Martial Arts Humor – I’m Not In a Bad Mood

So as a Martial Artist, I’m taught discipline and self-control.  Those things are non-negotiable, especially when you are learning techniques that could save your life (and therefore very much injure another individual.)

I DEFINITELY have those things, and I DON’T take the responsibility lightly.  Let me make that amply clear.

But I’m also not saying I don’t have the urge when I’m stuck behind an incredibly slow driver, inches below the windshield, hands at 2 and 10…and lack of directional control. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.11.43 PM

*insert heavy bag here* 

Humor (WTH!?) – Scream If You Have To

Some days are kind of like this

I’m not sure what the hell creature that is (maybe someone knows?) It’s a creepy cross between adorable and bizarre, and it totally has the idea.  Mondays, especially!  

Choose A Good Mood

We really DO have the choice…

Good Mood

Some days it takes a deep breath and a reminder.  Other, it just comes naturally – a good mood is contagious, after all.  What I have learned, both in grace, and through hardship, is that we do have the power to make that decision.  As an Empath, there are moments that feel so suffocating that the prospect of morphing my mood from ill to cheery seems nigh impossible. ISN’T.  

Deep breaths and an internal reminder that I have a choice really CAN help.  

It didn’t matter that the person in front of me cut me off, or stood around while my groceries piled up as they took their time moving to the side.  

It didn’t matter that the rain-soaked my clothes, or that the cat knocked over my glass, or that the person I held the door for didn’t say “thank you.”

I don’t have to have a perpetually bad day, or one which spirals downwards, because of any frustration.  

I have a choice to be in a positive mood, and find the good in everything.

I may fall short from time to time but I’ve set it as my default – I’d rather be laughing, or encouraging smiles ‘ere I go, than walk about adding to a rainy day.