A “Happy” Filter

There’s something about this “Bokehful” filter that imbues “happiness”… I mean, it’s like jumping in a pool of happy, bright-light bubbles…  (Which pretty much sums up how I feel about life!)

I was wearing my volunteer hoodie in this picture and that’s yet another aspect of living that feels so incredibly joyous and “right.” Sometimes we find passions later in the journey. . .

On the tougher days it’s especially important to find our “happy” filters – whatever they may be – because life isn’t  always so peachy (and neither are we. I’m sure not all the time!)

Maybe it’s a cup of coffee, a love note, or a listening to the laugh of someone we love. Maybe it’s a call to an old friend, listening to your favorite song, or curling up in the arms of your best friend. Whatever those “happy” things are, keep them on tap for the rainy days.

If you find yourself in short supply? Take a quick picture and slap on a slew of glowing bubbles. If nothing else, it’s worth a smile to see yourself surrounded in so colorful an effervescence. It lifts the mood just looking at it! (“What if I’m frowning,” you say? All the better! The juxtaposition of a frown face with all that bubbling brilliance ups the humor quotient –  laughing at the gloom is half the battle. DON’T underestimate simple tricks and tools!)

A bad-day band-aid? Maybe. But when you smile your brain actually begins to produce more of our “happiness” chemicals (hint: dopamine and serotonin?) so seriously…what’s the harm in that?

Um… N A D A !

There’s An App For That

Ever stood in line longer than necessary because a younger cashier is struggling with basic math functions?  It isn’t a matter of being rude…it’s a little bit frightening!  So much is done for people by way of apps in daily life that they are beginning to lose the ability to function without a device. . .

SCARY, don’t you think?!


Fitness Humor – Laziness

So…it’s kind of like the people who circle around the parking lot for fifteen minutes trying to find a parking space close to the door…only to get on the treadmill to walk for an hour.  What is that?!

There was a sports store near me back home that had this setup – escalators on either side of the stairs. . .  

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.35.23 PM

I was always the ONLY person using the stairs.  Not once did I see a single customer take them up, OR down!  So you’re going to buy free weights, lifting straps, fitness apparel, sports gear…and you’re going automatic on the escalator?

No offense but there isn’t “an app for that.”  You can take them.  Or not take them.  But the benefit is in expending a little energy – I feel so confused when I see this specifically at fitness-related establishments. 

Sometimes easier isn’t better – and isn’t that the cool part anyway?  HELL YES, I worked for that!