Summer 2016 – Maybelline Glow Balm

So I bought something almost exactly like this…from Maybelline…on about three of four years ago.  Yep. That long. I’m a little surprised it has taken SO long to get this over here in the USA but…I guess finally is better than never?

I’m a huge Dior Balm fan – it’s the most  beautiful, perfect, pH transforming balm around.  But it’s also pretty steep in price – around $32 for one.  The fact that more versions are cropping up, especially at the mass market price points, is awesome.

BudgetBeautyBlog posted a bunch of Maybelline Summer photos here – definitely take a look – along with the closeup of this newbie, as above.  She plans to give it a whirl and post a review, so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested in this kind of thing.  If I spot it anywhere, I’ll snag one myself – a subtle, personalized pink tint is always super flattering…and, in a natural way.


Spring / Summer 2016 – Maybelline Baby Lips Pop Art

I’m a balm kind of girl and Baby Lips in Cherry is one of my go-tos.  I’ve sort of stuck with that flavor (and tint), but it’s always fun to see new ones come out!

Maybelline Pop Art Image

Maybelline Pop Art Image

The most recent are the Pop Art Collection – three shades, and so far I only see them overseas (I’m in the USA.)  Flavors include:

Superdrug UK image

Superdrug UK image

As with all Baby Lips, these offer 8 hours of hydration and a barely-there hint of color.  I haven’t found the flavor to be overwhelmingly noticeable – or sweet (which actually, I love about Smackers! 🙂 ) – but it isn’t unpleasant at all.  I’m curious to hear whether these are more pronounced…

Maybelline Pop Art Image

Maybelline Pop Art Image

Baby Lips fan?

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm & Blush

So I remember writing about the Maybelline Bay Skin Instant Flush, and these Balm & Blush pops, launching in January 2016, don’t actually appear to be much of a departure.  I actually liked the lil’ Flush-ies, and they could very well be used on the lips as well I suppose.  In that case, I sort of feel like this is the same thing, only being marketed as something new, and with a dual use.  

I like the Baby Lips balm as it is and hope they don’t move away from the traditional, twist up packaging – while these packages are intended to ergonomically jam with your hands, I still feel they are bulky and awkward.  

I also feel like they are so sheer and glossy that the color won’t adhere very long (dewy is great, but I don’t have the impression these are long wear.)

So…all that said, I’m curious if these are vastly different and worth the buy or, tiny they may be, too cumbersome to bother with.  For someone who stores hers in her sports bra, I’m not sure these are suited for me!

e.l.f. Essential Kiss

e.l.f. just came out with a new balm in four happy tints (which are, be forewarned, apparently in limited supply.  This reminds me a little bit of the Ambient Palette conundrum… You?)

  • Bare Kiss
  • Flirty & Perky Pink
  • XO Red
  • Berry Sweet

The e.l.f. Essential Lip Kiss Balm is infused with Vitamins A, E, Grape Seed Oil, & Jojoba Oil to help nourish and moisturize lips,” and has a mint flavor.  

I’m not sure how these compare to the Maybelline Baby Lips, as yet…a product I ADORE.  I’m curious to see if they are more pigmented…and then there’s the thing about being mint flavored.  I always like cherry or berry of some kind.  

For $2.00, though, you could literally buy all 4 and test them out for fun!

Maybelline Winter Delight Baby Lips

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.42.28 AMI don’t really wear lipstick… I’m a balm kind of girl!  When Maybelline’s Baby Lips came out, I snatched up a few in cherry…and I have been buying them since.

Some of you may have seen that a few new Autumn / Winter editions, included in Maybelline’s “Winter Delight” Collection have been spotted – some in the UK, at Superdrug, and in the USA, at a Bed, Bath & Beyond.  

When I read “Sugar Cookie” and “Sweet Apple” I got a little jealous.  There is also a “Hot Cocoa” (omg, yum!) at Superdrug apparently as an exclusive, and a “Mint Candy.”

There also appear to be some Dr. Rescue nail products, but I haven’t found better info yet!

I recently moved and there isn’t a Bed, Bath & Beyond + Harmon nearby (insert disgruntled look!) so it isn’t as likely I will find them here.  But..that won’t stop me from snooping!!!  😉


  • GREAT post and swatches from BudgetBeautyBlog. Note that some of the names are different – I will go with hers!  
  • Also, the nail products are overseas, so if you are in the UK, you are more familiar than I am!  Thank you to Lou for filling me in! 🙂

Baby Lips Gloss Update

Thanks to Budget Beauty Blog for sharing some images of these glosses, which she spotted at Walmart (so I guess they are indeed ins-tore already!)

She mentions that these were not safety-sealed…which I would agree with her on about needing to be.  Walmart gets a LOT of traffic, and I’ve noticed that people paw things a lot…so wondering why Maybelline would have allowed it.  In any case, so appreciate her sharing the photos – both are hers.

Candy Wow

Thanks to a blog I adore, Nouveau Cheap, for posting images (and thanks to @cutepretybeauty for sharing with her!) of Asia’s new Maybelline Baby Lips product, Candy Wow chubby pencils.

@ctwgirl photo

@ctwgirl photo

There are six shades in total (thanks to ctwgirl for sharing the photo), three of which are called Cherry, Raspberry and Peach.  The latter three appear (though I could  be mistaken) to have a bit of shimmer infused into the relatively pigmented color.  Cutepretybeauty shares her own swatches and comments. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 11.10.15 AM

@cutepretybeauty photo, for Nouveau Cheap

So here in the US, we are currently just getting the original balms (and variations of it, such as medicated, or “Crystal,” which has shimmer.)  I am guessing it is just a matter of time before the glosses and pencils make it overseas to us, as the original product has quite the following!