel good in the short term…but it will kick your butt later.  You might find that you are dragging a lot, or that your skin has become dull or temperamental.  It may be that you are even feeling more depressed than normal, heading to the doctor more frequently, or that your clothes have started to feel too snug.  The side effects of a poor diet are doing as much damage to your internal organs too – they heart, brain, blood, ALL of you, needs clean sources of fuel to keep it functioning optimally.  Imagine putting the lowest-end fuel in the Ferrari – it’s not going to do what it is capable of, period.

Challenge yourself – even if in small doses, or for a short, manageable time frame – to try more whole foods, and start to lessen the processed ones.  Being creative with cooking isn’t hard these days with all of the apps and recipes you can find online.  There are also tons of recommendations out there about spices to use, or lower-calorie condiments if necessary, to keep your meals tasting as delicious as you deserve them to be.  

Cutting out the junky stuff might be tricky at first – withdrawal is a real phenomenon.  But stick it through and give your body a chance to adjust – you will find that you had the “magic pill” all along.  Caring about what you put in your fuel tank can make ALL the difference.

When Nothing Goes Right…

I love what the “…go left” in the original version of this quotation stands for. . .but I *also* love the gym-rat-edited “…go LIFT” one, and not because it’s gym-leaning.


Exercise is, 1,000%, a proven de-stressor (that happens to have added health benefits, vs. other known de-stressors, like comfort foods, binge eating, alcohol consumption, body-harming vices of whatever design…)

I think a lot of folks who haven’t had the opportunity to be (or exposure to being) active don’t know what they are missing. Whether it is lifting iron in a gym, taking a jog, or just dancing like no one is watching as fiercely as you can, physical movement and engagement can turn a very BAD day (or series of events!) into a much more positive one.  It’s not only for your heart and body, but your mind and emotional state too too… 

When nothing goes right, give your body a chance to work out the aggression, frustration, disappointment, whatever. . . It really doesn’t matter if it’s jumping jacks during commercials, going to a barre class, or playing in a soccer league.  ANY movement helps.

By changing your direction and focus, and letting your body do what it was designed to do – move – you can alter not only the tone of the day, but your mood with it.

Win, win.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil

I’m positively delighted that oils have gotten such generous praise over the last few years – gone are the days where those with troubled skin are destined to shy away from the nutrient-rich, hydrating and calming properties of oils! 

It’s a wonderful thing, because there are countless benefits, not least of all that healthy, dewy glow many oils can give the skin (not in a sit-on-on-top-and-clog-my-precious-pores, greasy way- a legitimate, dew-kissed freshness that comes with youth…and absorbent, delectable oils!)

Using oils as primer before makeup is also nothing new – they’ve been doing it backstage at Runway shows for a long time.  But the general public may not have had many options in the past…in addition to harboring fears of makeup slipping and sliding off within minutes!  Jumping on board the benefits-of-oil train, Smashbox has just released a new primer oil.  

Photo Finish Primer Oil is a “fast-absorbing, hero blend of 15 essential and lipid-rich plant oils,” designed to hydrate, soften, and glow-ify your skin.

Per Smashbox:

…This signature blend is the perfect fusion of 15 oils like jojoba, Arabica and Argan—all handpicked for their known skin benefits. To de-stress your morning routine, calming chamomile and lavender oils sooth senses while the light veil reduces the appearance of dry, fine lines and makes you glow. Add a drop to our Studio Skin foundation for a natural, second-skin look without sacrificing any coverage. 

BRAGGING RIGHTS (I LOVE that terminology! 🙂 ) 
• Softens complexion to make foundation look like skin 
• Instantly absorbs and adds radiance  
• 15 essential and lipid-rich plant oils including moisturizing jojoba and calming chamomile
• Morning and evening application adds increased moisture in just 4 weeks
• Apply a few drops to split-ends, cuticles, elbows and clavicle for a dewy, youthful sheen.

I would say that if you are oily, you would want to try this on a day where it won’t matter much if it doesn’t work…or steer clear all together.  There ARE oils out there that can help to mattify, remarkably, as well as to tone acne-prone or troubled skin – so if this specific product doesn’t work for you, not to worry!  

You can still use some nourishing oils at Night suited for your skin – hydrating and pampering when you are home can give you that same lovely glow in the even an oil primer feels too forward!

Spring 2016 – Revlon (Various)

Apparently there are new Revlon goodies at Bed, Bath & Beyond (I haven’t seen them myself, though I was just in one, but Miss. BudgetBeautyBlog has!)  If you have a Harmon attached to your BBB, you may get lucky…because at Harmon, you will ALWAYS find new product launches in advance of full roll outs.

The first item is a Foundation and Concealer 2-in-1 pairing, in one compact, from the Colorstay category.  Anything that’s easy to use on the go and promises longer wear is A-ok by me!

The second “item” is more like a collection – a full Mascara Bar to be exact.  We’ve seen the Ultimate All-In-One from a variety of bloggers already, but there are indeed an additional four new formulas:

  • Ultra Volume
  • Super Length
  • Volume + Length Magnified
  • Dramatic Definition

Take a look at the link above for trials and comments! 🙂 

Charcoal For Your Pearly Whites

Every so often I am surprised by the extent to which a trend will go…  BB creams, for example, for the hair wasn’t TOO much of a stretch, for one… I mean, companies have to tack onto the hottest “it” trend, right?

And I suppose charcoal for teeth isn’t entirely new – people have used the powder to whiten and deodorize for some time.  But then I guess I didn’t fully expect to see a toothbrush claiming to do the same.  Maybe it’s because it’s sort of like hairbrushes that claim to condition hair with argan oil.  Okay…they *might*…for a short time.  But you are going to lose some of that with each stroke, no?  How effective is it really?

Well, each bristle of the Binchotan Toothbrush is “blended with Binchotan charcoal which known to radiate negative ion and has powerful deodorizing effect to remove plaque and the cause of bad breath. It also helps to prevent the harmful bacteria or viruses from growing within the brush.

In fact, it says that because of the benefits of charcoal, the brush will help to “boost overall wellness.”

Huh, how about that? (I’m sticking to my overall regime anyway! 😉 ) 

I’m curious about how long the effects or benefits endure… I supposed only as long as any normal brush bristles would last, or before that (the rule is every 3 to 4 months, or when you are seeing any signs of wear.) 

This wellness-booster comes in five different colors (all the same charcoal-wrapped bristles!) for $7.00.  


Redken One United

Redken One United joins the vast influx of multi-benefit products out there – over the last year I have seen so many, my head is spinning.  Having been in performance sports most of my Life, though, most of us welcome the thought of addressing damage and concerns with one product.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.11.43 PM

This one managed to amass a list of purported benefits larger than any other I have seen to date…so if it lives up to them, bravo.  A lot of us are on the go, and shaving time off of “getting ready” or “routine maintenance,” as it were…is always a wonderful thing.  That said, I only need about five minutes to “pull myself together.”  That doesn’t mean I look stellar, but presentable, yes. 🙂 

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.11.34 PM

The ingredient list isn’t horribly long (though don’t expect to be able to pronounce everything at first glance!) Water, coconut oil, and dimethicones are at the forefront (coconut oil is amazing on it’s own for a variety of reasons, though start with a small amount and add if needed!)  Lactic acid has cropped up in more shampoos and conditioners these days (L’Oreal Professional and mass market lines have used it a while now.)

I always review what’s in products because of potential allergens…but also because I really don’t want that much “stuff” in my hair or on my skin.  Still, something that tackles an honest plethora of problems at once…maybe I’d be willing to let the list be longer. 😉

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.12.00 PM