Cat Humor – Have You Seen This Cat?

I wouldn’t put it past some felines to – on the down low, obviously – have a sign like this made.  So aloof sometimes!  (Fortunately not our boys, nor their big brother and sister.  Though the little one would have said “your f*cking loss” if he wrote it, and his big sister wouldn’t have made the sign to begin with.)


I saw this image the other day and just LOVED it.  I have a birthday coming up, and I think whenever that day rolls around we contemplate where we are, where we have been…and what’s up and coming.



The truth of it is, I feel blessed EVERY DAY.  You never really know how things will turn out, and I can’t help but be incredibly thankful for the beautiful people in my Life, our health, our love, our laughter, our breath…for those are the most precious gifts we are given.

I don’t really care to celebrate my birthday, and a lot of folks don’t understand that.  For the very reason that I embrace gratitude each day…I don’t have to relegate “celebration” to one day.  Why isn’t it every day?  For all of us?

I think it’s WONDERFUL if people want to have a fête of some kind.  I’ve been accused of being a killjoy, or boring, or whatever else, but each day is a gift in my eyes.  I certainly have days where I am frustrated, or bothered by something minuscule – I’m human, after all!  But as an Empath, my nature is to reflect…on my behavior, my actions, and my thoughts. 

When it comes right down to it, I almost feel like one’s birthday could be designated as a personal “Mother’s Day” for the birthee’s mother – SHE did all the work, anyway, let’s just call a spade a spade!  And when you think about it…how awesome is SHE?!  She’s older, and she’s pretty badass

I always loved the way my mum’s culture (Italian), or that of the Martial Arts I have studied (Korean, Japanese)…as well as others…take age to be A GOOD THING.  The older you are, the more respect you are given – with “age” comes wisdom, so it goes.  And that wisdom came from a Lifetime of experiences, problem solving, ups, downs, love and disappointment – it didn’t just appear!  Those things enrich a person and add more ticks in the box of awesomeness, the way I see it.

So while I WON’T say I am in love with the deeper wrinkles, and solitary grey hair threats…I feel GOOD to be my age.  I feel like I have weathered many storms, and it has forged me into a strong, more awesome person as a result.  

I LOVE this photo because this gorgeous lady is sassy as hell – she looks beautiful.  She looks in control.  And she looks like she is having a ball (jamming to some tunes, I might add – good taste!) 😀  

Life gets better…

Life gets MORE “awesome” all the time…

And so, frankly, DO WE.

X ❤