Thursday Flowers. . .

I went downstairs to pick something up the other day, and there was a nest with Autumn flowers waiting for me, with a note from my husband to wish me a happy Thursday. . .


Since the day we met, his thoughtfulness has melted my heart – there is no gesture, large or small, that I do not appreciate fully.  

Love those in your life fearlessly, and with all you have.  Take any opportunity you can get to say

“thank you,

“I love you,” and…

“I appreciate you.”  

Life is precious…and far too fleeting…not to cherish what you have in every moment.


There will not be a day so long as I breathe and live that I will not harbor an immense gratitude for everything he does, and all that he is…  And there will never be a day that I stop making sure he knows. Relationships may evolve in time, but love never has to lose its vibrant aura.  



A Sephora Trend I can get behind – Luminizers! Who doesn’t LOVE glowing, angelic skin?!  

Once upon a time highlighters were tricky to track down…unless of course you knew who sold performance OR, yep, Halloween makeup.  Not all that gory jazz…but the etherial, gorgeously ghostly, fairy-queen sheens!  Hard to imagine you couldn’t just pick it up at CVS, right?!

As a Ballroom dancer, that pop of shimmer-and-shine under hot lights was imperative – eyes became larger than life, and expressions could be seen from across the floor.  I live in a more rural town, though, so it was all about hauling into NYC to raid Ricky’s, or an overseas cosmetic boutique in SoHo!  If that wasn’t an option, I scour an earlier-Internet for the ever-coveted auric effects – not in abundance at that time.

NOWadays, we are overloaded with halo-producing products!  (I, for one, will NOT be complaining about that.)  What I will say, however, is that I personally prefer a more natural glow.  In the Ballroom, glitz and glitter was not only expected but “the” thing – it shone better than a disco ball, and it HAD to.  Competing with the swarovskis on the gown is no easy challenge!

But…for everyday, it’s exciting to know we have options in the soft and barely-there categories too!  Laura Mercier’s palette, for example, combines a whole selection of sheer, candlelight powders to customize your illumination. 

From Sephora Collection, there are the new Radiant Luminizing Drops

And of course there are a selection of others featured, including Hourglass’s Ambient Palette, and YSL’s cult Touche Eclat.

All those aside, you can choose from a whopping 85 product results for getting your glow on…from powders, to sticks…to pens, serums and liquids, you will be sure to find something to help you achieve whatever look you choose – radiant, warmly-lit, or icy, Ballroom glow, Sephora (for one!) has got you covered!