Dior Cosmopolite – Now Online

Just an update on my earlier Dior posts…


You can now purchase the Fall 2015 Cosmopolite Collection online! 🙂

Looks gorgeous!


Just a Drop

There are several water-like, dropper foundations coming out these days… I feel there is a lot of Asian inspiration in these, call me crazy.

CoverFX came out with their CoverFX Custom Color Drops and you just KNEW that other companies were going to follow suit (the fun is, that always happens!  Yay for consumers! 😉 ) Incidentally, Physicians Formula came out with dropper foundations quite a bit earlier…though we all know Armani was one of the first to the party years ago!

Sephora photo

Sephora photo

Smashbox’s Camera Ready BB Water touts an spf of 30, which I’m fond of.  It’s lightweight, but purportedly covers imperfections like a pro, keeping you demi-matte and hydrated.  I do have the 24 concealer and I have to say…it’s amazing.

Smashbox photo

Smashbox photo

MAC has ALSO come out with a liquid (available in September, 2015), MAC Studio Waterweight, used backstage at the Autumn/Winter 2015/16 Shows (such as Donna Karan and Marni.)  Makeup artists were LOVING it, so don’t be surprised if you get bombarded with images and reviews!

Chic Profile photo

Chic Profile photo

They all sound great to me – love lightweight heavy-hitters! ❤

Sephora Collection – A/W 2015

Talk about newness…Sephora has a whole slew of new products to choose from for Fall 2015!  From brushes and blushes, to powders and highlights…to masks, and palettes, there is a ton to choose from.  FUN!

Some of my favorites below. 🙂

L’Oreal Trend Predictions – A/W 2015/16

The top artists at L’Oreal Professionnel have weighed in on what they feel are the top three hair trends for Fall 2015, based on the Autumn / Winter 2015 / 2016 Runways.  

Sculptural Romance

This trend gives a nod (or several) “to old fashioned elegance,” as hairstyles included “swirls and sculptural” goings-on.  Well, as a former ballroom dancer, I can safely say that this photo is something you might well see in a smooth or standard competition.  Provided, of course, there is a whole can of stay-put hairspray involved!  It’s gorgeous, either way, and WILL take some time (and talent!) to do.

Nod to the 90’s 

“The unrestricted attitude of the 90’s…provides the perfect mix of masculine and feminine.”  I feel like this is heading into ease-of-hairdo territory, much like the Modern Bohemian.  I was never a huge 90’s fan, because grunge just wasn’t my scene.  But I AM sporty so the idea that I can claim my updo is edgy, rock ‘n’ roll, and “in” works well so…I’m game! 😉

Modern Bohemian

“…All about an exaggerated but natural look with added volume and texture,” this trend is natural, borderline unkempt (in this way, kind of effortless and easy), with a bit of sex appeal and rock thrown in.  It’s always nice when you can roll out of bed and say, “oh, but they are ALL doing this, you know!”

I love to see the shows – despite that in my former World of Ladies Footwear everyone believed it was so, it wasn’t just about the shoes! *lol* There are so many layers to the Catwalks, and all of us were watching with bated breath – hair, makeup, apparel, footwear, accessories…you name it, the Shows deliver inspiration to a variety of industries, always, without fail.

D&G’s Rainbow Lace

I not only love that Dolce & Gabbana’s is doing Taormina lace…which can be everything from haute, to edge to elegant, to sexy rock ‘n’ roll…but that they are offering so many gorgeous (and WEARABLE!) shades!  

They could go with an evening gown, but then who wants to compete?!  

If you are feeling edgy, wear them with light-colored denim and a tee (rock royalty?!)

More professional?  Pair them with tapered khaki pants for the office

Or toss them on with an all-black, evening-out ensemble to jazz things up with a jolt of vibrant color. 

These lovely ladies are bedecked with large-scale brooches, sporting “bright bezels” – “they’re so happy!” as my mother would say.  

Decadent, absolutely.  

Show-stopping, 100%.  

And SO much fun. 😀

I find the colors to be right on point – perfect, representative shades of each color group. The array of nudes – from deeper, to pink-hued, to cream – is stunning, and will work on a variety of skin tones.  Black is a must-have, of course (you can choose from a variety of heel heights, by the way, adding to Dolce’s points!)

There’s also a true, blue-based red that’s divine, fiery orange, watery teal and powder blue… All just beautiful.

Emerald and cobalt are also accounted for, as well as a golden yellow, bright red, peach, and regal purple.  

The colors, to me, are what really make this line perfection – I don’t ordinarily wear color on my feet, but these are such statement shoes that stepping out (no pun – honestly! – intended) is absolutely warranted.  

Sink Your Canines Into This…

And no…no…I’m not kidding.  I thought *maybe* it was a prank but, alas…it appears to be quite true!

Chic Profile has shared that MAC will be doing a Fall 2015 Collection, launching at the end of the summer, named “Haute Dogs.  Yes, you read that right.

I mean…I’ve seen cooking sites specifically for dressed-up, fancy-pants hot dogs and burgers…which would have been my first thought upon seeing the cheeky wordplay…

But I’m not sure If I’d have gone here.  It’s the Best-In-Show-thing going from adult human beings…to dogs…and back to adult human beings.  I’m not sure what to make of it.  Hmmm.

In any case, Haute Dogs represents a rather sizable collection, including:

  • Mineralize Rich Lipstick (5 shades)
  • Mineralize Glass (4 shades)
  • Lip Pencils (2 shades)
  • Mineralize Eye Shadow Quads (3 quads)
  • Fluidline Liners (4 shades)
  • Mineralize Skinfinish (2 shades)
  • Sculpting and Shaping Powder (4 shades)
  • MAC Studio Nail Lacquer (3 shades)
  • Brushes (4)

So I guess it’s fair to say that the dogs (provided the owners indulge in *Haute Dogs*) can be proud to strut their humans – they will be groomed to perfection, after all!


Estee Magic Smoke – A/W 2015

I saw these a few weeks ago on ReallyRee and they look pretty fabulous.  (Easy to use is ALWAYS fabulous!) She shares her review and a bunch of swatches, pointing out that they are incredibly easy to work with “draw, smudge, done.”

Chic Profile posted a few more photos, and shares the selection of eight shades that will be offered.  If you are in the USA, you can purchase these now at esteelauder.co.uk, and if you are in the UK, you can either purchase online OR you can check them out in person at John Lewis, Selfridges, House of Fraser, and Boots in August 2015. 

I love when things blend smoothly, without tugging the skin, maintaining a soft finish without losing all the color.  These powder pencils look like they could make a generally-multi-product smokey eye much more of a cinch!  That IS pretty magical! 😉

Christian Louboutin Scarabée

Christian Louboutin’s Scarabée Collection is more than just footwear and accessories…it also offers three special shades of nail lacquer.  As a fan of Ancient Egyptian history, I was positively delighted by the deliciously bold iridescence (honestly, I find iridescence much easier to wear, as its chameleon-like nature works with more things!)

This enduring little beetle has many positive, symbolic, and magical meanings – but in and of itself, the scarab has an incredibly gorgeous, color-morphing shell, shifting shades with the light and shadow.

Magic indeed.

Louboutins are well beyond cult status – it is almost as if the term itself is as much an “it” as a Dior dress was an “it” must-have in the 1950s.  This ode de la Scarabée is an edgy, delightfully bright, and showstopping array of heel heights and hand-held goodies.

The leathers are the kind of patent, high-gloss voltage that you would expect, I think…  Given the ornamentation chosen – London-punk street streak – I think it all jives.  That said, you need to have some attitude to wear these styles, make no mistake.  Metallic fuchsia to cobalt degradé…or cobalt to metallic green ombré…these are meant to be seen.

The polishes are packaged in Louboutin’s traditional bottle (which is really anything but – it’s absolutely a boudoir show-off gem, if you ask me!) Shade l feels like the most easily “translatable” color…but then, the intention with any item in the collection is to stand out…or let your personality (through fashion sense!) do so!

Having been in footwear, I know these are not inexpensive to make…in this way, with this quality.  I can’t imagine they made too many, but when something from Scarabée IS worn…I bet anything we will see it in print!

Red carpet, brace yourself for beetles!

Nars A/W 2015 – Backstage

Nars upcoming Fall Collection made some sneak peek appearances during the A/W 2015/16 Shows – Alexander Wang, Rodarte, Rachel Comey, and 3.1 Philip Lim among them.

Bubbly Michelle has a great post covering a few of the looks, all with selected backstage images.  Additional shots of the making-up process, and the overall, finished effects can be seen on style.com (for one example source, as above.)

I love the depth of red in the new VIP Red lipstick…

And the golden sheen from Tribulation looks pretty gorgeous! Reminds me of a warmer Albatross.

I found more specifics at Spektra.net, though no images specifically – I will definitely share if some come my way!

MAC A/W 2015 – Veluxe a Trois

On August 20th, 2015 we can expect to see MAC’s Fall Collection, Veluxe a Trois.  

Many thanks to Chicprofile for sharing details, as well as @abesawako  and britishbeautyblogger for the images.

@abewasako photo - the shadow trios are from this collection

@abewasako photo – the shadow trios are from this collection

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 8.08.27 PM


The Collection will feature lipsticks, Cremesheen Glasses, Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Trios, and Haute & Naughty Mascaras – the list of colors is in the chicprofile link as above!

I am ALWAYS excited about new MAC launches, so I can’t wait to see more images!