You are so much stronger than you think. 

When you are in the throes of despair, frustration, anger. . .take a moment to b r e a t h e.  

Take a moment – at the hardest time at which TO a breath. Feel…allow…the in…and the out.

Remind yourself within that space that you have accomplished so much more than you are giving yourself credit for.  You have surmounted obstacles at one time that seemed impossible.  You are in charge.

Remember you are a survivor and a fighter and that you will get through it just like you have so many times before.


I sincerely, and truly believe this. . .


“Perfection” feels so boring-Ken-and-Barbie-doll.  It’s a plastic word, and sadly one many of us strive for – to our detriment – with ferocity.  

But it’s the IMperfections that add the layers of depth to an otherwise mundane surface. . .and mundane just won’t do.  It is – without question – a matter of how we perceive our surroundings and reality, NOT the surroundings and reality themselves.

We get to choose how we see.  We get to choose the light in which we cast our experiences.  We get to choose “positive,” if we want it.

How beautiful is that?


Self-explanatory, applies to every aspect of your life, and perfect motivation for the New Year!



Impossible Is Just An Opinion

Whatever it is your heart is set on…go…GET IT.  

Ignore the naysayers, the words of discouragement, the people who say it is impossible. That’s just their opinion, independent of you.


NO thing is impossible with passion and hard work.  



Defeat Is Optional

There is nothing certain about Life, save that it is both a joyful, and sometimes tumultuous path.  But though the ups and downs are inevitable, defeat…of any kind…is not.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 8.24.11 AM

You have a choice, and you have the strength.  Neither can circumstance, nor people, bring you down.

Believe…in YOU…

And conquer.