Ebates – More Money For You!

So I’m not sure if any of you have heard of Ebates, but it’s tremendous…and I want to share the wealth!


You get cash back for purchases online, and sometimes you get extra goodies – I got a random gift card to Target (super useful, since I just moved!) It wasn’t expected and I actually e-mailed to company to ask what it was.  “It’s your $10 card for Target for signing up with us,” said customer service.

Um…OKAY! ❤

I just bought a desk and got about $13 back just for that alone.  It sounds like a small amount, but it adds up…and then you get a “check” – mine goes to PayPal directly, so I can easily transfer it to my bank.  I use it a lot on eBay, because I love to shop there.  If you are going to spend cash, how nice is it to make some back?!

Definitely look into it if you haven’t, because you will find that you can save even when you can’t find a code to use for checkout…basically saving you some money even though you didn’t have a discount or coupon.

You can use it over 1,800 stores – Sephora, Amazon, Etsy…pet stores, baby stores, office supplies… 


And you can search by product, if you prefer…

It also has a list of coupons you can use – just click and go to the site, and when you check out, the cash back goes to your account. EASY AS THAT!

Not kidding… It’s a total win, and I am super happy I heard about it and signed up.  

Six Bunnies Sass

I don’t have little ones yet…save for three gorgeous, melanistic felines!  I know I’d never catch anyone in my town shopping for tats or badassery for their progeny, but you can bet I’ll be getting something sassy one day for mine!  

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 1.47.35 PM


I have the blessing to work with a lot of hot rodders so I’ve spent ample time at shows where “pinup,” and ’50s styling is the in thing.  It’s not a trend, mind you, and it’s not half-done – these folks live it, and LOVE it.  It is a joy to be around, and frankly a refreshing departure from the ever-changing, ultra fickle World that fashion has become.  

There is no longer an “it” anything – there are about a thousand “it” items these days.  A person can get anything, anywhere, at any time…and styles are incredibly vast and varied . While all that is great (on a number of levels), it’s so nice to see REAL retro – these ladies and gents spend time perfecting the look, and it has a real charm about it.  

I remember seeing two little boys at Viva Las Vegas one year, both in cuffed Levis, exclaiming over some cool pomade they bought for their pompadoos (I don’t say pompadour, since they were little things – they get the cuter, “little guy” version. 😉 ) It was so adorable I actually asked permission to take a photo of them!  (If I can track it down, I’ll add it in.) Often, I will see babies ’50s-fied at the shows, some in their own little hot rodded strollers or wagons – it’s to die-for-adorable. ❤

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.08.29 PM

Viva Las Vegas 2013

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 1.45.45 PM


Six Bunnies reminds me of some of the cuteness I see worn (and being sold) at Viva, and like shows – it’s positively precious, any way you take it…especially ON.  So I had to share because whether you have little ones or not, it’s hard not to say “OMG” and just smile ear to ear when you see a toddler in a Six Bunny onsie. ❤

Six Bunnies

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