The Color Corrective Trend Continues…

I feel like there is a literal ONSLAUGHT of these products (not to mention posts, articles, newsletters etc…)  I’m not exactly complaining – I learned how to utilize such “correctors” early on as a performing athlete, and they WORK – but it is somewhat a sensory overload situation at this point!

In any case, if you are interested in further expanding your arsenal of perfectors, Sephora has a brilliant selection of items to choose from!  

Algenist has a new, concentrated liquid dropper formulation, which you can score a deluxe sample of at the moment…  (Dropper bottle foundations and serums are also (as no doubt you are aware) a major 2015 tail-end trend.)

Becca has four shades which appear more pigmented, and therefore much like the Kryolan or Ben Nye wheels I’d buy at Ricky’s New York back in my competitive dancing days…

Marc Jacobs has three swirled pop-up sticks, a fun take on the trend that I haven’t seen quite the likes of elsewhere.

Sephora has launched seven gel-serum correctors in a lip gloss style format, as has Urban Decay (who has five shades.)

YSL’s infamous Touch Eclat ALSO now comes in three corrective hues, which I have to say is pretty fabulous (the original is divine.)  

Smashbox is offering a pencil in four color-fixing shades, which is great for easy application.  In line with uber-ease, Cover-FX has their own new stick for brightening (LOVE brightening!), thought it does also come in five other colors! 

For those in love with powders, I adore the cute, loose pots from Besame, who have expanded one shade into five lovely tints…  Now if palettes are more your speed – having multiple colors in one place is often incredibly useful! – you might like Make Up Forever’s (which comes in five combinations), or the cheeky six-sampling from Benefit.

It’s rather a lot but I guess better to be able to choose from a larger variety depending on your own skin correcting needs!

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Dandelion Dew

Nothing can wake you up faster that a flush on your cheeks – if you are fair-skinner like I am, that’s especially true!

I was excited to see Benefit’s new Dandelion Dew, a matte liquid blush in Dandelion’s signature soft pinky-peach hue.  Matte it may be, it claims to leave a lit-from-within “delicate gleam” – I like the idea that it can add that kind of youthful radiance withOUT shimmer (something I have very much outgrown over the years.)  

The formula is lightweight, bendable, and adds a glow to any skin tone.  I am eager to check it out in store…not that I need it, necessarily (but has that stopped any of us, really?)

Life’s Little Correctors

There’s an absolute onslaught of “correctors” in the marketplace right now…and I’m definitely not complaining.  The reality is that some days we aren’t going to be quite as tip-top as we’d like, but these little goodies can conceal some of it so we look better than we are feeling!

Benefit’s Life’s Little Correctors Color Correcting Kit palette is a fun way to not only try a variety of Benefit’s best-selling concealers, but you get all of them in one place – ahhhh, multi-use products. ❤  The $20 kit contains:


  • 0.05 oz Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer in Light
  • 0.05 oz Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer in Light/Medium
  • 0.04 oz Erase Paste Brightening Concealer in Medium
  • 0.04 oz Eye Bright Instant Eye Brightener
  • 0.04 oz Lemon Aid Color Correcting Eyelid Prime

I have WAY too many products as it is, but this one is super affordable, and filled with very-useable, wearable products… Tempting!  (The front packaging is so cute and cheeky too, isn’t it?! 🙂 ) 



The Balm Manizer Sisters Palette

Since all three of these seem to be relatively popular, I think it was a smart move to combine them into an easy-to-use palette!  That said, MANY companies have been doing trios…or more…these days, no doubt in response to demand for multi-use / multi-situation products, as well as having to carry fewer items in one’s bag! 

The Balm Manizer Sisters Palette includes:

  • Mary-Lou – the blonde Luminizer
  • Cindy-Lou – the redhead Contour Artist
  • Betty-Lou – the brunette Bronzer

I think this palette is positive adorable, and reminds me a bit of Benefit with it’s cheekiness!  “Partners in crime,” so it says…and “designed for girls on the run.”

Looking glam and causing trouble…I like it! 😉



Benefit Shy Beam

SO EXCITED!!!  I L ❤ VE matte highlighters!  

Sounds like an oxymoron, almost but it isn’t…  Matte highlighters are PERFECT for brightening the face and eyes…and knowing how successful Benefit has been in the past (they have so many fabulous products) this is really exciting!

Benefit’s new Shy Beam is included in the Operation Pore Kit, currently, but I am SURE this will be coming out on its own.  Smart move on the company’s part to sneak it in there!  It’s a lovely peachy pink cream… ❤ 

I have the High Brow Pencil in the matte version, and it sounds like this is of the same ilk.  If it is, it will be sleep in a bottle, basically…and I can’t wait!

Benefit Sexy On The Run

Benefit always has adorable boxes…and they really are a decent value. The newest, retailing for $32, is “They’re Real! Sexy On The Run,” which includes:

– 0.01 oz They’re real! push-up liner (mini) 
– 2 x 0.10 oz They’re real! mascara in Beyond Brown, Jet Black (mini) 
– 0.1 oz They’re real! remover (mini) 
– Tips and Tricks

As Benefit Cosmetics UK says, the kit helps to achieve “BEYOND longer lashes & bigger looking eyes.”  If that’s the case…and judging by the success of They’re Real…I’m pretty sure this lil’ box is going to do nicely!

Benefit Air Patrol BB

This little bb eye primer is going to be launching in September  but BritishBeautyBlogger was awesome enough to share some reviews, a swatch, and product images.

This purportedly protects against pollution – that’s always nice! – locks in shadow, hydrates lids, and color corrects.

As a dancer, it’s fair to say that it was IMPERATIVE to use some kind of glitter or shadow fixative to keep the eye makeup in place.  I don’t wear it on a daily basis, but even on its own, a primer can add some hydration and color correction, making for a more awake look – who doesn’t want that?!

Sounds like this may not be a home run on all fronts, but I am sure more will be posted about it before it launches – yay for bloggers! 🙂