Hollywood Ladies Baring All For Pirelli

Word of a new Pirelli project came my way recently, and I love that for it, these “elite” ladies are being photographed au natural.  Yes, part of me knows that they probably had facials, and undoubtedly have their own selection of skincare and preventative aging measures (in general, but also in preparation!) BUT. . . I still appreciate that they are being photographed withOUT the layers of makeup they usually are seen wearing.  Refreshing.

Why would I bother mentioning it, especially given that I don’t follow celebrity media?  Because a lot of ladies look up to the “stars.”  Young ones, in particular… The faces in the spotlight matter – right or wrong (whatever your opinion) – to many.  So it’s great to see them taking it all off to encourage people to love the skin they are in – no one should have to hide, and it is OKAY to be bare-faced.



Per photographer Peter Lindbergh and New Beauty:

“I wanted to use the 2017 calendar to convey a different kind of beauty,” said Lindbergh at a press launch in Paris. “Since it’s based on consumption, the present system offers a single kind of beauty, which is essentially one of youth and perfection, since its objective is to get people to consume. But this idea of beauty has nothing to do with the real world or with women. Through the Pirelli Calendar I’ve tried to convey a different message, which is that beauty is far more than what advertising offers us today. My aim was therefore to portray women in a different way: and I did this by calling in actresses who’ve played an important role in my life, getting as close as possible to them to take my photos.”

While I wish this kind of encouragement was more prevalent, I am thankful for any of it at all – it’s important, in a world of false pretense and facades (grazie, social media!) that people realize a pretty face often has a lot more going on to make it APPEAR that way.  Let’s remember that we are human beings – we have dynamic wrinkles because we are alive and laughing!  Our skin sometimes has little spots because we see the sun from time to time.  We aren’t plastic, and flawless…and there’s nothing wrong with that.  We don’t have to live up to “perfect” (someone else’s term and standard, probably!) all the time…or even, how about this…? EVER.

Thank you, Pirelli, for the calendar…and for supporting “us” as we are.

Pirelli Instagram photo

Pirelli Instagram photo

Lorac Light Source

Lorac is following on the tails of a massive highlighting…er…strobing…trend with their Light Source Illuminating Highlighters.  There’s really nothing quite like having an ethereal glow – when I workout it’s a glow for sure, but I’m not sure it qualifies as ethereal exactly!

These beauties appear to come in four gorgeous, pale pink shades, though details are yet to be announced.  

I try my best to steer clear of glitter and shimmer these days because I prefer to be as natural and bare as I can manage.  Still, a gentle swipe of highlighter strategically placed can not only brighten and give you a rested appearance, but it also lends that youthful, baby glow that we all aim to maintain (or achieve when it’s nowhere to be found!) 😉 

These look utterly divine…


Beauty Humor – My Eyes Disappeared!

For me this would have to read “without my eyelash curler,” as that’s the one thing that honestly wakes me up.  I don’t wear mascara for two reasons, that aside – I’m an athlete and don’t need the mess when I’m sweating (white gis and makeup don’t mix!), and I don’t want to cause my lashes to be brittle or dry.  (Lots of great formulas out there that nourish these days, but I still like to go bare.)

But I am still certain this will resonate with ladies – that shiny coat of blackness can definitely make a difference in definition.  

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 3.55.28 PM

Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 RTW – Sachin & Babi

Shows have been going on this week, though no close-ups of backstage or beauty have posted as yet.  Even so, we can see the overall vibe of things…!

The Spring 2016 Sachin & Babi Collection was, to me, very fresh and fun…and at amazing price points (apparently that was a big focus for the pair – Babi and her husband Sachin – maintaining a full selection with only one piece over $1,000.  For Runway?  That’s phenomenal!) 

The digital prints were engaging, lighthearted, bold, and graphic all at the same time – they worked really nicely mixed with the simple-but-elegant cuts and color choices (I LOVE the floral and wall-crawling plant backdrop here!)

Footwear was paired down and lovely – the two piece pumps with the slim ankle straps were my favorite (the wine in particular, but how stunning are the cobalt ones?!)  Sandals were easy, some done in mirror silver metallic for a modern edge.

Beauty was unfussy, but assured, combining bold colored eyeshadow, bare skin, and easy hair styling (as if done at the last minute.)

I loved this group overall, and look forward to seeing more shots.

Disney Princesses, Bare-Faced and Beautiful

I was absolutely DELIGHTED to see this buzz feed post from the 12th of this month (which seems to be circulating now.)  

“This is what Disney Princesses Look Like Without Makeup.”

As little girls, we sort of don’t realize what’s going on there… We see various renditions of “perfect beauty” and think, innocently,…

“I wonder if I will ever be that beautiful…,”

“…if my skin with be so perfect…”

“…if I will ever seem that rosy and glowing all the time…”

The princesses never look tired.  

They have nary a line nor imperfection…

Whether pursued by voracious wolves in a wooded forest, fighting as a samurai, or soaked and salted from the sea…they always manage to stay perfectly groomed and “photo-ready” (in the animated sense, of course!)

And when we are impressionable, we simply don’t even notice.  We take in the larger picture, don’t we?

Not anymore!

The snazzy little slider on these images shows us the deconstructed…more “natural” look…were these ladies not drawn through the eyes of a makeup artist / hairstylist / costume designer.  

I L ❤ VE IT.

I love seeing what it *might* be like when they have down time (which, naturally, they DON’T in the films!) 

And I hope this kind of thing is shared more and more, and that girls are told how “naturally beautiful” they are.  Because we don’t need to paint our faces to BE beautiful.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying it, and loving artistry and so on… But we also should grow up knowing that we have a choice, that makeup and hair styling can be fun, but it isn’t what defines us… 

We are beautiful JUST AS WE ARE…and ALL little girls should know that so are the Princesses when they go to sleep…with a WASHED face!

Bairly There

Sprays are nothing new in the cosmetic arena, but they aren’t exactly easy to find in mass market stores.  Sally Hansen, of course, has her line (and at one point had the Carmindy line you may have seen some years ago.)

But aside from the likes of ERA (incredibly novel when it came out around 2001), Dior, Sephora...it’s just not been easy to find a spray-on product, whether foundation, primer, blush…what have you.  I have an airbrushed – wicked fun, amazing result, but pricey and high maintenance.  I therefore LOVE sprays, which I used often when competing in Ballroom.

Enter “Bairly Sheer,” a new brand at Ulta.  The company offers a selection of waterproof products (which I always get excited about, being a highly active individual…and NOT a heat person!), as well as a brush, blender, and setting powder.  

For me, ease of use is huge…and it doesn’t get a lot easier than sprays.  The sprays retail for $12.99, which isn’t a deal breaker at all…but, I think a lot of people may want more than one item!