Afraid Of The Dark

There are times in Life when it seems all light extinguishes, leaving blackness, fear, and despair.  

And yet. . .

In the midst of it. . .if we look deep without our inner recesses, we will find the inextinguishable flame we’ve carried all along.

Remember what you have accomplished.  Remember the demons you’ve conquered, the tears and blood you’ve shed.  For you are a warrior, stronger than anyone else can ever know.  You are a survivor, you are beautiful, and you are a beacon of light in spite of all.


I sincerely, and truly believe this. . .


“Perfection” feels so boring-Ken-and-Barbie-doll.  It’s a plastic word, and sadly one many of us strive for – to our detriment – with ferocity.  

But it’s the IMperfections that add the layers of depth to an otherwise mundane surface. . .and mundane just won’t do.  It is – without question – a matter of how we perceive our surroundings and reality, NOT the surroundings and reality themselves.

We get to choose how we see.  We get to choose the light in which we cast our experiences.  We get to choose “positive,” if we want it.

How beautiful is that?

Be Yourself

A friend of mine posted this on FB and I had to share – because it was “so her.”  It was “so me.”  It was so…so many of my friends.  

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 1.20.53 PM

We have our flaws.  We aren’t perfect.  We make mistakes.  We don’t fit in.

But we don’t want to.  Not intentionally, not by design – we just never did fit the mold, and (fortunately) never saw the need to. 

Our World is magical because there is beauty in the most unlikely places.  

There is beauty in imperfection.  

There is beauty in the soul that has fought tooth and nail to overcome painful obstacles, and come out on the other side.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 8.04.28 PM

Be YOU, because there are no others who can take your place, or do what you do the way only you can.  

Be YOU because you are beautiful, and strong, and you don’t need validation to fit in.

Be YOU because you can, and because you are beautiful.


h0les Lite Black, and A Beautiful Life

So I got a newsletter from and this fancy pair of “goggles” (as my mother affectionately terms her glasses) was among the featured items.  They aren’t totally what I thought, but just the image alone made me smile…

h0les Lite Black look like MY kind of glasses…  (I’d look positively dreadful in THESE, mind you…(my go-tos are Oakley or Maui Jims)…but it’s what they APPEAR to be that struck me.  

They reminded me of the way I really do see the World…

My father calls me a “professional cheerer-upper” – frankly, I am thankful for that designation!  

I don’t see the World through rose-colored glasses, I see it in every color imaginable, and then some.  

I don’t see a glass half empty…EVER.  It’s always FULL (even if part is air…it’s technically FULL!)  

And when it comes right down to it, I’m thankful I have a glass at all.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 12.30.45 PM

I know that there are times during which I need to be a little (or a lot) thicker skinned – and I’m working on it.  Being too forgiving can indeed be a detriment when in the wrong situation (such as abuse) – we do matter, and we have to take care of ourselves.

In this way, I recognize that not everything is peaches and cream – I’m one of those rather-hear-the-truth-than-a-lie, no matter how upsetting kind of people.  So there are times at which having that understanding is appropriate, if not also necessary for self-protection.

But on the whole, my default is that the World is beautiful – it is the song my blood sings as it courses through my veins, and the only one it’s known.  I was born that way.  It’s a magical Life, and I am thankful for it…and all the learning that comes my way.

So even though Life can be rough around the edges, I like to Live thankfully, and as cheerfully as I can.  

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 12.30.15 PM

I’m not a saccharine-sweet, sycophantic, rosy type…but I AM looking through some awfully beautiful lenses, quite authentically.  And personally…I really appreciate the view.





Just Bloom

This quote really resonates for me…

“A Flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms.”

Just Bloom

My Grandmaster told me how he describes me to others: “she doesn’t compare herself to others, just to herself.”

Those words meant so much to me – not only in and of themselves, but because they were the words he chose.  I felt such gratitude knowing that he recognized my purpose and my passion.

I am not there to be better than anyone else.  

I am not there to compare myself to anyone.  

As saying goes, I just want to be a better version of myself TODAY…than I was YESTERDAY.

Each of us have our own goals.  We have our own backgrounds, beliefs, feelings, sensations, experiences, physiologies, philosophies – All of them, valid. Comparing ourselves to someone else…to ANYONE else…not only diminishes us broadly, but in our very own eyes.

We deserve to acknowledge that we are unique and amazing, and doing the best we can at each moment.  Sometimes we falter, sometimes we stand out in our achievements. We can always look to others for inspiration, especially when we are having a tough day, or we lose focus.  But comparison to anyone other than ourselves is futile, and unjust…to US.

Don’t worry about what the flower NEXT to you is doing.  No two seeds are alike, after all.  Not even the soil is the same…

So bloom in YOUR way, in your OWN time…and just worry about that.  I’ve never seen a flower that wasn’t beautiful… Have you?

X ❤

You ARE Enough.

One of my absolutely FAVORITE things to do is to lift people upto bring some Light to a dark day, JUST as much as a bright one!  

There is simply nothing better than seeing a child smile, especially when they had only just wanted to cry… Or a face light up when you share with someone how beautiful they look…or what a great job he or she did…

There’s just nothing better than letting someone know that you love them, appreciate them, that they inspire you…or that you’re proud of them… 

I LOVE that.  I love being the one to SHARE that.

You Are Enough

I love to remind people of the GOOD things when they are feeling down…

I love to remind them of how amazing they ARE…because sometimes they forget!

I love to remind them that I’m going to miss them during the day, or that I hope they have a beautiful day to begin with…and that I love to hear their voice…

And OH YES, I am, rest-assured, SINCERE.  I don’t do bs.  Nope.  Not for me!

My father says I am “brutally honest” so if you “don’t want the answer, don’t ask!”  *lol*  He’s right…BUT…

My glasses are rose-and-rainbow colored – I see good in everything.  

I see good in everyone.  

If I DON’T have something positive to say, chances are, I will keep it to myself!  Most of the time, I’ve got something positive picked out…and…surprise, surprise, I love to share it.  With people I know, people I love, and strangers all the same!

I think MORE people need to share that positive thought they had about someone… 

Yes…share it OUT LOUD.  

Tell the person in the grocery store line you love their jacket, it looks great!  Tell that little boy wearing the spiderman shirt how awesome it is, and that you love spiderman TOO…because you see he is about to cry…and you really DO love spiderman!  Tell the gorgeous girl, who all the other girls are sneering at, that she has gorgeous hair…because you really think so!

Strong Women

I have an allergy to jealousy, egotism, and negativity – I’m sorry, I was just born that way.  I don’t want to be around it, or partake in it.  I want to share because what’s on my mind is probably “you are amazing,” or “you should be so proud of yourself” (for getting to the gym at ALL, for standing up for yourself, for saying sorry, for competing for the first time…) 

We all have moments where we doubt ourselves and feel down.  While self-validation is incredibly important…sometimes we need to HEAR it!  Sometimes that compliment you want to say could be the one that makes ALL the difference to that person that day!  Maybe they’re smiling…but maybe you don’t know that smile has a really bad morning behind it… Maybe the compliment on the tip of your tongue will turn that person’s day around – WHAT a gift!

Don’t be shy… Share the joy.  Share the beautyShare whatever goodness you have – it makes the World glow even brighter, and that helps E V E R Y O N E.

I’ve always got something nice to say…and like it or not, I’m gonna say it!  😀  

And when I do, you can be absolutely SURE that it’s sincere…and that I personally considering making YOU smile the best gift in the World.