2016 / 2017 – Maybelline V, All About The Shading

I guess they’re still on the contour kick, along with a whole lot of shading (and fading)…  

Still a fan of the trend?  Apparently it’s going strong backstage – and in Asia (not surprisingly, since they tend to be ahead of the times.) 

Spring / Summer 2016 – Chanel Le Blanc

Thanks to iVoce for the images of this up and coming Chanel Collection!  It will be launching in Japan on February 19, 2016, in Asia during February…and will be coming to the USA for Nordstrom in Summer 2016.

While I don’t have names of everything specifically, the Collection will include:

  • Chanel Perle et Fantasy Compact Powder (the pink and white pearl embossed powder)
  • Chanel Le Blanc Quattro Eyeshadow Palette
  • Lip glosses (these look bright and fun!)
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick (in “intense” shades)
  • Cream blush (looks like a medium bright pink)
  • Chanel Le Blanc L’Extrait (20 ml – a whitening skincare product with a pearlescent shine)
  • Coco Mademoiselle Touche de Parfum (released March 18, 2016.  The product is a concentrated gel formulation and housed in a lip gloss-like container for easier application.)
  • Looks like a few other items as well…eager to update…!

The pearlized powered looks divine…and anything that whitens and brightens is awesome in my book! ❤ 

Candy Wow

Thanks to a blog I adore, Nouveau Cheap, for posting images (and thanks to @cutepretybeauty for sharing with her!) of Asia’s new Maybelline Baby Lips product, Candy Wow chubby pencils.

@ctwgirl photo

@ctwgirl photo

There are six shades in total (thanks to ctwgirl for sharing the photo), three of which are called Cherry, Raspberry and Peach.  The latter three appear (though I could  be mistaken) to have a bit of shimmer infused into the relatively pigmented color.  Cutepretybeauty shares her own swatches and comments. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 11.10.15 AM

@cutepretybeauty photo, for Nouveau Cheap

So here in the US, we are currently just getting the original balms (and variations of it, such as medicated, or “Crystal,” which has shimmer.)  I am guessing it is just a matter of time before the glosses and pencils make it overseas to us, as the original product has quite the following!

Memebox SoothingSista

I love Membox  because I adore Asian skincare and color brands.  Incidentally, my thesis for business school was actually about Estee Lauder expanding into Asia – America was totally NOT on board with what the Far East was doing back then…but I was! ❤

I would literally ask counters what their Asian counters were selling, and I’d contact companies for product literature for those markets if the counter had no idea what I was speaking about (which was often.)  It was nigh impossible to find skincare or color cosmetics at the time, so I literally scoured the beginnings-of-the-Internet to find what I could, even if it meant I couldn’t read the site’s language.  If there was a product photo, it was a start!

Growing up, everyone (but me, it feels like!) was obsessed with getting tan, and getting lighter streaks in their hair.  At least where I live!  Nowadays, it’s become far more common place to see American brands taking a nod from the East, whether with regard to ingredients, formulations, or finish.  I’m SO HAPPY! 😀

I haven’t ordered a Memebox yet, but I LOVE browsing the site, and seeing what other costumers think of their boxes (there are tons of “unboxing” reviews out there. 🙂 ) 

Memebox.com photo

Memebox.com photo

I wanted to share the SoothingSistah Shadow Quad because when I saw the swatches, I actually thought it was blush.  Keep in mind, they probably CAN be used that way…and the first two shades are SO gorgeous and wearable, that I’m tempted!

Memebox.com photo

Memebox.com photo

I love that Memebox makes room for consumer images and comments – way to go.  I think Obviobsessions was wonderful, because she shows the palette in good lighting, with all four swatches, labeled.  Beautiful! 🙂

Memebox.com and Instagram for Obviobsessions photo

Memebox.com and Instagram for Obviobsessions photo

This Quad of rose pink shades is really gorgeous – super flattering, totally in sync… The mattes are ultra wearable, and the metallic and shimmer finishes to add a nice dash of glam.  Nice job, Stephanie Villa, for this group of four – absolutely love it.