Halloween Humor – Feeding The Bir…Bats

Because that’s how vamps roll…

Goth Humor – The Queen Of Darkness At Dinner

Had I seen this earlier in life, I’d have insisted my parents get one for the dining room. Seeing as I’d have been the ONLY person willing (*cough*…desiring) to sit in it, there’d have been no need to fight over who sits where. 

Seriously… This dark and dreary investment could have single-handedly prevented sibling-fueled fights.  . .

Chair by Bobby Grace



Halloween Fun – Wish Formula Bat Eye Essence Mask

Well, this is a first… I mean, I’ve seen sheet masks with character faces, but one in the shape of a bat…not until now. The glam-goth girl in me thinks it’s absolutely precious (and I’m not sure I’d ever want to use any other eye mask again!)  

If you’re feeling (or looking) a little fatigued, Wish Formula Bat Eye Essence Mask will swoop in to the rescue. Combining soothing licorice, brightening vitamin C, hydrating fermented honey…and a kiss of mistletoe…these sassy little wings will perk you right up, leaving you with a wakeful look, and plump-ified peepers.

If you love Halloween as much as I do, the marketers might well have you snookered.


Good Vibes

My vehicle is pretty simple – I don’t adorn the outside with much, because I feel like the screaming red paint is enough.  I did, however, take the liberty of giving her a tattoo on her upper rear. . . It’s a black bat, of course.  Because GOTHIC HEART! ❤  


Aside from the witchy ink, though, I’m not particularly exciting.

This car, however, is having a blast!


If you’re going to plaster your car with opinion’ed (positive) paraphernalia,  you may as well be as loud-and-proud as you can – proclaim that happiness at the top of your lungs (or as large as you can make it on your tire cover!) Because you never know who you might infect with a jolt of joy on a day someone needed it most.